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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there, I'm not familiar with this official forum of KSP, but I am well known by the french community and I think my contribution could interrest some of you, so... Here I am ! To briefly introduce myself, I'm a an addict to KSP, fully Stock Player (I even give up Kerbcam to find back the typical static view of the game). Not that I'm anti-mod, I find them really interresting and incredibly well made regarding KSP, but I would spend even more time if I had the possibilty to use hinges, ressources, advanced mechanism... No no, keep them far from me ! Moreover it is for me a challenge to innovate further than even SQUAD could have think about, to create and design things in other way that there were meant to be done. Yeah, innovation should be the best word to describe my goal in KSP I already have a hundred pages full of pics with all my creations, that you can find here : http://www.kerbalspaceprogram.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=523&start=1060 You can navigate through the pages, it is in French so not really interresting but I always use to illustrate my words with clean screenshot Enough blablabla, let's present some of my last creation and I'll start by a few videos : Stock Aerial refuelling : Using TT-70 Decouplers as homemade suspensions : A full single launch modular station (3 épisodes, here is the second) : An aesthetic and modular bomber with advanced nuke rocketry : One of my favourite launcher, fully made to be aesthetic while massive and functionnal : These are a few of them, please consider checking my Youtube Channel to see more. I'm not here just to make an add, but to receive feedback and try to integrate the large english-speaking community ! Hope you'll enjoy, see ya soon
  2. The Neptune series of launchers was named because the first iteration had a pickle-fork layout to launch two Mk. 1 Command Pods, each with its own LFO tank and Reliant engine, plus docking clamp (and parachute) in parallel -- that is, one alongside the other. This was intended as an easy way to get two Command Pods, each with its pilot and ability to maneuver and navigate, into similar orbits with a single launch. Experience led to some modifications: duplicating the parachute on each pod seemed a good idea after a seemingly minor collision during a docking attempt turned out to have destroyed the radial parachute -- a problem discovered only after reentry had begun. Oops, sorry, Jeb. Also, building the second capsule stack upward from an inverted bi-coupler caused staging issues, in that when the capsule was staged off the tank/engine module, the focus stayed on the uncrewed portion. If that happens after you drop past 70 km, unfortunately, KSP won't let you switch to controlling the occupied Command Pod, but forces you to watch until the engine/tank stage crashes, leaving too little time to then go via Tracking Center to start "flying" the Command Pod and still deploy the parachute before impact. Valentina, you're a hero before all of Kerbin. Eventually, this led to changing to a stacked/tandem arrangement. RCS fuel shortages prompted addition of in-stack monopropellant tanks, the need to control (very cranky) early booster iterations during launch resulted in doubling up the RCS quads, taking advantage of the more than adequate RCS propellant supply. Heat shields prevent the RCS tank from exploding during reentry, after it was found that it was best to keep it with the Command Pod after staging off the LFO tank and engine. Excessive stack flex was controlled with struts -- both joining the lower Command Pod to the upper service module, and bracing that upper module to the top of the large diameter booster tank. Finally, with the stiffer stack now much more controllable, it was possible to add a fairing to neaten up the appearance on the pad and cut down on drag during boost, which could now be accomplished without RCS. The last modification to date was stretching the booster fuel tanks to a full 19,200 units (Twin Boar engine/tank unit, plus two orange 64 tanks), which gives the full stack "barely" SSTO performance -- in fact, there's just enough fuel to circularize, and still deorbit the booster (though the Command Pods must then recircularize, either together of individually; I need to come up with a way to extend the battery life of the probe controller in the booster long enough to handle the deorbit after staging). That's 16 T (the two Command Pod stacks and their fairing) orbited by a single booster. I'm pretty happy with that, given I've been playing the full version for about two weeks, and I'm still on Year 1, Day 4 game time (which includes a fair amount of warping waiting for maneuver nodes and such). Next upgrade on this is likely to be conversion of the uppermost orange tank to a stage, which ought to give enough additional dV to send the upper section to Mun and hopefully even do the Munar capture burn. That will be accompanied by conversion of the lower Command pod to a lander, while the upper command pod stage will push itself and the lander's Command Pod back to Kerbin after descent, ascent, and docking. Neptune One Mod. 3 Craft File 71 parts 132.8 T liftoff mass (including launch clamps?) 38.4 m high 2.6 m wide (2.5 m booster diameter, plus Twin Boar skirt) 3.6 m "long" (Twin Boar engine setup and skirt) Inline images don't seem to want to work from Dropbox -- but this is the first time I've tried to share from there, so it's probably me missing something.
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