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  1. first funfact: in ksp there are tons of easter eggs second funfact: in 0.14.2 there was a glitch where the mun could go on the mun and was fixes on 0.14.3 third funfact: the mun existed prior to 0.12 and was in the pre public versions specifically 0.2 did you know any of these funfacts? if yes then reply below saying which ones you did or did not know
  2. Simple enough. Your post should be what you reckon Jeb just saw. Everything from a wacky fiction to a somber fact. Doesn't matter whether you made it up or it actually happened in your game, all stories are valid. If it did happen in game and you want to show pictures, please pop them in spoilers so as to not take up too much space on the page. So, What did your JEB just see? ( should be obvious, but just for safety, make sure it is something that is safe for young members to read.)
  3. Membership has its privileges. Was happy that I reached 5000 likes and since it didn't already exist I created the next step up. Let all the members who have reached here or gone beyond, boast of there achievement!
  4. I lnow its too late as the Title suggests.. but i had a very stupid thougt while at work today and thought i would share it here for you Devs to ponder about adding maybe in the future. My idea is.... A kerbal grave yard for the Brave Kerbalnauts the didnt Quite make it back home, with broken ship parts as the headstones and maybe a small video player linked that saved the last few minutes of their flight, with info about where they died and their misson logs ( how many flights / orbits and jobs and levels). Just so that the kerbals that knew them ( Posibly animated walking around the memorials) and the Director of the Program can remeber them fondly and set off Fireworks in their Honour. As i said its a stupid idea that i think would add a little more Kebalality to the little dude that we see panic each and every flight!! Let me know what you guys think.
  5. This is the Really Really Really Deep Basement. Inspiration was from Really Really Really Tall Building. Here's how this is gonna go. 1. No having floors that send you back up, or far down. 2. No floors that trap you. 3. Floors don't have to(and should not) be related to the previous floor. 4. Don't be ridiculing other floors. This is how we start! I will say floor -1. Next person -2. Then -3, and so on. Let's begin! Floor -1: As you walk down here into the first basement, you see that there are 100+ doors. You try them all, but only one works. It leads to a hallway lit by neon signs. These signs all read 'Hooray, you wasted your time!' You continue to the next floor in anger...
  6. After research,Experimention,and scoping Internet... It's been found!!!! In pause do Up,Up,down,down,left,right,left,right... Enjoy every1!!!!
  7. SAY YES! Just say "yes". Nothing else. Have fun! (Also please respect the forum rules...) (Say no if you're brave enough!)
  8. Ok, here’s how it works: I start with a sentence, then the next person changes or adds a word in the sentence, and then the next person does the same thing, and so on. EXAMPLE poster#1: The big red dog runs along the road. (OG) poster#2: The big blue dog runs along the road. (1) poster #3: The big blue dog runs along the canyon. (2) etc… The numbers after the post signify the number of edits the sentence has had, and OG means it’s the original sentence. LIMIT OF 30 CHANGES PER SENTENCE! Credit to @Catto for the original idea. I’ll start: I love sending Jeb on a one-way return trip to Tylo!
  9. I don't know if this is the correct topic but I dare you to challenge me to do something in kerbal space program you decide what it will be. Im making this for fun and because im currently bored so give me ideas please
  10. THE RULES: You can do one of 5 actions. Say: this is a ______ game. List the rules Change the rules by getting 1 other to approve! Inform a person if they break the rules! You can reset the rules if 5 people agree. After doing your turn, add one to the score and post it. NO CHANGING THESE RULES! I'll go first! This is a weird game 1
  11. This thread is (obviously) to post ASCII art. You can directly post your texts, like this +----------+ | /\ | | || | | /||\ | | / || \ | | ``^^`` | | /\ | | /` `\ | |/` `\| +----------+ or using a screenshot, like this Have fun! (P.S: this is my ASCII logo , don't steal it!)
  12. The title says all. All you have to do is to quote the previous post, even if it has like a thousand quotes nested.
  13. WIP Track here. Issues here. Discussions here. Download prerelease from CurseForge (or use their app). BURGER MOD! Now with RADIALLY-ATTACHED BACON! "Launch it Your Way!" -Frank_G --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download From: CurseForge.com or SpaceDock --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scott Manley: Overview by Kyle Kidd: @KyleKidd --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Thread.
  14. Download on Curseforge or Github or SpaceDock. Also available on CKAN. KGEx Kerbal Inventory System No Fun (QBKN) Module Manager Script for removing "fun" items from Kerbal Inventory System. Available on CKAN as KerbalInventorySystemNoFun. Requires Kerbal Inventory System. (CKAN:KIS) Adopted by @zer0Kerbal, originally by @QuickBASIC Cabin notes WIP - work in progress Am open to adding more features, great project for someone! I have not personally tested the patches Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub. How to support this and many other mods by @zer0Kerbal Discussions See Discussions or KSP Forums for discussions and news on this mod Installation Directions Use CKAN Changelog Summary See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Known Issues See Known Issues for full details of feature requests, and known issues Dependencies Kerbal Space Program may work on other versions (YMMV) Module Manager Kerbal Inventory System Recommends Kerbal Change Log Suggests SimpleConstructon! (SCON!) SimpleLogistics! (SLOG!) Not So SimpleConstructon! (NSSC) Keridian Dynamics Vessel Assembly (KDVA) The Gold Standard! (GOLD) Stork Delivery System (SDS) Komplexity (KPLX) KaboOom! (BOOM) another way to not go to space today Solar Science (SOLS) Stock Inline Lights (SIL) Mini Sample Return Capsule (MSRC) Pteron (MSRV) Solar Science (SOLS) Jack-O-Lantern (JACK) MoarKerbals(MOAR) On Demand Fuel Cells (ODFC)) Field Training Facility (FTF) Field Training Lab (FTL) Docking Port Descriptions(DPD) PicoPort Shielded (PPS) Transparent Command Pods) (TCP) More Hitchhikers) (MHH) Biomatic (BIO) B9 Stock Switches (B9S Oh Scrap!: ScrapYard: DaMichel's AeroRadial (DAR) DaMichel's CargoBays (DCB) DaMichel's Fuselage (DMF) DaMichel's Spherical Tanks (DST) Simple Cargo Solutions (SCS) KerGuise Experimental Engineering (KGEx) Kerbal Changelog Community Resource Pack TweakScale Supports Kerbal Change Log Conflicts none known Replaces none Tags config, parts, convenience none Tags config, parts, convenience *red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support* Credits Legal Mumbo Jumbo (License) Current Forum: Thread Source: GitHub License: Original Thread Download Source: GitHub License: Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date v1.0.0.0 original: 11 Aug 2018 0K updated: 06 Sep 2021 zed'K
  15. NOTICE: This thread is no longer countined. Please go to the link below. All submissions here will be transfered. How far can you go on monopropelent? Well lets see. To gain pionts you ahve to land on the planet or moon and return to kerbin. You may use propellers but no jet engines. You can only use electric and monopropellent (no ion engines). Maned 20p Robotic 10p Mun 2p Minmus 1p Duna 10p Eve 15 p Moho, Jool- 20p each Laythe-25p Tylo-30p Pol and Bob- 15p each Gilly and Ike- 15p each Eeloo- 35p Asteroid or Comet (Docked)- 40p Once your done please post a picture of you rocket or pictures of it landed. thanks and have fun! (No mods but yes to docs.) P equals point and post number of pionts
  16. Welcome to the forum game, did you know. The point of this game is to post a fact about a random thing, time, or anything. Post your random facts here. And remember to follow all forums guidelines. Ill start first. Did you know songs from 1924 are copyright free now?
  17. I have an idea for a simple KSP board game, and I think it would be pretty cool.... (<-- Yes, of course I am biased...) Basically, the point is to be the last space program with any funding. There would be a deck of part cards (and maybe cool little connectable models too), Funds, science tokens, and special dice. Each card would have a picture of the part, its name, its cost, its return cost, its mass and depending on the type: its resources, thrust, et c. At the beginning of the game, everyone starts with the mk1 capsule card, the basic fin card, the rt-5 flea card, 25,000 funds, and five science tokens. Also, shuffle the deck! Every turn you could turn in science tokens and draw cards (5 tokens = 3 cards, 10 = 6 cards, 15 = 9 cards, et c.), build a rocket, launch a rocket, or do nothing. If you can only do nothing, you lose. When launching a rocket, you find its success rate by checking a chart for its mass and thrust, and then use the corresponding die to check whether it succeeds. The lowest success rate would have a die with five fail sides and one success side, and the highest would have five success sides and one fail side. If it succeeds, you get funds back for the total return cost of the final stage. When building a rocket, you array the cards in such a way that it looks like an expanded blueprint of a rocket. For symmetric parts you multiply the cost by the amount used in symmetry. You would only be able to build rockets within your funds. You get 1 token for every science unit on the final stage. And yes, you need to do math to figure everything out, but that's good, right? P.S. Ideas and comments would be appreciated, I want to know what other people think. Thanks!
  18. I was browsing on a coding program called Scratch. I foun that someone was trying to make Kerbal Space Program on Scratch. This meant I had joined a group of people that wanted to make KSP from scratch! Like from nothing! It’s pretty big project. The group started to recruited others and work began sometime in November of December. We expect Kerbal Space Program Scratch Edition to be completed in May 2021. However progress is slower than expected. We will try our best to keep our promise though. If you would like to see the progress or complete game go to the link below: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/27870656/comments/ (Link to All Work and Codes) All positions and jobs for actually making the game are closed. I am very sorry. However you can still help. Go to Scratch and go to the link where all the codes and work is. Ask a guy known as TwistenX to see if you can test out of game in early version. This position won’t be active as much. But you will be cited and given credit in the game. ________________________________________________ Project Director / Supervisor - @TwistenX Physics Programmers - Advanced - @NathanCorporations - @TwistenX - @HermetAnimations - @xAwesomeRyanx Artists - Intermediate - @Ganymede45 - @NathanCorporations - @Hero_Clicker - @TwistenX Basic Programmers - Intermediate - @TwistenX - @NathanCorporations - @Misguided_Ninja - @xAwesomeRyanx - @HermetAnimations - @Coding_pro_27 Music Designers - Beginner - @Ganymede45 - @NathanCorporations Sound Designers - Beginner - @NathanCorporations Testers - No Experience Needed - @legowarrior123 - @Galaxy-Animator *All of the Username names are names from Scratch. I do not know if all of them have a KSP Forums account except me. ____________________________________________________ Kerbal Space Program Scratch Edition Countdown Clock: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/459122157/
  19. Flag Texts Version 1.1 For KSP 1.10 This mod adds a set of flags that resemble a font set so you can write on your rockets using the 1.10 decals. the font is Amoreiza, Bold. Licensed under: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) I don't own the font used Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2489/Flag Texts? Changelog 1.0 - Release Version 1.1 - Added 7 Warning/Caution signs you'd see on any aircraft
  20. Well, I've had 0.9 (Release Candidate to use poncy terms) out for a bit, and no-one seems to have complained, so it's time to call this a release. This mod started as a way of not-quite-cheating-outright. Basically, for when most people would have been sane and just enabled the infinite fuel, I added these parts (or actually, a primitive early version of them) and still flew, and checked fuel and all that, they were just absurdly overpowered. In fact, it started with that RSS-start-on-Mars mod. Because as hard as launching from Earth, landing on Mars, taking off again, returning to Earth is. It pales to the horror of doing it the other way around. And hell, MARTIANS. But then the parts just sat there for ages. But then I thought, "wouldn't it be cool to do silly Sci-Fi grade stuff?". So I merged the old idea with some new waffle, and then added stuff, and noticed existing mods for Alcubierre drives (thanks @RoverDude) and added warp drives. I added a silly chain of resource convertion, so craft needed some work to function. And here we are. Space Opera. Available for download from https://spacedock.info/mod/1137/Space Opera Or CKAN. The mod contains the parts and resources to enable both sub-light drives and super-light drives. Plus a power generator you will want to use if you're going to use the other bits. For sub-light, the engines (and RCS) run off a resource called Handwavium; Sublight drives are either the long "interplanetary" drive (many G, be careful) or the "planetary" drive, which has a lower thrust and can be carefully throttled for things like landings. RCS is available in 3 profiles and 3 sizes. Handwavium can be either a stored resource for short journeys (aka, to another planet and back) or generated from TaurusFecalium, via a converter; For super-light drives, you will need to grab Rovrdude's Alcubierre drive. You can obviously just use his (which are smaller, so fit those pesky little craft), or use the drives from this mod, which are larger, faster, and more annoying. :-) The hyperdrives come in two flavours (so far). Both use two outriggers that I will not call nacelles. The faster, beefier one, has fixed n\outriggers, while the slightly slower one extends the outriggers when running. Now, to get the warp drives to work, you'll need some electricity and polarity field. You'll need some Negative matter to generate that polarity field. And some Quantum flux to generate the negative matter. Which you'll get from the warp core. Converters all provided. I have vague hopes of making a module that allows a part to produce a "field" to turn off acceleration (G) effects for kerbanauts. Until that distant day when inertial field generators work, I advise disabling the advanced tweak feature of G effects when using this mod. This mod now has a Kottobos review Continued from dev thread;
  21. The goal of the game will be to say what is your favorite mods Rules No links and images (GIFs and videos Ex) Have fun No spams Here we go! My favorite mod is OA, DD, RA and OS
  22. I've published a new version of Gossamer Albatross [KerbalX] with enhanced balance & controls. UPDATE: Albatross has been retired. Please try Gossamer Anisoptera... You'll love it. I'm opening a topic on it because it's not so trivial to fly. The Albatross is a great tourist vehicle (24 pax) -- a "lo-grav flitter" -- to see the Mun et al. "up close and personal". Pre-flight check-list: AG7 extend sails RCS on stage the ion drive (you may need to create a dummy stage before it to make Space bar work) toggle AG0 and ensure that the Puff engines are shutdown AG8 hover mode SAS on, SFC mode, Radial Out Lift-off: engage full thrust (Z) climb to a safe altitude select SAS Hold (press and release F momentarily) AG9 flight mode Cruise: use F to defeat SAS Hold momentarily while adjusting the craft attitude use attitude to vector ion drive thrust AG0 to engage horizontal propulsion via the MP Puff drive Landing: by the time you get to this, you will have figured it out hint: you can use the throttle to carefully adjust your sink rate hint: you can use the RCS translate thrust for enhanced deceleration hint: if you get desperate, you can turn tail and use the Puff drive (AG0) to decelerate. hint: its got wheels. if you can't land like a chopper pilot, then align the wheels with your direction and land it like a plane. WARNING: THIS MACHINE TURNS INTO A PUMPKIN AN HOUR BEFORE DUSK. HAVE IT ON THE GROUND OR IN ORBIT BY THAT TIME AT ALL COSTS. The manufacturer claims to have orbited this machine from the surface of the Mun. With sufficient skill and iron nerves, it ought therefore be possible to land it, too. [Your speed may vary... [Although your altitude will always come back to zero!]] Refueling: via a Klaw to be attached to the small girder at the rear of the spacecraft. Deployment: Attach it to a lander via the top dock and sky crane it in OR use HyperEdit if you just want to joy-ride the machine. You won't be disappointed. OR *NEW* you can download a fully-equipped world save file: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/170734-lunar-ion-drive-pylon-course/ (UPDATE: the Albatross Pylon Challenge will be updated shortly to use the new Anisoptera...) Pireps made here would be appreciated...
  23. If you have glitches,[modded/unmodded gameplay] I would love to see them. So post yours Images/Gifs/videos her. And if you how a method to recreate/prevent them please include it as well. And why did it happen as well i am a nerd.
  24. Lancelot Mk-IX I just wanted to share a rocket I made. It is designed to launch an orbital space ship that can mine on 11 different planets and moons. In fact, it's possible (through mining) to visit and plant flags on all 11 worlds before returning back to Kerbin. It has an extremely capable lander that utilizes the largest wheels and mining equipment. The normal crew is 2 pilots, 11 engineers, and 1 science officer (because it would be unlucky to have a crew of 13). Mineable planets and moons include: Mun, Minmus, Gilly, Moho, Ike, Duna, Dres, Vall, Bop, Pol, and Eeloo. Here is the CRAFT FILE Here is a IMAGE SLIDE SHOW - to show how it works. CONTROLS: Ship: controls for the combined ship and lander. 1. Primary Solar (6 panels |ship) 2. Secondary Solar (2 panels |lander) 3. Primary Thermal Control (2 medium |ship) 4. Secondary Thermal Control (2 small |lander) 5. Docking Lights (Red = Bottom 7, Green = Top |ship) 6. Night Driving Lights (1 spot light, 1 soft light |lander) 7. Primary Engines (toggle to decrease/increase power by 66.6% |ship) 8. Secondary Engines (toggle to decrease/increase power by 33.3% |lander) Lander: controls for the separated lander only. 9. Toggle Ladder (Extends ladder down from the driving platform) 0. Lander Solar (Activates all 4 panels)
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