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Found 33 results

  1. Decided to have some fun in the SPH in KSP while waiting for the release of 1.1. Here is the result! Gotta love KSP!
  2. So I was eating at a restaurant earlier today, laptop next to me and KSP running, the waitress came up and asked if I was ready to order... me: "I'll have the Ruben" her: "Sorry, we're out of that" me: "I'll have the chicken sandwich." her: "we're out of that too." me: "steak sandwich?" her: "nope." me: "well, what do you have?" her: "April Fools jokes." me: "Oh, well that's not funny, I suffer from untreatable Kessler Syndrome. you shouldn't tease people like that!" *pokerface* her: "*gasp* oh my gosh, I'm soooo sorry. I'll put in your order for the Ruben."
  3. No one told me that KSP had inmates! :-D
  4. Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and made a Ship Pack for anyone who wants to see it! Also, I made a fan-made trailer to commemorate this awesome exploration game!!! (Lol more of a commercial at the end)
  5. Some of you might remember me by this silly little mission, fancy I know, anyway I decided to make a manned mission this time, the landing and getting back, the works! Because Mun is too cold to stay there anyway. Sooo... sooo... sooo... at first the mission was simple, to land and get back, after two failed attempts the mission had to be changed into a rescue mission, thus I had to use the big capsule - roll the tape! Second attempt (the first one crash landed, the capsule survived, but sadly the pilot got depressed and committed suicide). Perfect landing, wait... but where will we get the fuel to get back? NEXT! Third attempt, rescue mission, yet again a failure, not enough solar panels. The pilot has survived, sadly that means we'll have to rescue him too. Meanwhile the stranded pilots rendezvous to inspect the remains of the first lander, they play tic tac toe for a while... Thar she blows the beauty arrrr! Gathering the pilots. One to go. Lift off. Achieving orbit around Mun. Around Kerbin. Home sweet home.
  6. I attempted an EVA during exit and Re-Entry First part worked,second not so much.
  7. So, here are some images of my mission with KSB. It was very fun! Hope you enjoy it too! Mods used: Distant Object Enhancement TextureReplacer (Markus1002's Galaxy Skybox and some own suits) Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics (Model Rework & Expansion) EvironmentalVisualEnchancements OPT Space Plane Parts Kerbal Planetary Base Systems PlanetShine Hyperedit (To get KSB to space)
  8. Hello everybody! I have started a new Youtube channel mainly about KSP and I wanted to get some feedback on it to see if it's worth continuing. I will post my most recent video down below and you guys can check it out and tell me what you think if you like. I will take any sort of criticism, don't worry about hurting my feelings because or anything just say what you think.