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Found 22 results

  1. Future Technologies Expansion This mod series introduces new futuristic parts that expand the options of the mid-late game techtree. Right now there is one small mod ready and a larger one nearing imminent release. The core principles behind this are: Aesthetics that don't look too out of place next to restock-quality parts Gameplay benefiting from various other mods including CTT and SystemHeat Fitting in and expanding on features and part rosters from other mods, mainly Nertea's outstanding PKMC mod suite which inspired this project Frontier Aeronautics [Version 0.3 - first public release - July 26, 2021] First mod in the series (and currently the only one released) this introduces the J-F755 'Petrel' - a 3.75m bimodal fusion thermal jet. This large engine is best used in late game SSTO designs for use on any atmospheric planet. Pictures and notes: Current Features: Planned Features: Dependencies (required to run): Module Manager CommunityResourcePack Waterfall - to be moved to recommended section soon, currently running the mod without it will lead to NREs) Recommended mods (for full intended gameplay - highly recommended): CommunityTechTree Far Future Technologies Heat Control Download: Available through CKAN SpaceDock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2815/Future Technologies Expansion: Frontier Aeronautics Known Issues: All models and textures are under the All Rights Reserved License; all cfg and dll files are under the MIT License. Metallic Hydrogen Rocketry [WIP, release inbound soon] This second mod in the series introduces a selection of mid-game level engines that use metastable metallic hydrogen to acheive performance similar to nuclear thermal rockets. Most require a mixture of mH and liquid hydrogen and radiators if SystemHeat is installed. Pictures: Planned Features:
  2. Personally I prefer NFT and FFT because they are not as complicated but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts
  3. This is the development thread of KSP Interstellar Extended where new development can be discussed and new feature request can be made. If you want to help or discus ideas about KSP Interstellar development, you can do it at our new Guilded Server (old: KSP Interstellar Discord Server ) For technical question or Mod support , please ask them in the KPIE Support thread For release and related news, discuss them at KSPIE Release thread Download any versions from Here source code and media files: GitHub If you appreciate what I create, please consider donating me a beer you can make a donation by PayPal or support me by Patreon Localization KSP Interstellar Extended needs translators! Localization files can be found here Since KSPIE contains many are parts with their own set of custom partModules, the number of translation keys is very high for a single Mod Chinese translations are already taken care of but all other localization are open Future Note that do not consider myself the person that have to determine the future of KSP Interstellar, it's just that nobody else seems to want to do it. I would be more than happy to share that responsibility. Anyone that actively want to develop KSPI is free to do it. It would appreciate it as it would allow me to focus more on advanced features I have ideas about. The simple truth is, KSPI is too big for a single developer. I don't have the time nor the skills to implement everything that it deserves. I'm especially frustrated about the lack of artist support. Many of KSPI models and effects look dated and ugly compared to more resent mods. There have been some artist and programmers offering their help but they often go AWOL after a short time. I'm not sure If I can keep it up myself indefinitely. I would prefer to create a team of developers that works on KSPI together. I guess that's the only way to ensure Interstellar Future.
  4. Imagine if you have a functioning time machine and you can travel to whatever year in the future and ask whoever you come by. For me i would travel to the year 3000 and ask someone "Does humanity have a glorious galactic empire?" What is yours?
  5. Is Carbon Dioxide RCS feasible? For example, all the CO2 exhaled by the crew could go to a tank and be used for RCS. What do you guys think?
  6. Its here! finally retrofuture space plane parts is for 1.1.3 and 1.2! this is not my mod originally (i am picking it up off NohArk with his blessing) I have fixed the majority of the most obvious bugs but there may still be some lurking around this is still a work in progress the process of updating so i am relying on reports from you fine fellows as to areas that need fixing/balanceing most areas that need focus are; node attchment boyancy heat aero with a side order of what new parts might be considered that might fit in with the new ksp (i was thinking something like a ballast tank and some parts for underwater bases now there is support for it) finally if there are any ideas you have for parts to be retrofuture themed please let me know! anyways hers the mod! images (as i cant seem to embed imgur albums atm)
  7. I had an idea and want to suggest it: a DLC similar to Making History, but instead of the past of spaceflight, the future of spaceflight. It would have parts themed after upcoming rockets in the future, and would add parts that also are in use today, such as proper landing legs for rockets.
  8. This report/analysis seeks to answer the question: What would the future of the Kerbals look like? Specifically in the time frame of say, 100-300 years, a future firmly ingrained in realism and hard Sci-Fi.. I’ve had the idea of creating a story set in that approximate era, but being an extraordinarily extravagant idea, this series is dedicated to finding out the specifics. I also hope that this series will help future writers help flesh out their futuristic universes as well. Things to Note: -There’s a fair amount of mods used in this series—but i’ll try to keep it at minimum -Nothing too implausible will be used (no warp drives, but certainly nuclear fusion) -If you’ve got an idea for a chapter, let me know! -Want to contribute directly to the project? Come to the ToughSciFi discord, where this series has a channel for itself. -It helps to read the comments, since some bring up some good points -When writing these chapters, I do tend to assume that kerbals have a similar physiology to humans... But greener and smaller? -The goal of this series? Consider all the essentials for world building a futuristic Kerbol System -For engines I try to mix info from the game and real life, but the pros and cons, as well as the uses sections generally reflect the in-game depiction of the engine -Since I have both near Near Future Electric and KSP-I installed, a modifier lowers the output of KSP-I stuff* *I later chose to just work with the power output in KSP-Interstellar, so I amended most of the chapters to reflect this Table of Contents PROPULSION Chapter I—Atmospheric Propulsion Chapter II—Electric Propulsion Chapter III—Nuclear Propulsion Chapter IV—Fusion Propulsion Chapter V—Mixing Propulsion Systems Chapter VI—Beamed Power THE PROCESS OF COLONIZATION Chapter VII—Colonizing Moho Chapter VIII—Colonizing Eve a. Colonizing Gilly Chapter IX—Colonizing Kerbin Orbit Chapter X—Colonizing the Mun Chapter XI—Colonizing Minmus Chapter XII—Colonizing the Duna System Chapter XIII—Other Propulsion Systems Chapter XIV—Colonizing Dres Chapter XV—Colonizing Jool Chapter XVI—Colonizing Laythe Chapter XVII—Colonizing Vall Chapter XVIII—Colonizing Tylo Chapter XIX—Colonizing Bop and Pol Chapter XX—Colonizing Eeloo ———————————————————————————————————— Chapter XXI: Non-Rocket Spacelaunch—Part One Chapter XXII: Non-Rocket Spacelaunch—Part Two Chapter XXIII: The Ship Design Process I Chapter XXIV: The Ship Design Process II Chapter XXV: Depicting the Future In KSP ———————————————————————————————————— PLANETS OF A COLONIZED KERBOL SYSTEM Chapter XXVI: Who and Why Would Kerbals Colonize Space? Chapter XXVII: Moho in a Colonized Kerbol System Chapter XXVIII: Moho in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXIX: Eve in a Colonized Kerbol System Chapter XXX: Eve in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXXI: The Kerbin System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part One Chapter XXXII: The Kerbin System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXXIII: The Kerbin System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Three Chapter XXXIV: The Duna System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part One Chapter XXXV: The Duna System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXXVI: Dres in a Colonized Kerbol System Chapter XXXVII: The Joolian System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part One Chapter XXXVIII: The Joolian System in a Colonized Kerbol System, Part Two Chapter XXXIX: Eeloo in a Colonized Kerbol System ———————————————————————————————————— SPACE WARFARE IN KSP Chapter XL: Overview of In-Game Space Warfare Chapter XLI: Approaches to Depicting Space Warfare Chapter XLII: Space Warfare, In-Game Chapter XLIII: Combined Approach Space Warfare & Epilogue Craft Files: The Uncatchable Swift Mod List (Incomplete): Further Info (I mainly cover topics when applied specifically to KSP, these cover a broader range of topics) Without further ado, let's get started! Chapter I: Atmospheric Propulsion "It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a nuclear-powered hypersonic ramjet airliner!"-Linus Kerman A hypersonic, heavily-modified concept version of the Stearwing A300 that utilizes nuclear ramjets Perhaps we should start with something that is readily available to kerbals—flight. With jet fueled engines it is possible to reach speeds of over Mach 5. While that is excellent, major problems arise from its use—large portions of the plane are reserved for fuel, not passenger space, and a large amount of funds are used on fuel. Preferably there should be a way to reach those speeds without fuel... A conventional 16-passenger hypersonic aircraft, almost half of its takeoff mass was dedicated to fuel. The main focus of this chapter is thus about finding new ways of (supersonic) aviation. The way in question (with the mods available) is the powerful nuclear jet, generally produced in two varieties; turbojet and ramjet. On Kerbin they achieve speeds similar to that of the liquid fuel jet planes, with higher thrust. They perform exceptionally well on all atmospheric bodies, with tests on Duna achieving orbital velocity. Without the need to load fuel, planes could be lighter and take less time to be able to fly. A basic fighter design that can reach hypersonic speeds and reach space on Eve. Such designs could easily outmaneuver jet fuel enemies, but you probably don't want a nuclear jet flying over your own territory... Duna, where nuclear ramjets achieved an apoapsis of ~5000 km Disadvantages Sadly, this is where we must look at the disadvantages. There’s one obvious one—the radiation hazards. Shielding (though we must take in the "future tech" factor) would be very heavy, and of course nobody would want to sit next to a nuclear reactor (10% flight ticket discount for sitting next to it?).That said, they could still be used on special SSTO launches in certain areas. Second, they would be expensive (likely initially and maybe for maintenance), which would make their flights high-priced but also keeps them from being used for missiles (Well, except for the fact that the TORY ramjet part is based off a supersonic nuclear bomb delivery method called Project Pluto...). A 64-Passenger concept aircraft that would use nuclear jets, with a conventional rocket thruster to reach orbit, at which point it can safely return with a powered landing. Provided enough shielding is given, they could be practically everywhere in locations with poor infrastructures and no alternatives, a fate likely for the planet Eve. How Would I Use This In a Story? As a method of getting around on planets, and the best part is that you can actually make the plane in game, so you don't have to resort to pure prose or drawings. As for part of the story, I'm not exactly sure what they might be used in, but perhaps a radioactive crash involving such a plane could have be a plot point... End of Chapter One: Atmospheric Propulsion Next Time: Spacecraft Propulsion (Electric) Thanks for reading!
  9. In light of the recent release of KSP v1.4, the decisions for texture swapping, and the recent uproar about old parts, I wish to present my idea on what we may be able to do with textures in future KSP updates (or mods, or whatever). KSP v1.4 brought us personal parachutes, texture swaps, and part updates. The last two points are critical to the forum activity over the past few days. It has come to light that old part models and textures will inevitably be phased out in the next update or two, and so many players have raised concerns over the parts. Quite frankly, I think the new parts and textures should be welcomed. We've probably had a similar event when there was a transition between the plane parts a while back (v0.24?). I can understand the uproar about the phasing of parts, but sometimes it can get out of hand. Perhaps, one could create a part pack that incorporates all the old parts (and textures) so that anyone could use them (although the recent EULA update may affect that). Anyway, I want to focus more on the possibility of texture addition and design for parts in KSP. I propose that players are able to create their own color schemes in game (based off of the main few templates). However, I do understand that mods for this may already be in development. As I recall, there used to be a mod for KSP that allowed for the player to customize parts by simply changing their color (Kerbpaint, I think). That mod, however, has since gone "extinct," for lack of a better term. Perhaps that would be a bit difficult to implement into the game, but I'd find it interesting to see the results. Anyway, that was my proposal. TL;DR: people are disappointed by the removal of old parts, and I propose an in-game texture creator. Also, I'm wondering how I'd even be able to see what the other texture options look like for the parts, or even how I'd add textures for the tanks currently. That's probably a question for Add-On Development. EDIT: the Fairing textures need a bit of improvement, although it's a neat start.
  10. I got into a train of thought the other day where I started speculating on what kind of things would become popular on a lunar resort. I decided to create this thread to see what kind of wacky ideas this community can come up with. Anything that might be possible within the next 20 years is the aim, so try to keep to known science. (no Antigrav Olympics guys) Assume we can create pressurized domes of say stadium size and have mastered life support for such structures as well as a decent suit for extra-habitat activity. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, just consider how 16.6% gravity would affect your favorite pastime/interest... And what kind of new things would be possible? I'm also considering energy is rather cheap, ie large solar fields/nuclear plants etc, however, feel free to contest that. Enjoy! So here is my starter idea: Magnetic skiing! In a low gravity environment, would it be possible to cover a slope with electromagnets and then ski/board down on carefully crafted equipment with opposite polarity? I was thinking you could arrange both north and south pole magnets on the bottom of your skis with varying field strengths so you would be able to levitate but still have a bit of a grip. Anybody willing to run the math on what you would need? Other promising ideas to consider: Wingsuiting, water jet riding.
  11. You May Put Other Suggestions In The Comments.
  12. I was very busy for the past few months. Never got my dieselpunk SSTOs into orbit. My news feeds are now filled with SpaceX stuff after the Falcon Heavy launch, and now the successful fairing recovery test. Who knew, a great big rocket fairing could float like a leaf in the wind? Anyway, I asked for a joke commission about SpaceX and Tesla on Mars a few decades from now... and this arrived in my mailbox today:
  13. So I wrote this story a while back, sort of based on my pondering about what a slowboat interstellar mission in the next 40-ish years. It's decent writing, and I spent a long time on it, so I would appreciate you reading it. It's pretty long, so I'm gonna put the majority in a spoiler, but here's the title and 'cover' un-spoilered. It's bursting with references, from Doctor Who to Avatar (the good one with bending, not Pocahontas with blue people) to Steins;Gate to all the little things that I'm not remembering. It's mostly names, but I have no clue as to all the crap I put in there. Cheers! Project Odysseus
  14. I love me some good sci-fi whether it is Star Trek, Titanfall, Halo, Star Citizen, or most anything else. I also happen to really enjoy recreating spacecraft in KSP from different games, movies, shows, etc. I haven't really found an official thread that focuses on sci-fi ships regardless of functionality. I figured I'd start a thread for any spacecraft that seems remotely "sci-fiey" whether or not it actually serves a purpose or if it even flies with out cheats/mods. So, post away your awesome sci-fi spacecraft! I'll start with some of my own:
  15. Howdy everyone! I figured I'd make a quick post to talk about some new, fun, sci-fi KSP stuff I've been working on. I've adding a lot of different mods and editing a lot of .cfg files to create one of the closest things I can get to a sci-fi/futuristic version of KSP. Keep in mind I'm not talking about futuristic as in what we will see in a hundred or so years, I'm talking about stuff straight out of games like Halo, Titanfall, and Star Citizen. Super efficient engines, FTL capability, giant flying boxes that can somehow fly inside the atmosphere. You know what I'm talking about, and if you're anything like me then you absolutely love all that fake, fun, nerdy, sci-fi stuff. Anyways... I was thinking about the possibility of doing a sort of series out of it all and posting stories relatively regularly here. It would force me to become a little more active here on the forums and make me play a little more KSP than I do currently(both things which I should really be doing). I have no idea where I'm going to go with this or if I will even keep up with it, but I figured I'd make this post just to let the community know about this and hopefully get some feedback. Feel free to ask any questions you have and please, please, please don't hesitate to give me suggestions for literally anything! I'd love to know what you think! I'll post some pictures below of different spacecraft I've developed for it just for a reference for the kind of stuff I could be posting. Here are some RRODD (Rapid Response Orbital Deployment Defense) troopers dropping from orbit. They're basically ODSTs from Halo, but I didn't want to steal the name. Here is an S23 Pelican flying away from an old colony ship. Here we have a Black Tip-Class Littoral Combat Ship preparing to warp out of Eeloo orbit. And here is a Constellation Andromeda-class Guided Missile Destroyer flying into LKO. It has a crew capacity of about 300, is approximately 120 meters long, and weighs a whole heck of a lot. Here it is preparing to warp out of the Kerbin System. Here we have a Retribution-class Orbital Battleship warping to the nearby star Plapau (I use the mod "To Boldly Go" which allows you to create relatively customizable star and planetary systems. Check it out if you haven't already because it's really cool.) Here we see an S23 Pelican inspecting a derelict Draco-class carrier scheduled for decomissioning in LKO. Draco-class carriers are just shy of 600 meters in length (I forget the exact weight of it, but I believe it is in the millions of tons). This large fighter aircraft is the ADF-101 Falcon. It is a dual-purpose space/air fighter (hence the wings). So far all of my spacecraft are capable of atmospheric flight (including the capital ships). Only the smaller spacecraft are capable of landing. I plan on making some very small one person and drone controlled, carrier based spacecraft that are meant purely for space combat. This will allow me to make them super small and sleek. Here is the Warlock X5. It fills a similar role to the ADF-101, but is intended primarily for space combat. Hence why it is a little sleeker and has less wing to it. It performs fine in atmosphere though, however the way the control surfaces are mounted it doesn't have a large amount of yaw control. That's about it for right now. I have a few more spacecraft not pictured here and plenty more under construction. Sorry for this not being quite as short of a post as I had hoped it to be. I got a little ahead of myself. Yet again, let me know if you have any suggestions for anything at all and of course let me know what your thoughts are on this whole idea. I do appreciate any feedback (critical or not) from you guys and look forward to what this might become. At the very least I have a pretty awesome version of KSP to mess around with. Cheers, Taylor
  16. I'm working on a mod that goes on top of Nertea's DecayingRTGs add-on from Near Future Electrical. It adds three new types of RTGs with different decay rates and power ratings. - Polarium RTG (red) gives a staggering 190 ec/s, but decays with a half life of 0.03 years. (real-life analog: Polonium-210) - Kerbium RTG (blue) gives only 0.15 ec/s, but decays with a half life of 40 years. (real-life analog: Americium-241) - Boppium RTG (green) is cheaper than other RTGs, but has a half-life of 2.5 years and only gives 0.60 ec/s. (real-life analog: Strontium-90) - For reference, the regular Blutonium RTGs give 0.75 ec/s and have a half-life of 8 years. (real-life analog: Plutonium-238) These RTGs are just crude recolors of the stock model. Download on CurseForge Any comments questions are of course welcome!
  17. I have been writing short stories about the fictional lives of people who live on planetary colonies and i post them on my site here: http://solarcolonies.weebly.com/ Any ideas on what to do next? And how do you thing people should live on specific worlds in the solar system, Moons are definitely included in my list as well as gas giants. I would love to hear your thoughts.
  18. I learned something from our history as people. We seem to advance the most in our knowledge of new technology, the we feel it is at our advantage. The space race, Soviet Russia, & The United States, one of the greatest times of knowledge and advancement of technology. The Russians were so determined, as were the Americans. They both each changed the world. Going to space has brought us great things, such as artificial limbs, and MRIs. It happened to fast and so quickly! But now here we are, in 2016, you would think that we would have gotten much further than where we are now. Sure we "had" the space shuttle program, and we have rovers on mars. But the money that was funding all this exploration and learning is very slim right now. The United States Government currently funds NASA with barely 1% of their government currency. They "retired" they shuttles, we no longer have money to go to the moon, or send our own astronauts to the ISS by our rockets here in the US. We have our allies in Russia to thank for helping us maintain our joint operation on the ISS. Sure we have the no SLS Orion... but if you ask me, all this is just laziness to me. I hope more private companies like SPACEX help us with this, as well as Russia. Because the united states government has given up on science. If we continue our research of microgravity in space, we have a whole new playing field to understand the things and nature that we work with, and live in. I just don't know how, or where we are headed currently. Another issue is the cost for rocket fuel. Getting to space is no easy task at all! We should be using the funds we have left here in the US to find a new way to get us into space. Im talking about thinking out of the box in a massive scale. Im sure many people have talked about this and ways of doing it. But frankely money is the main issue. And I just don't want to see the only advancement in technology to be in phones and cars. I hope to put an end to this, I want to learn and find a way to get us back into space like we used to, but better. My goal in life is to change the way we think about space and we get there. Im open to any comments and suggestions, to what you guys know/think about this contraversal subject. Thank You.
  19. Futuristic cargo plane Flight tutorial: 1. wait until the plane reaches 90m/s to pull up. 2. the air breaks are assigned to 1 on your keyboard 3. Nothing else... Download link
  20. Think this is in the right place... Anyway, post 10 or less things you would like (or mods that should be made stock) that you would like to see in future KSP!!! They could be parts, buildings, features or ANYTHING! Go!
  21. The title says it all, here's my thoughts (By the way, you don't have to make it extremely detailed, and you can make your own ideas and divert from current plans, as long as they make at least some sense): 2016: SpaceX launches 18 times, with mostly reused first stages, they also successfully launch the Falcon heavy, Osiris rex launches, and Juno arrives at Jupiter 2017: TESS launches and begins looking for Exoplanets like Earth, the VAIMR thruster is placed on the ISS, Falcon 9 does 30 launches, mostly re-launches from reused first stages and Cygnus, Dream chaser, and Dragon V-2 begin their ISS flights 2018: JWST launches and begins taking over for some of Hubble's duties, and the SLS/Orion launches with a successful mission, and the Angara rocket receives full funding and support 2019: ESA begins testing the SABRE engine, the Vulcan rocket has a successful first flight, and New horizons flies past 2014 MU69 2020: SpaceX test launches their MCT, and NASA launches the Mars 2020 rover, Ariane 6 has a successful first flight and NASA diverts its Mars plans to the Moon and Venus as SpaceX/Bigelow is taking huge strides to establishing a colony, and NASA isn't needed for that, however, NASA is still supporting/giving research to Spacex/Bigelow 2021: India successfully launches their first manned space mission, Skylon is successfully flown, and Vulcan begins reusing its engine block 2022: NASA launches Astronauts to lunar orbit to get ready for the 2023 mission and the Europa clipper launches And the Angara rocket has its first test flight 2023: NASA launches Astronauts to lunar orbit to study the boulder Osiris rex brings back 2024: NASA lands people back on the Moon with co-op from Europe, China, and Russia, the ISS gets decommissioned, and JWST gets strong evidence for Alien life on an Exoplanet less than 20 ly away 2025 SpaceX launches the Falcon 9/Heavy 80 times and planetary resources begins Asteroid mining 2026: SpaceX launches 100 people to Mars, the colonization of Mars has begun and NASA/ESA/CSA/RSC establish a small lunar mining outpost I don't know of any more big missions, or potential big missions beyond 2020, so that's why it seems like only one or two things are happening. Also, yeah, a few things seem really out there, but keep in mind, this is my optimism for where we'll be in space in the next decade. And yes, I know there's a lot more planned, but I'm focusing on really big things.
  22. nearly all of the KSP engines are chemical/fossil fuel except the ion engine. there should be a couple new (and non-new) resources added to the game. the resources are the following: hydrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. hydrogen can be converted to liquid fuel but its fuel tanks are very expensive (since hydrogen is hard to pressurize). carbon dioxide (use the resource from TAC life support) will have very cheap fuel containers (carbon dioxide is easy to pressurize), but will weigh more than normal fuel. argon, as a resource, will be cheap, but fuel tanks will be expensive. please note that carbon dioxide should be free. there should be VASMIR engines for argon and hydrogen, hydrogen producing more thrust in the atmosphere but more expensive. the carbon dioxide will have acceleration tubes as engines, lasers accelerating the CO2 (thus using electricity). the carbon dioxide acceleration tubes will have a medium price and they will barely make any thrust at sea level, but will produce lots of thrust in space. the VASMIR engines will also use electricity. and there should be a part which converts hydrogen and carbon dioxide into fuel, oxidizer and ore. I have also invented an agency for those parts: AC space industries (there flag is AC in green next to a picture of a futuristic rocket). I have listed their stats: mentality = stern 0.9 mentality = scientific 1.0 mentality = moral 0.1 mentality = pioneer 0.9 mentality = industrial 0.8
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