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Found 20 results

  1. This is the development thread of KSP Interstellar Extended where new development can be discussed and new feature request can be made. If you want to help or discus ideas about KSP Interstellar development, you can do it at our KSP Interstellar Discord Server For technical question or Mod support , please ask them in the KPIE Support thread For release and related news, discuss them at KSPIE Release thread Download any versions from Here source code and media files: GitHub If you appreciate what I create, please consider donating me a beer you can make a
  2. Imagine if you have a functioning time machine and you can travel to whatever year in the future and ask whoever you come by. For me i would travel to the year 3000 and ask someone "Does humanity have a glorious galactic empire?" What is yours?
  3. Is Carbon Dioxide RCS feasible? For example, all the CO2 exhaled by the crew could go to a tank and be used for RCS. What do you guys think?
  4. Its here! finally retrofuture space plane parts is for 1.1.3 and 1.2! this is not my mod originally (i am picking it up off NohArk with his blessing) I have fixed the majority of the most obvious bugs but there may still be some lurking around this is still a work in progress the process of updating so i am relying on reports from you fine fellows as to areas that need fixing/balanceing most areas that need focus are; node attchment boyancy heat aero with a side order of what new parts might be considered that might fit in with the new ksp (i was
  5. I had an idea and want to suggest it: a DLC similar to Making History, but instead of the past of spaceflight, the future of spaceflight. It would have parts themed after upcoming rockets in the future, and would add parts that also are in use today, such as proper landing legs for rockets.
  6. This report/analysis seeks to answer the question: What would the future of the Kerbals look like? Specifically in the time frame of say, 100-300 years, a future firmly ingrained in realism and hard Sci-Fi.. I’ve had the idea of creating a story set in that approximate era, but being an extraordinarily extravagant idea, this series is dedicated to finding out the specifics. I also hope that this series will help future writers help flesh out their futuristic universes as well. Things to Note: -There’s a fair amount of mods used in this series—but i’ll try to keep it at minimum
  7. In light of the recent release of KSP v1.4, the decisions for texture swapping, and the recent uproar about old parts, I wish to present my idea on what we may be able to do with textures in future KSP updates (or mods, or whatever). KSP v1.4 brought us personal parachutes, texture swaps, and part updates. The last two points are critical to the forum activity over the past few days. It has come to light that old part models and textures will inevitably be phased out in the next update or two, and so many players have raised concerns over the parts. Quite frankly, I think the new par
  8. I got into a train of thought the other day where I started speculating on what kind of things would become popular on a lunar resort. I decided to create this thread to see what kind of wacky ideas this community can come up with. Anything that might be possible within the next 20 years is the aim, so try to keep to known science. (no Antigrav Olympics guys) Assume we can create pressurized domes of say stadium size and have mastered life support for such structures as well as a decent suit for extra-habitat activity. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, just consider how 16.6% gravit
  9. You May Put Other Suggestions In The Comments.
  10. I was very busy for the past few months. Never got my dieselpunk SSTOs into orbit. My news feeds are now filled with SpaceX stuff after the Falcon Heavy launch, and now the successful fairing recovery test. Who knew, a great big rocket fairing could float like a leaf in the wind? Anyway, I asked for a joke commission about SpaceX and Tesla on Mars a few decades from now... and this arrived in my mailbox today:
  11. So I wrote this story a while back, sort of based on my pondering about what a slowboat interstellar mission in the next 40-ish years. It's decent writing, and I spent a long time on it, so I would appreciate you reading it. It's pretty long, so I'm gonna put the majority in a spoiler, but here's the title and 'cover' un-spoilered. It's bursting with references, from Doctor Who to Avatar (the good one with bending, not Pocahontas with blue people) to Steins;Gate to all the little things that I'm not remembering. It's mostly names, but I have no clue as to all the crap I put in there. Cheers!
  12. I love me some good sci-fi whether it is Star Trek, Titanfall, Halo, Star Citizen, or most anything else. I also happen to really enjoy recreating spacecraft in KSP from different games, movies, shows, etc. I haven't really found an official thread that focuses on sci-fi ships regardless of functionality. I figured I'd start a thread for any spacecraft that seems remotely "sci-fiey" whether or not it actually serves a purpose or if it even flies with out cheats/mods. So, post away your awesome sci-fi spacecraft! I'll start with some of my own:
  13. Howdy everyone! I figured I'd make a quick post to talk about some new, fun, sci-fi KSP stuff I've been working on. I've adding a lot of different mods and editing a lot of .cfg files to create one of the closest things I can get to a sci-fi/futuristic version of KSP. Keep in mind I'm not talking about futuristic as in what we will see in a hundred or so years, I'm talking about stuff straight out of games like Halo, Titanfall, and Star Citizen. Super efficient engines, FTL capability, giant flying boxes that can somehow fly inside the atmosphere. You know what I'm talking about, and if you're
  14. I'm working on a mod that goes on top of Nertea's DecayingRTGs add-on from Near Future Electrical. It adds three new types of RTGs with different decay rates and power ratings. - Polarium RTG (red) gives a staggering 190 ec/s, but decays with a half life of 0.03 years. (real-life analog: Polonium-210) - Kerbium RTG (blue) gives only 0.15 ec/s, but decays with a half life of 40 years. (real-life analog: Americium-241) - Boppium RTG (green) is cheaper than other RTGs, but has a half-life of 2.5 years and only gives 0.60 ec/s. (real-life analog: Strontium-90) - For reference,
  15. I have been writing short stories about the fictional lives of people who live on planetary colonies and i post them on my site here: http://solarcolonies.weebly.com/ Any ideas on what to do next? And how do you thing people should live on specific worlds in the solar system, Moons are definitely included in my list as well as gas giants. I would love to hear your thoughts.
  16. I learned something from our history as people. We seem to advance the most in our knowledge of new technology, the we feel it is at our advantage. The space race, Soviet Russia, & The United States, one of the greatest times of knowledge and advancement of technology. The Russians were so determined, as were the Americans. They both each changed the world. Going to space has brought us great things, such as artificial limbs, and MRIs. It happened to fast and so quickly! But now here we are, in 2016, you would think that we would have gotten much further than where we are now. Sure we "had
  17. Futuristic cargo plane Flight tutorial: 1. wait until the plane reaches 90m/s to pull up. 2. the air breaks are assigned to 1 on your keyboard 3. Nothing else... Download link
  18. Think this is in the right place... Anyway, post 10 or less things you would like (or mods that should be made stock) that you would like to see in future KSP!!! They could be parts, buildings, features or ANYTHING! Go!
  19. The title says it all, here's my thoughts (By the way, you don't have to make it extremely detailed, and you can make your own ideas and divert from current plans, as long as they make at least some sense): 2016: SpaceX launches 18 times, with mostly reused first stages, they also successfully launch the Falcon heavy, Osiris rex launches, and Juno arrives at Jupiter 2017: TESS launches and begins looking for Exoplanets like Earth, the VAIMR thruster is placed on the ISS, Falcon 9 does 30 launches, mostly re-launches from reused first stages and Cygnus, Dream chaser, and Dragon V-2 be
  20. nearly all of the KSP engines are chemical/fossil fuel except the ion engine. there should be a couple new (and non-new) resources added to the game. the resources are the following: hydrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. hydrogen can be converted to liquid fuel but its fuel tanks are very expensive (since hydrogen is hard to pressurize). carbon dioxide (use the resource from TAC life support) will have very cheap fuel containers (carbon dioxide is easy to pressurize), but will weigh more than normal fuel. argon, as a resource, will be cheap, but fuel tanks will be expensive. please note that car
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