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Found 2 results

  1. it would be nice to have some new nuclear engines, like a 3.75 cluster of nervs, or a whole new type of fuel + roster of cryogenic engines to add to the stock game, thoughts?
  2. We have amazing news for you, Kerbonauts!!Kerbal Space Program 1.2: Loud & Clear is ready! We’re polishing the final details of this update and we’ll be releasing it next Tuesday, October, 11th. We’re preparing a big event for its release and we urge to stay tuned for more details. It will be amazing! This is by far the best update we’ve developed and you, the community, have been an essential part of it. We can’t thank you enough for helping us with your feedback, your bug hunting and, of course, your support. You are the real heroes of Kerbal Space Program!We also want to thank our fantastic team of professionals, whose hard work, dedication and passion made this possible! But this is not all! Here at Squad we’re looking into the future and we have great and ambitious plans for the KSP franchise and even more!If you’ve been following us closely, you must be aware that we’re growing and we’ve been looking for talent and great collaborators that help us build the next milestone of this franchise. New talents have enrolled in the past few months and they are just as excited as we are. Bringing new talents is allowing us to bring fresh ideas to the plate and we can’t be more excited for what’s coming There’s an important amount of new content, besides this new update, that we’re currently working on. This includes more free updates, full expansion packs with an incredible amount of new content and much more! We’re also experimenting with new technologies and platforms to expand the KSP experience towards new horizons. Furthermore we want to participate in more industry events, because we want to have a closer relationship with our fans. We’ve already participated in Gamescon, Tokyo Game Show and Twitchcon and we’ve met amazing people who have given us lots of insight and ideas. We’re hearing you and we’ll not disappoint you!We’re are very proud to help foster STEM awareness, education and even (and hopefully) encourage some young talents to pursuit a career in these areas. In Squad we firmly believe that the future of humankind, just like with the kerbalkind, lies in the stars! We’ll be given more details in future post, so stay tuned and spread the word! Thank you and happy launchings! The KSP Dev Team
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