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  1. So, after some time i decided to pick up an old 1.7.0 install and decided to install some mods: - Airplane Plus (With Firespitter included) - KAS - Hyperedit - Near Future (Solar and Launch Vehicles) - Outer Planets Mod (With Kopernicus as it´s dependency) - RLA Reborn - Probes Before Crew (With Community Tech Tree as it´s dependency) - Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes (Recommended for PBC) - Science Relay - Station Parts Extension Redux - Through the Eyes of a Kerbal - Kerbal Alarm Clock - Vessel Mover Some other mods: - B9
  2. This forum game is from another forum. (The original forum shall rename nameless.) Unless you private message me.) The forum game goes like this: The first person says what they insert, then the next person says what they get, then they post what they insert. And it goes on. Example: Guy 1: Inserts ("thing") Guy 2: Gets ("thing" related to first "thing") Inserts ("thing") RULE 1: "thing" can be anything approving to forum rules RULE 2:The "Gets" part must relate to "Inserts" RULE 3:No double posting RULE 4:If someone beats your post, edit your post
  3. You get a million dollars but for the rest of your life at random, you are suddenly teleported to a random time period. For example, you are ordering a coffee at a Starbucks and suddenly *POOF* you get teleported to Berlin in 1945 just before the Soviets capture it. Although after a certain amount of time you do get teleported back to where you came and you don't affect history. Would you take it?
  4. Hello, once again (this is getting too frequent), I really cannot figure this one out with my used-up brainpower (College takes its toll, especially with the ungodly amount of snowfall today in Vancouver.) My game has quite splendidly decided to kick the bucket everytime I enter the Sphere of Influence of any Celestial body besides Earth. And when I say my game has frozen, It freezes the computer too. Windows stops working, the computer becomes unresponsive, starts to sound like a jet engine and worst of all, there are no .log files made, and no matter how long I wait, the game
  5. The title says it all. This is like the "You Know You Play Too Much KSP When" thread. What makes you a nerd? I'll start with: You know you're a nerd when you learn to count in binary on your fingers because it's way more practical than the "standard" system.
  6. The goal of the game will be to say what is your favorite mods Rules No links and images (GIFs and videos Ex) Have fun No spams Here we go! My favorite mod is OA, DD, RA and OS
  7. Share your mod lists here for people to see! Here is mine: Planet Packs: After Kerbin Extrasolar: Planets beyond Kerbin Kopernicus Mods from 1.3: Planetary Domes Kerbal Krash System Blast Awesomeness Modifier (BAM) Kerbal Electric Konstruction Freight Transport technologies Malemute Rover Life Support (1.3 & 1.4+): Deep Freeze MKS USI Life Support Life Quality: Camera Tools Indicator LED Tweakscale Real Plume Chatterer
  8. the rules are: you build a story with words you do this by typing one word. then the user below you types another word . you may end the story by after the word you type you put this emoji: I will start: THE
  9. Game rules is simple, players must actually existing city of any country whose name starts with the letter , which ends with the name of the previous city . Example : Player1 : San-francisco . Player2 : Orynburg . Etc... I start. Los Angeles...
  10. I was loading up KSP and then I get the normal thing telling me about the Making History, You know, the tab? But it was bigger then MY screen so I could not click the X button, SO It would not let me close the tab, and I can't do anything with the game/menu. I need help, I can't even play the game.!
  11. If this already exists, sorry, I'll ask someone to lock this. Rules: Rule 1 Remember, NO SIDE CONVERSATIONS! Rule 2: NO Side CoNVerSations Rule 3: No inappropriate content or bad language. Rule 4: Make your brain stretchers not too long. We want these to be readable and enjoyable by everyone. 4: Don’t delay answers!!!! 5: All Teasers must include all clues needed to figure out the answer. Description: Need a good brain stretch? How 'bout the endless Kraken known as: Being Bored? Well, no more! This is a game about Brain Teasers! Post any confusi
  12. Hi all, has any of you heard about or played OpenTTD? It's an open source version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe and is free. So has anyone played it?
  13. PUBG Mobile Crazy Dancing Buggy Bug https://youtu.be/AEBVliQbWzw
  14. I made this cause I was bored.... Lol. Anyway, the goal of this game is to add everyone's post count to get to exactly 1000. So, let's say someone has 500 posts. Then someone comes in and posts who has 100 posts (when he posted.) So you would get 600. But if the number goes to 1001, the next person who posts would have to subtract 1001-(posts). And of course... NO DOUBLE POSTING. I'll start: 17.
  15. Does anybody on the forum play Star Trek Online? I've got it on the xbox
  16. Hi I bought this game on the 25th April 2013 and wondered if it is possible to now have a Steam key for it rather than it just being a Store copy....? I think that it wasn't available on Steam at the time (?), I'm trying to unify my games to one platform if possible. Thanks for any advice. EDIT: Found that this seems to be the cut off date...... March 20th 2013 at 1:00 pm GMT -6:00 ....never mind, seems like I have missed out.
  17. Hello everyone! I came here because I wanted to spread the word about this game, please check it out if you like scientifically accurate space games. The game is being funded on kickstarter and there isn't much time left, please contribute if you can, thanks!
  18. This forum game is about trying to say hello in the most creative way followed by the previous poster's username, for example, Hulloh @example First one to post gets to say hello to me! No chatting. Simply put (creative way of saying hello) with @(username of previous poster)
  19. Hi, So I made this game where you rate the person above you from the dV from a certain trip. You can rank from 0 to 10 depending on how much dV they have spent on a certain trip. I Start: Mun and back: 6800m/s Minmus and Back: 5700m/s Duna and Back: 7350m/s
  20. The rules of this game is simple, since I'm pretty sure all of you heard of it. You make a wish, and the next person must turn it around on you and give the wish a twist, making it detrimental to the overall goal and- ah screw it, I'll just give you an example: Person 1: I wish for a pizza. Person 2: Granted, the pizza is rotten. I wish for a computer. Person 3: Granted, a computer from the 1990's. I wish for a donut. And so on... If you really want to know everything, here are the rules of the former Wish Corrupter: 1. You have to answers the persons wish above but with a twist
  21. Is anybody else interested in the upcoming game War of Rights? It's a Civil War FPS with an emphasis on company-sized movements.
  22. When I load a saved game I can't achive as many science score, from the same probe, in the same location, as I did in the previous/first attempt. I do just get the amount of science score as I would have got when I would have gone to the same place and try to collect data from the same probe again, without loading an older save game. (Unfortunately significantly less) Looks like the science progress does not get reset properly by loading a saved game (but of course, the over all science score gets reset). Is this a known bug ? May I fix this somehow or is my career game mes
  23. Hi! I've been making a small game recently (you may have spotted it already, if you follow me on twitter or youtube), and have finally gotten it finished and released (and by that I mean "made 90% of in august then lost motivation and finally got back and finished it in the last two weeks ish"). It's free! You, too, can get blown up by meteors and experience frustration, which seems like the sort of things KSP forumgoers would be into. So... View & Download on Itch.io yes sots is still happening sooner or later
  24. Gelix

    Powder Toy

    Am i the only one here that has also played a game called powder toy! If not you all should try it! It is a simulated chemistry game for FREE!!! You can get it here!
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