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Found 2 results

  1. I was wondering why KSP was built using the Unity engine. If someone could explain to me why Unity, and why not a different game engine, that would be much apreciated. Why is Unity better than other engines? Why is it worse? Why KSP won't move to a different engine? What would be the biggest challenge? (Apart from basically starting from scratch obviously.) I'm simply curious. That is all.
  2. I have re-posted an earlier post in hopes that KSP 1.1 may include this feature in current version or at least in one of near future updates. Long time ago (a year maybe) i suggested a plugin for monitoring mechanical stresses between parts of vessel. I have recevied a useful reply that this was not possible because physics engine did not support this. Technically, physics engine did not send events to each physics time frame with part stress, only the part separation from normal attachment node positions and final breakdon event. No measurable data whatsoever. To those who have a deja vu, this was posted before . I just hope that PhysX / Unity 5 have allowed this kind of data to be read so dev team could at least take a shot at this idea. Thank you all for continued support and development of this game !
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