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  1. Picture poor Jebediah sitting inside a MK1 capsule atop an overly complex rocket (aren`t they always?) waiting on the launchpad. He is smiling despite knowing that he is being sent to Duna on a one way mission (or at least until the Space Program decides to send another vessel to collect him) all on his own, within a space suit, within a tiny capsule and with no other entertainment than a minute window that will show nothing but cold cold space for the whole 200+ days of journey. Once within Duna`s sphere of influence Jebediah can look forward to a couple of days of achieving orbit, landing an
  2. I have a late 2007 iMac running OS X Lion, or 10.7.5. It has 4 gbs of ram. I have ksp's graphics and everything else on the lowest quality. How can I make it run better because it runs like crap.
  3. I was watching MythBusters the other day and came across... http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/mythbusters-database/laptop-lift-off/ The original video - https://www.youtube.com/embed/_12L_Dme8Vc Basically (if these links don't work) the bees can't lift the laptop because of a few reasons but a major one being Newtons 3rd law. If the bee is pushing air down it can fly up, but if the air is hitting a large surface it pushes the surface down, and if the surface is attached to what ever is trying to fly up, it won't fly. I asked myself, is KSP's physics realis
  4. So recently I've started going to other planets in ksp but I haven't been able to get a good periapsis for aerobreaking and always fly off into solar orbit or crash. I was hoping someone could provide a cheat sheet for a good place to put the periapsis for a capture. Ps: I know aerodynamics affect it so just give a range like between 10-20km
  5. Greetings, I've started the clean install with 1.1 and I've got a question - is there a way I can relocate the app launcher bar when in flight mode? Can I move it to the bottom edge of the screen, for example, can it be positioned horizontally, for example? Or is it fixed?
  6. Trying to get the hang of powered vertical landings. Playing Demo. I built a small test craft with eight pre-extended, suspension-locked landing legs and a couple of liquid-fueled engines, put RCS thrusters with plenty of propellant on the capsule up top, and stuck Jeb in it. I launch, navigate to a smooth landing area, and throttle the engines down until I start to drop, then tell Jeb to use RCS to maintain retrograde alignment. Then I just play with the throttle to try and stick the landing. I've gotten a couple of landings, but it's hit or miss (well, I never miss; I jus
  7. I *want* to enjoy progressing through career mode, even though my ultimate goal is always simply to unlock all the parts. I crave a reason to slog through the tech tree instead of loading up a sandbox game. Sometimes I think that KSP could offer players like me more satisfaction. In general I would describe these two suggestions as ways to "individualize" each career mode playthrough, so each iteration of the Space Program is more unique. First suggestion: give the player random starting Kerbals, and makes Kerbal stats & roles more important. The idea is to make the player more at
  8. So... it's gotten to the point now where I just sit in the SPH/VAB and stare at the empty craft in front of me going: "What the hell do I build now?" I've been to pretty much every planet and moon, and built so many things... I've just ran into a complete builder's block. This builders block is also the main reason why I've been a bit of a hiatus from KSP. Any ideas or suggestions? I might look at doing progression updates using videos and image albums, perhaps look out for me in the mission control segment soon (totally not self-advertising myself here) Cheers~
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