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Found 7 results

  1. Contract Pack for Air flights to bases in Kerbin Side Remastered Current status: Current V2.0.6 Bug fixes for UK and KGO missions Overview Trans Kerbin Airlines: Each base to have 4 Airline flight contracts The initial test flight to the airport can be done once Flight service for 4-8 passengers depends on completion of mission 1. Can be run multiple times Flight service for 8-12 passengers depends on completion of mission 2. Can be run multiple times Flight service for 12-80 passengers depends on completion o
  2. Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose 1.6.1 Requires the latest release of Contract Configurator from https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/releases Requires the latest release of Module Manager from https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager Giving Aircraft a Purpose (GAP) is a contract pack for your aerospace program, providing aviation milestones to achieve, regular flights to service, and Coast Guard rescue . This contract pack is compatible with all stock and modded careers (except RSS). Purpose: To provide a useful purpose for the existence of
  3. Give Aircraft a Purpose doesn't work with Galileo Planet Pack. When GPP is installed, GAP doesn't show up at all in mission control, but the flags still do. Is there any way to make GAP work with GPP? such as with a MM patch? http://imgur.com/a/QMd71 The two screenshots are from the same install of KSP 1.2.2, one with GPP and the other without. GAP and all dependencies were installed through CKAN, GPP and all dependencies were manually installed.
  4. From the GAP (Give Aircraft a Purpose) contract pack: GAP contract: Speed 100 (or, How it started out so well) Craft: K-35-100 Flounder (KerbalX link) Operation: Stage to ignite lower engine, which has plenty of power for takeoff and supercruise, and is probably the safest and most efficient way to fly the plane. Stage again to ignite the upper engine and fly it the Kerbal way. Conventional landings are possible, but dangerous. Due to the high thrust of the engines, they must be completely throttled down before enough airspeed can be bled off to safely tou
  5. hi all crashateers, Since 1.0.5. ive just messing bout making contraptions til 1.2 arrives, when i noticed a big gap between floor and a parked vehicle on flat ground, looks terrible!! i havent noticed this before til now, havent really looked to be fair or played that much, but like i say, looks amateurish. its not just me is it? have a check and see how detached a vehicle seems from the ground to you. im 1.1.3 btw steam & 17 mods, this isnt bug report as i dont think it is a bug or mod effect, probly collider of those wheels......anyhoo Ive attached some pics in both db &a
  6. I need boats to spawn in distress and rescue Kerbals from. I need at least three more good boats, could be any size, but preferably small stock part count (under 100), with Command Seats and maybe even cabins. Crewed by anywhere from 2-10 Kerbals. They do not have to functional (heck they could even look disabled) since they are props meant to stage a Kerbals in distress. Contract Configurator can spawn any vessel from my GAP\Assets folder anywhere in the game. Example of a rescue mission: (see link to the GAP Contract Pack in my sig) UPDATE: Contract Pack: Givin
  7. GAP 1.0 Beta has been released. Please see the Add-On Released thread for future development, discussion, and support: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/129208-contract-pack-giving-aircraft-a-purpose-gap-10-beta-air-flights-tours-coast-guard-sts-105jan-4-2016/ Contract Pack: Giving Aircraft a Purpose 0.3 Requires Contract Configurator 1.9.1 from https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/releases an Aerospace Exploration (Development and Testing), Coast Guard Rescue (and Retrieval), and general Operations (charters
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