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Found 20 results

  1. Gilly Plus is a mod that remakes Gilly to be blue, fixes the timewarp crap and adds craters! just in case you ever suffer from Gilly-is-boring-and-not-blue-enough-itis! https://imgur.com/gallery/PEFIMGV Pics for Clicks Download: https://spacedock.info/mod/2046/Gilly Plus Kopernicus is the only dependency Also, this does remake Gilly's surface, so any spacecraft on Gilly should be launched into a stable orbit before downloading this mod.
  2. Hi guys, I was playing some career mode and my recent, rather time and funds consuming mission, doesn't seem to be paying off. Every point of the contract except of "everything completed" is checked, though I feel like I did everything according to the mission requirements. Any ideas there? https://imgur.com/a/iWe62x3
  3. Does anybody have the coordinates for a flat landing spot on Gilly? I tried to land an ore transport on an old landing site (using MJ landing guidance), but it kept bouncing. I don't care about the ore concentration. I just need a spot that I won't keep bouncing off - regardless of ore concentration (I have the big drills) This is especially crucial for manned landers. The last time I landed someone on Gilly, I lost two engines and a panel. Thanks.
  4. Some remarks: I always wanted to to a Eve and return. So I grabbed some contracts (put stations in Eve and gilly orbit, plant a flag on Eve etc) to help in funding. I also used HyperEdit and the help of this community to design a working EveAscentVehicle for three Kerbals: I also used HyperEdit and the help of this community to design a working EveAscentVehicle for three Kerbals: I have a heavily modded install, most important for gameplay is propably the usage of USI-Lifesupport: [x] Science! Continued (xScienceContinued 5.22) Action Group Manager Renewed (ActionGroup
  5. So today I built a delta iv heavy-like craft and sent a kerbal to eve's moon gilly. Where can you take it? (Download it, then show me!) Delta IV (Heavy): https://kerbalx.com/JohnsterSpaceProgram/Delta-IV-Heavy Here are some images of what I did with it: Nothing in the fairings yet, lets put a gilly lander! This should be succificient, its a ion engine/liquid fuel engine craft, with room for 1 kerbal On the launchpad, ready to launch After booster separation, when the central fuel tank is refilled Many days later... Approaching Ev
  6. Yesterday, i launched a scientific unmanned mission to Gilly. The mission was a sucess, and i transmitted to Kerbin science of the space over Gilly and of all of the (only) 3 biomes of that small moon. After the end of the mission, i started to think one thing: I started to think if Gilly was made propositally by the devs to make a perfect contrast with Eve. I started to think that after i see the caracteristics of Eve and Gilly. Eve is really big (is the biggest rocky planet of the game). And Gilly is really small (is the smallest body of the game, with the exception of the as
  7. This should be a straightforward bug report, as I do believe I've been given an impossible mission to test an engine in Gilly orbit between 120km and 130km altitude. Thing is, I couldn't establish any orbit higher than 113km altitude, and thus not satisfy the contract parameter. Looked up the Gilly characteristics, and looks to me like the max altitude at which you can orbit Gilly is indeed 113km. Am I missing anything? Thanks!
  8. The mission is aimed for exploring 2 asteroids and 1 dwarf planet with an unmanned craft This is the craft you need: it needs scientific instruments ,an individual engine and powerful antenna ,just try to make it as small as possible,okay? Your first stop will be an asteroid You must flyby 15 meters above the surface of it Next step is to flyby Dres .Your periapsis must 75 000 m above Dres. And the last place to visit is Gilly ,you need to establish an orbit around it with periapsis of 55 000 m The difficulty varies in type of propuls
  9. Note: This challenge requires skill be warned! Gilly, among other things, is small, really small. Making a city there will be really hard, because of the very poor gravity and high inclined orbit. But it's possible! What you have to do to win the challenge: A functioning solar power station (No more than 50 solar panels) A hotel/dormitory holding at least 35 Kerbals. Fuel Tanks SSTO Fueling Station landed on gilly (Needs to be having an Advanced Grabbing Unit and has connection to the fuel tanks) Mining Station Have it connected to each module (Opt
  10. Hey everyone! What kind of landers have you made for the low gravity worlds? Ion and RCS Craft encouraged, unorthodox designs get rep!
  11. I'd be interested in seeing what others are doing regarding mining on Gilly. Pictures would be ideal if you have them.
  12. I have went and created the Single Most Epic Mod Ever. Ok, maybe you would believe it's an Absolutely Epic Mod? A wonderful and useful Mod? All right, I admit. It's a lame Kopernicus mod by someone who can't Kopernicus properly... For a while now, a few things in KSP's planet setup have bothered me. I usually use @CaptRobau's incredible Outer Planets Mod, so my KSP solar system is a fairly good match to the real one. Unfortunately, this illusion is most broken by- Ike- It's huge mass is in no way a proper analogue to either Phobos or Demios. No Asteroid Belt-
  13. I got a contract to build a station around Gilly, so I made one. All components were lofted to orbit via SSTO spaceplane and assembled there. After that, I raised the orbit to around 550k, where I refueled and sent it on its way. The craft was not suited for aerocapture, so I braked the conventional way. I dropped a probe on the shallows of Eve, then parked into Gilly orbit. The only major issue I had was that the heaviest spaceplane I built -- to loft the booster and refueling modules -- flips out of control on re-entry, even though CoM is well ahead of CoL empty (and with all remaining
  14. Welcome to the Ida/Dactyl Challenge! This challenge is meant to be a difficult quest for, well, making an asteroid have its own moon! But not just any asteroid... GILLY This challenge is to give Gilly a Moon(s) of it(s) own! Now here is the Inspiration for this challenge. The Ida/Dactyl system was first discovered by the Probe Galileo in 1993, being one of the first Minor Planet systems that comes to mind. This system was an excellent discovery, showing that even objects with extremely small amounts of gravity can still have their own Satelites. Ida measures about
  15. Where should my next SSTO go?
  16. I'm keen to learn from the experiences of anyone who might have attempted drilling on Gilly (moon of Eve). My drill rig has 3 drills but they are not on an action group, so they have to be deployed consecutively. I'm worried my rig will topple over? My only Plan B right now is to keep the lander on the rig and use SAS and RCS to stay vertical and possibly provide some downforce... Clues anyone, please?
  17. Hello, I am going to do the elcano challenge for Kerbin, but in the future, I'd like to make a Gilly rover. If you think it is impossible, don't clog the tubes. Thanks!
  18. I have what's proving to be quite a difficult mission in career mode to save a Kerbal who's in low orbit of the sun. I designed a refueling station as part of the rescue operation, with the intent of landing it on Moho as a "last stop" gas station before heading inward. However after studying the Delta-V subway maps a little further, I'm wondering if Gilly might be a better spot to invest the resources for a fuel stop (due to it having far less dV requirements to land / orbit / escape). Any thoughts?
  19. It is 2018 on Kerbin and space travel is all the rage, but the planet Kerbin has reached a predicament, they have mined out almost all usable resources needed to make space craft. And due to debris exploding, crashing into Jool or being stuck in a ridiculously bizarre Kerboliocentric orbit they can't get much for salvage. They have already scrapped everything in orbit and salvaged the most they could from interplanetary bases. However there is still hope, on the recent mission to Eeloo named "PARTY BUS Mk 50" they met a strange race of creatures whom they invited aboard for drinks. They exchan
  20. Is this terrain bug newly added in or was it there before? I'm not too sure it was in 1.0.4. It still behaves like a terrain bug however. After I saw it and zoomed out half of Gilly Disappeared. Coordinates: 35° 12' 10" S and 45° 5' 52" E
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