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Found 5 results

  1. I thought this might interest a few of the propeller veterans Here's a highlight I exported from last nights stream: Craft file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dun4pe5g1xu632d/! TR6-SemiCyclicGimbal I - LiftTest.craft?dl=0 This started out as a PM with @Azimech and after some interesting ideas from @luizopiloto regarding using klaws and some TWR calculating wizardry by @SumGuy and a few others who popped up in stream, I've come up with that I might call the most ridiculous advanced full stock propeller to date. There's two main factors being use
  2. I have been messing with the Engine config files in my copy of KSP 1.2.2 with Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, and Realistic Progression Zero mods installed, mostly to create fictional engines or engines that do not exist in currently available mods. However, I have not been able to add gimballing to an engine that previously had none. For example, I attempted to add gimbal to the RS-88 engine for an orbital launch vehicle using that to power its first stage and an AJ10 to power its second stage, but even after ~8 attempts at adding and modifying the ModuleGimbal, it still didn't work. Wha
  3. Hey! I made a shuttle and I was unsatisfied with the way the SRBs had no gimbals... so I introduce to you a way to get SRB gimbals! Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-wW3RB5gzgkMi00WVdkeWZTRVE Video of the gimbals in action: NOTE: The video above uses my Shuttle and I know that Shuttles fly into space but just for the purpose of time i separated the boosters and Fuel Tank and then began gliding the Shuttle. To install navigate to your KSP install folder then drag and drop the downloaded "GimballedKickback" into the "GameData" folder. You should
  4. So I've built myself my first "space ship". It's a MK3 core fuselage with 2.25m parts attached along the sides to create a wider base, the parts running "along" the main body. I've got the sides of those lined with Thud engines pointed "down" when it is sitting flat/ belly down to the planet surface, and an obscene number of landing struts to support it when it does touch down. The top of the vessel is also lined with parachutes for descent into any kind of atmosphere, though I think that engine braking can be pretty solid on most planets. My current mission is a trip to and from Duna with
  5. Hey! I've got a problem with engine gimbal (AFAIK someone already noticed this problem). I need to set gimbal angle for each engine on vessel separately (so not with FlightCtrlState via OnAutopilotUpdate callback) via C# code. It works, when engines are shutted down, or activated via right-click or action groups. When I activate engine via stagging (space) or using function ModuleEngines.Activate() gimbal angles are being resseted to 0 and don't want to change. Is there any other way to activate engine via code and have working gimbal? Simmy.
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