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Found 19 results

  1. I've always been a fan of @Overengineer1's GravityTurn (see original thread). Unfortunately it wasn't updated for a while, so I thought to take care of that myself . Also thanks @sarbian for all the useful MechJeb code of which parts were/are incorparated into this plugin. So this is what it does: Launch a craft into a low orbit with a few customizable settings. Performing a Gravity Turn is arguably the most efficient launch procedure. The plugin will take care of the entire ascent for you by maintaining a strict hold to prograde (as much as possible) and varying the thro
  2. So, when I'm doing a gravity turn. I always have SAS on, I know how to get into orbit and do a gravity turn. Though, recently when I've been doing a gravity turn. My pro grade pitches slightly up, note that i'm not giving any input for it to be doing that. Not sure why, and like I said. I've done this so many times before, and i've done it really good. Though now that I do a gravity turn, I have this problem. I usually use stock KSP rockets as I'm not very creative. And if its built by the KSP team, its impossible to be a design flaw. The only thing I add onto the stock ksp rockets is
  3. Is there a general rule of thumb as to the optimum altitude/velocity/pressure (Q, I think) to jettison fairings-- where the aerodynamic drag reduction is no longer worth the weight/gravity loss? I don't really need the exact equations-- just a general "feel" for the right timing/altitude. Thinking of firing off a series of sounding rockets to test, but I imagine someone else has done a lot more thinking about it already...
  4. First post so apologizes if I did not find a previous thread. Just got the KSP 1.4.0 update and I have noticed that my Gravity Turn Mod (1.7.6) has behaves oddly now. A couple of different times it has missed the destination height because the engines stayed on and I can't abort which causes problems too. For example I don't know if its the update but I can't time warp, and controls won't work until I hit escape to bring up the menu and then hit it again. Anyone else having this problem and did you find a solution or are we crossing our fingers for an update to the mod? Thanks
  5. Or more precisely how do you correct a gravity turn mid flight? So I have started playing with KOS and I am trying to figure out how to do a gravity turn. I am attempting to write a generic script that can work with a range of vehicles. I have written, what I feel, are a couple of really good predictive scripts that use TWR, Dynamic pressure, AP, Time to AP, vertical speed and Burn time. But they keep getting messed up by the changing TWR and staging. When TWR goes up the craft pitches down too early. Then at staging when TWR drops it realizes it has to pitch up a lot. I attempted u
  6. This is an in-depth tutorial, but still directed to beginner-intermediate players, on how to do a proper launch and gravity turn with the new aerodynamic model introduced as of version 1.0. This tutorial works for versions 1.0 to 1.3. More than giving a script or set of instructions, my goal with this tutorial is for you to gain an understanding of the factors that affect your rocket's behavior during launch, so that you can apply it to any rocket you fly. For that, you'll need to go through the entire post, but I'm also including a TLDR as a "cheat sheet": TL;DR (courtesy of @kBob)
  7. I need help... I've been following the advice here: In a ship of this design: Parachute, two mystery goo's, a temp sensor and pressure measure, a service bay with kerbal engineer inside, heatshield. FL-t400 fuel then lv-909, decoulper, then 2x fl-t400 and an LV-t30 - dv 3.8k. I try the method above and I simply go wrong! I just don't make it to orbit! I assume my turn went too fast, as I got heated up too! Any advice other than just practice?
  8. I finally managed to build a reasonable craft for Eve Space Program that can get to Eve orbit with about 1300-1400 m/s dV left. In career mode, with only Tier 3 and 4 parts. Craft file here, uses OhioBob's Eve Optimized Engines. After several attempts, my best effort is in this video here. The biggest challenges of the current incarnation of the Eve Space Program mod are the lack of biomes outside of the KSC, and the distance of most survey contracts; the KSC is a quarter of a world away from where the game puts those surveys. This leaves part tests, science grinding around KSC, and a ful
  9. As the name implies, I am wondering what are the most efficient gravity turns for Earth and Mars? I don't know if RSS and Real Life gravity turns are the same, but I am wanting real life and not RSS, unless, of course, they are the same. Lastly, how do I calculate Delta-V?
  10. I'm probably a pain to the KSP Community but I've got another problem, so lets just get this over with. I'll be providing pictures, don't panic xD Pictures of the Payload: Probe Controlled Circulurisation Booster: Ascent Stage: Craft Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/et6vr9ij4kwnzmp/The Hitchhiker Orbital Station.craft?dl=0 When I try to ascend, it starts pitching over in the wrong direction. I want to pitch over towards 90 Degrees on the Navball but my ship wants to do anything but that, all TWR and Delta-V Costs are pro
  11. (To tell the truth, I don't know if doing a gravity turn manually on Eve is possible. Maybe it is with winglets, maybe not. Feel free to correct me.) So most of us know that to get to orbit efficiently, you need to do a gravity turn and have an AoA of roughly 45 degrees at 10km on Kerbin. This is done by tipping over gradually while you are ascending. Getting to orbit this way is the most efficient and will get you into orbit using the least amount of DV. However on Eve, such a maneuver is very difficult and most people just go straight up and turn after they have gotten up high enough no
  12. Hi! This is a nice rocket that has just enough delta v to get into low Kerbin orbit and back. Can you fligh it into orbit? Have a try .... (if you know how a gravity turne works) File for KSP 1.2.1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4-Q0g-nbUkOSFNNU05iSEdpM0E/view?usp=sharing Reward: For the Kerbonaut how has the most fuel left during the reentry to Kerbin I offer a post flight data and charts like this: http://imgur.com/a/KlGKj But I need the .craft file of the rockte to do a testflight to log the data. Only stock!!! expire date: 15.12.2016 Thanks
  13. Save fuel by flying a stock gravity turn to orbit This is a competition in KSP version 1.2.1 to launch the stock "Kerbal 1-5" from the KSC launch pad to low Kerbin orbit, with as much fuel left over as possible. Motivation for challenge My interest for this topic recently rearose when this question was asked and discussed. I haven't played much recently, but I remember how difficult I found it to estimate the fuel needed to get to orbit back in KSP ver. 1.0.4. According to the guides and forum posts you are supposed to fly a gravity turn to save as much fuel as possi
  14. In all tutorials I have seen it says that in order to get to orbit I shall use the "D" key (yaw control) to turn at 10 km so that the rocket's angle is 45 deg and heading is East. The thing is it doesn't work that way, first when I use "D" the rocket almost doesn't react, when I start pressing it continuously at ~5kms all I get at 10 kms is about 6-8 degrees and never heading East, always North. I have to play with roll and pitch in order to get more or less right heading, but fighting with it I either overshoot the orbit (apiapsis ~100kms) or undershoot it (once it was at ~40 kms). What is mo
  15. The definition of a perfect gravity turn according to Wikipedia (always reliable) is an ascent path such that at any given point (after the pitchover maneuver), your angle of attack is zero. Here's my issue: I want to test using this definition to optimize my gravity turns by keeping my angle of attack at zero, but I have no idea how to calculate the angle of attack for my rockets. Most internet information, such as pages on Wikipedia, focus on angle of attack for aircraft. What is the definition of angle of attack for a rocket? How do I find a rocket's angle of attack using tools in KSP?
  16. How to measure the efficiency of a gravity turn To make my gravity turn challenge a bit more interesting the scores will be given as percentage scores. I have seen percentage scores used in game reviews, school tests and what not - so it must be a cool score measure right? I post the score description to this separate post in case anyone wants to discuss and/or refine the idea. Gravity turn efficiency score Imagine that we can send our vessel to orbit by doing two short powerful explosion-like burns. First a burn that will shoot us all the way to space, a burn of strength
  17. Hello, I was hoping getting MechJeb's ascent guidance module would help me automate the launch but I can't quite follow the ascent path. Seems like my rocket is too powerful so I've tried to limit throttle and/or acceleration during ascent but it's very clumsy and it usually works poorly. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198276590575/screenshot/499154497084905198 Is this a rocket design flaw or are there smarter parameters in the ascent guidance?
  18. So MechJeb is not turning my rocket no matter how high I allow its angle of attack to be. I have reset all settings to default, please help. When it begins executing a gravity turn, it lights up green as if it is turning it to the max but nothing happens, and I checked, the ship turns and can even make it to orbit just fine so it is a problem with mech jeb. The reaction wheels on the comman pod say idle, I turned rcs on no indication of it working
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