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Found 2 results

  1. Playing a lot of semi-realistic games recently, and I’ve been reminded of something. The Grind for a lot of realistic games (progression wise) is absolutely atrocious. There have been games that have such a bad grind that I just got bored and stopped playing. There are also other games that are not frustrating because of the grind, but they lack basic quality of life features that make the most simple of things take much longer than they should (looking at you Space Engineers). I really hope Kerbal 2 doesn’t fall into this trap. The game should be painful to a degree, but the devs need to make sure that theres a light at the end of tunnel. There should be a moment after all of your hard work where you can see your colony up and running, look over other planets and admire an alien star. If there’re any devs reading this, please take this into account.
  2. Hey kerbonouts, I thought it would be fun to start a career with the science, rep and reward slider set to 10 %. Turns Out, it's pretty darn difficult to turn a profit. There is not enough science on kerbin to unlock the necessary the tech nodes to land on minmus or the mun without stranding poor old jeb. and i don't get enough profit to upgrade my platform in order to launch bigger low tech vessels. I currently saved up 64k worth of funds (coming from 10k). Have any of you guys tried this kind of carreer? How did you get out "the low tech valley"?
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