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Found 5 results

  1. V0.07 "Tubular Bang" New Feature: Texture swap in hangar (requires firespitter) New Parts: Mk 214 50 mm Cannon 3D MODEL Maschinegewehr Mg 131 FDSL turret 3D MODEL Mauser Maschinegewehr Mg 151/20 3DMODEL Disney Bomb "Disney Swish" Rocket Assisted Bomb 3DMODEL Rheinmetall Mk 108 Maschinenkanone 3D MODEL Rheinmetall Maschinegewehr Mg 17 3D MODEL Download: DOWNLOAD MORE INFO -> Development thread Current parts: Grand Slam Earthquake Bomb 3D Model VIDEO TallBo
  2. In order to train the new KAF pilots, you have been contracted to make an aggressor fighter jet. The competition for the contract is fierce. Can yours stay at the top? This is a BDArmory fighter competition. RULES: 1. The battles are run King Of The Hill style. You fight the 5th place aircraft, and work your way up the leaderboard. 1.1. There are 5 maintained spots on the leaderboard. 1.2. Fights are 3v3 matches, best out of 3. 2. No space-grade parts permitted (oxidizer, monoprop, rockets, non-cockpit reaction wheels, ISRU, etc). 2. Ore is allowed for bal
  3. well, I already posted on WIP design thred. but i'll post it here too. I made newtype full stock gun that won't use engines or decouplers. I never seen this type of gun so, I think it's new technologies If you have enough PC specs, you can go faster than lightspead!!
  4. The weapons challenge thread still has my attention. Also a few weeks back there was talk about moving things without switching craft (scanners, claws, etc). The cumulation of those 2 things lead to this revolver. I wanted to see how much manipulation I could do without switching craft. Each round is one nosecone (bullet), 8 angled sepratrons (gunpowder) to give spin stabilization (pretend the barrel is rifled, k), and a docking port with no probe core control. There is one round in each chamber obviously. A ram pushes the round, then the docking port magnetism takes
  5. Blow the KSC to bits with the AWP Expansion for Kerbal Space Program! Items included with this pack, 1. Laser Turret MK100 Heavy Weight Bomb This Pack is undergoing development! More weapons and custom modeling coming soon!! READ INSTALLATION GUIDE AS THIS MOD DOES NOT INSTALL NORMALLY! Download Link NOTE: All models and CFG Files were not generated me, they were generated by Bahamuto Dynamics. All Rights Reserved
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