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Found 2 results

  1. I got into a train of thought the other day where I started speculating on what kind of things would become popular on a lunar resort. I decided to create this thread to see what kind of wacky ideas this community can come up with. Anything that might be possible within the next 20 years is the aim, so try to keep to known science. (no Antigrav Olympics guys) Assume we can create pressurized domes of say stadium size and have mastered life support for such structures as well as a decent suit for extra-habitat activity. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, just consider how 16.6% gravity would affect your favorite pastime/interest... And what kind of new things would be possible? I'm also considering energy is rather cheap, ie large solar fields/nuclear plants etc, however, feel free to contest that. Enjoy! So here is my starter idea: Magnetic skiing! In a low gravity environment, would it be possible to cover a slope with electromagnets and then ski/board down on carefully crafted equipment with opposite polarity? I was thinking you could arrange both north and south pole magnets on the bottom of your skis with varying field strengths so you would be able to levitate but still have a bit of a grip. Anybody willing to run the math on what you would need? Other promising ideas to consider: Wingsuiting, water jet riding.
  2. They label themselves a hard sci-fi, non-open-world starfighter sim a la Star Citizen. Their dev team profiles have notable names on them. They namedrop big things. But am I the only one who fails to see a connection between rather ordinary starfighter sim gameplay that goes on on the screen, and the hard sci-fi fluff they push on the side? Visible lasers, extremely close-range dogfighting, some of the ships noticeably lack radiators, one of the ships has pronounced atmospheric features... hell, it seems there aren’t any SC-style gimballed weapon moints!
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