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  1. What does it do? This plugin maintains serial connections to one or more hardware devices. Each device can register to receive information that it explicitly wants to receive (for sending to a display, setting off an alarm, triggering a PC shutdown when your vessel runs out of power, etc). A device can also send commands back to the game (stage your rockets with a big red button, build a custom HOTAS to pilot planes, control your EVAing Kerbals with your treadmill, etc). The plugin comes with a companion Arduino library, to make it easy to get started building interactive Kerbal hard
  2. Pictured above, the current (as of Dec 2020) mockup of my end goals for this project. I've been working on this project on and off since around June of 2015... I initially first appeared on Page 6 of the Simpit Repository where I showed off some really nice hardware I'd collected for the project. The goal is to create a controller using real instruments to provide readouts of orbital data, temperature, fuel, electricity, and other critical values. The controller will have joysticks and toggle switches and other controls to command the in game vessel. I'm using this project as an opportuni
  3. Hello Everyone, I looked up to the developers show case yesterday but one thing ravages me THE HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS OF THE NEW KSP 2.As the graphics are awesome so it may be a problem for many AMD and Intel low end processors and graphics card like GT 730 or GT 710.Will KSP 2 run on low end system like mine(for reference) I3 9100F GT 1030 16GB ddr4 ram. Thanks
  4. Hi. I'm running KSP on an old office notebook, a MacBook Pro 15, with an i9-8950HK, 32G of RAM at 2400Mhz and a Radeon Pro 560X with 4 GB. It's a pretty good piece of hardware for the work that I'm doing, especially since most development is being done in clouds anyway, but now that my KSP vessels have grown beyond 500 parts (after launch), I'm starting to feel the pain: FPS is down to single digits most of the time; the mission clock doesn't ever show green anymore. I'm not sure what KSP does to my CPU, but it sure as hell gobbles up all the memory, to the point where I'm having trouble
  5. I have a problem with the CPU temperature in my laptop (it gets hot terribly). I recently installed KSP 1.9 (unmoded) and it worked terribly (high temperature and 5-10 fps), previously I played version 1.4 or 1.3 a few years ago on the same computer and I didn't have this problem even with many mods. What is the reason? High terrain resolution in new versions? I don't know much about hardware, maybe only one core or something works? Thanks. I am using Dell Inspiron 3542 Intel Core i3-4005U 1.7 GB Intel HD Graphics 4400 / GeForce 820M 8 GB RAM
  6. My Mark IIb control panel broke down in the spring due to a careless shortcut, and I have been building and redesigning this one on and off since then. I actually missed 1.5 completely, but finally the hardware is at an acceptable configuration. So, after a few time consuming mistakes, I flew an initial test flight with my Flight Control Mk IIId, and was happy with the result. What started when I looked at the price of a joystick with throttle and thought I could make one cheaper did turn out to be a hobby consuming hundreds of euros and opening a whole new field of learning. When I start
  7. My idea is to make a enclosed cockpit for kerbal space program. It's going to be a 2 seater and I'm going to build a full control panel. This is what i have done so far. Latest progress photo. Link to simpit's imgur album This is the old simpit before I redesigned it. Link to old simpit's imgur album Here is the link to software being developed for the simpit. https://github.com/Krewmember/External-MFD I hope you guys like it and I will keep you updated as I make progress.
  8. Hello all, Today I want to share with you our development process of making two control panels and I’ll try to answer your most frequent questions. Me and my friend (Ferrdo_Kerman on this forum) always wanted to build control panel for Kerbal Space Program, so we can have even greater experience while playing this fantastic game. This year we finally had this opportunity and time to make this happen. Ferrdo is very skilled in HW and SW so he is the one who decided which HW do we need, how to put it together and also rewrote the base code that we have used from another project. My jo
  9. FOR ROCKET USE ONLY: A Kerbal Sim-pit Build Log A name derived from the first piece I bought, a racing car ignition switch with "FOR RACING USE ONLY" printed across the top. This Project started mid 2016 and while its a matter of months off being in a completed form, like most maker projects, I don't ever think Ill be "Finished" with it Aim My aim is to make a sim-pit that surrounds a keyboard that includes a joystick (microswitch, not POTs) and as many switches and buttons I can. After many months of looking at layouts and design themes, I've settled on going for
  10. After looking in to the internet, I couldn't find any info of what is a good CPU performance in KSP (measured in parts). I just want to know whats the limit of parts your CPU can handle until your timer becomes yellow.
  11. Hi So I just sold off my RX 580 graphics card and is currently using my backup GT610, and I am wondering if there are any ways to make ksp playable on that graphics card without sacrificing too much. I have a watercooled R5 1600x CPU and 16 gigs of ram, and I am currently getting around 4 fps with settings maxed out. What can I do to get my framerate above 30 fps while sacrificing the least amount of detail? Thanks!
  12. Somehow my steam recognizes my joystick (Logitech extreme 3d pro) as a generic gamepad, and is stuck in some weird control profile. I can't seem to delete the profile or reset anything regarding to the joystick. When I open the joystick in the device manager I can see that it's working by testing everything in the properties. I've spent hours trying to figure this out, and haven't found anything pertinent to my situation. Please help me out!
  13. Winter is coming.... ...and I need something to occupy my time while hanging out indoors. Anyone up for working together on a control panel? I'm not a software mod'er, so I need help with actually integrating with KSP, but I am pretty good with electronic design, Raspberry Pi/Aduino, etc... Essentially, I'm thinking of building a small instrument cluster and a cluster of tactile controls (buttons, switches, joystick?) that would sit in an angled enclosure that would sit on your desk. Anyone up for teaming up?
  14. KSP sometimes causes my mac to suffer an error related force shutdown when I attempt to defocus KSP. This has happen once or more per day. I think it is a memory related issue. My specialty is making missiles, not fixing hardware. (But I am great at breaking hardware) Don't quote me on this I come here instead of apple because my warranty ran out and I might have to pay money to get it checked. Plus, they would find where my secret base is. Specs: MacBook Air (11-inch, Early 2015) Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6
  15. This is my attempt to build a KSP simpit, using Arduino microcontrollers and the KSPSerialIO plugin. It started off small and is currently a lot less small. Current status 20160815: I've been slowly refining my current build. The altitude and vertical speed analogue gauges are now hooked up and working (it only took two years). I have a digital navball that shows current vessel attitude, and have been banging my head against the KSP API trying to work out how to extract the other orbital vectors in a format I can easily render on the ball. I've also started work on machining a new e
  16. I tried the Alt-F9 video recording feature that comes with my new Geforce card software, and found it really easy to use. I was hoping to have a dogfight thread where each participant record some of the videos, but was wondering how common is video recording capability in our community. Most people probably don't have dedicated recording software, and I don't either, so I was wondering how many people have Geforce Experience, and if you tried recording video with it? cuz I think Nvidia cards are pretty common these days.
  17. So after seeing @richfiles, and @stibbons controllers, I've started thinking about maybe (key word maybe) making one of these things. Bear in mind that I have no experience with arduino, or anything other than wiring motors and lights to batterys. Here are my basic ideas. Please tell me if some really aren't possible. Kindle fire for streaming navball from Telemachus 7 segment displays for velocity, altitude, apo/periapsis Joysticks for rotation/translation Toggle switches for SAS, RCS, and etc keypad for action groups, maybe a gutted computer numpad St
  18. I have been working for the past couple of years on a project to create analog gauges that could display some of the game information. Finally, I also developed a program to display the ground tracks and flight profile. Both rely on the mod telemachus and its http server to get the necessary data. Here is the final result. I didn't spend much time on the board itself, as I wanted it to work properly first. The gauges display most ressources of the game (liquid fuel, oxidizer, monopropellant, etc...) and three other parameters: Gs, vertical speed and atmospheric
  19. "Kermander1000" ... another KSP kermand console cockpit thingy ! - Some time ago i wanted to build a control console for a farming simulator to drive tractors and combines, but kermanding a rocket is much more fun. While looking through possible solutions on how to extract data from KSP, i found the ready to use solution : KSPSerialIO (thx @zitronen ) This base frame has carried a flightsim cockpit for many years, hope its capable for space action: I have printed some panels with my 3D-printer, soldered some stuff and written some code into a MEGA. I will build some
  20. I was wondering which SI prefixes KSP uses in game, and are there any that are skipped? I ask because I know it skips km on your altimeter... (I'm so wrong! i guess I must typically timewarp from LKO to any other body and never noticed Km before! LOL ). It just goes from counting hundreds of thousands of meters and then rolls over into, if I recall correctly, Megameters. After that, I know I've seen Gigameter measurements before in the map views. Does KSP skip any other units than km, or is it just that one unit that gets skipped? I think I recall seeing km used in map view for distance to ta
  21. i am resuming an old project i had but did not document. it was to make a custom ksp cockpit In Real Life and use it to play the game. there was also a mission control. it wasn't that good. my new version will feature a 2 person cockpit, electronic flight instrument system, switches, and buttons etc. there will be an external mission control as well. i will document all my code and mods that i use so that if any one would like to try and build it them self they can. 1. design phase main switch board images SAS mode light board:
  22. Here we go again. I built a hardware controller for KSP a year ago using KSPserialIO by zitronen, and was pretty proud of it. However, it had several construction flaws, based on my complete lack of practical knowledge of electronics, and during autumn I started shopping for parts for a replacement. I learned about shift registers and display drivers, and started to build a 7seg readout, but eventually abandoned the idea. I used shift registers to replace the internals of my first controller, but around Christmas it started to give out. I think I burned some pins through excessive dr
  23. KSP runs reasonably well for me right now. However, sometimes when I'm in a high part-count scene the frame rate I'm able to draw drops down to about 20fps. This isn't horrible, but it is noticeable. I'm considering upgrading some components. However, I'm not certain if the bottleneck is in the CPU or GPU. Is there a way to easily find out which is the constraining resource? - Garrett
  24. Well this thread is inspired by this cute video thumbnail, generic theme and lyrics: Mister Trouble never hangs around When he hears this Mighty sound. "Here I come to save the day" That means that Mighty Mouse is on his way. Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right Mighty Mouse will join the fight. On the sea or on the land, He gets the situation well in hand. rule: pretty simple share stuff about your mouse and eventually comments about yours or others contributors mouse keep things fun and cool. (non mouse users are welcome to because wel
  25. Hi there! Some mates and I participated in this year's SpaceApps contest by NASA on the Jet Set Mars challenge. We focused on developing a complete solution for a Mars-suitable jetpack which included an exoskeleton and a custom HUD. It seems NASA liked it, because we are currently Top-5 on Best use of Hardware category. Aaaaaand, of course, we used KSP to simulate it! Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwtIp6Wt2hk The official NASA project page: https://2016.spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/tech/jet-set-mars/projects/mars-upv Our website:
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