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Found 10 results

  1. I’ve searched for a radial or wraparound heat shields mod to no avail. Trying to make a space shuttle or starship with heat shields is basically impossible. Is there a mod for this?
  2. Greetings to all of this forum. During my ksp adventures i find myself wanting certain parts that no mod had created as of yet. I want to be able to create more creative rocket designs, which aren't in the wholy kerbal style of strapping on moar boosters. Such part ideas include, radial, surface attached heat shields. Kinda like the curved solar panels from Near Future Solar. And maybe an upgraded version of the mk1-3 command pod, I would like to see one with more kerbals crammed in as the current internals allude to lots of space available. I had the idea for the upgraded mk1-3 from reading Eyes Turned Skyward. So if any mod developer is up to do this i would we happy. Thanks, I wait for a respose.
  3. Hi, Using the oft-recommended KSP Launch Window Planner (http://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/), I'm attempting to set up a mission that will take a very aggressive (totally non-Hohmann) transfer to Duna. The idea is to shave time off the transfer (and depart a good ~80-100 days before the planets are "ideally" aligned) by spending a lot more delta-v than would be "optimal". I'm about to unlock the ISRU converter and build out a Mun mining base with Extraplanetary Launchpads, so my thinking is "fuel is cheaper than time". (I don't want to time-warp through the long coast because I've got lots of contracts and station stuff to keep me busy in the meantime back in the Kerbin system.) I've built a ship with about 5300 m/s of delta-v, and have been doing dry runs of the mission in a sandbox save. Figuring I could use aerocapture to avoid the most expensive part of the trip (the braking burn at Duna periapsis to get into orbit), I put almost all of the delta-v (5000 m/s) into the ejection burn from Kerbin and used the rest to fine-tune my approach, getting a ~13km Duna periapsis on the flyby, which I've read should be enough to aerocapture. However, my best-laid plans were shattered when I actually hit the atmosphere and my entire ship burned up almost instantly. :-) In retrospect this shouldn't have been a surprise, since the navball told me my orbital speed was well over 8000 m/s when I hit the atmosphere. (Yeah, this was probably a terrible idea.) So I tweaked the design and practiced a few more aerocaptures. I found that if I use the engines to brake down to an orbital speed of 2600 m/s when I hit the atmosphere, my design can survive (even without any heatshields). But that needed a lot of delta-v, and the rocket was getting ridiculously huge; I wanted to do better. So I slapped one of the big 10m (stock) inflatable heatshields on the bottom of my lander and tried again. However, it still burned up almost instantly. It's like the heatshield wasn't even there. :-( (In fairness, some non-critical bits of the lander were clipping through the bottom of the heatshield, but if that were the only problem, I'd expect everything behind the heatshield to survive.) What am I missing here? I was sure the heatshield would solve the problem, because I've seen a Scott Manley video where he was playing RSS and aerobraked at 10 km/s on Earth coming back from a lunar free-return; surely 8 km/s at Duna should be easier??? Thanks. :-)
  4. I just lost an expedition (six tourists, one pilot) because the Hitchhiker exploded during reentry on the way back from the Mun, despite having a 2.5m heatshild directly attacked to it. Why did this happen?
  5. Ever thought it is rather obvious that the only thing to go under a heatshield is a decoupler? In fact, the decoupler might just as well be built-in to the heat shield! This little MM config will automatically add a decouple function to each heat shield, so you don't have to bother with attaching a decoupler underneath them while still retaining the option to jettison the whole shield. Enjoy http://spacedock.info/mod/472/Decouple%20from%20heatshield Also available via CKAN Thanks to Kerbart for rewording the OP
  6. Guys, Sorry for the simple question, but i'm new to this! Currently i'm trying to complete the heat shield testing (.625) and I was curious on the altitude part. The requirement is 30-36,000m, does this mean the testing needs to take place within this altitude or needs to be tested through the entire range? Also, does it matter if i'm ascending or descending? -Thanks so much!
  7. So here is a question I have been trying to find an answer to but have had no luck. How does heat on the ship during re entry work? In the instance of heat shields or just standard non heat shielded parts, is it the lead point that takes 100% of the heat or is it heating any point at all that is not parallel to entry angle. Basically here is the back story that leads to my question. I am using stage recovery mod because I like the realism of being able to recover stages. Because of this each stage has parachutes and other things designed to slow down my stages. On my main stage (4 nerv's a orange fuel tank and some struts) I put 1.25s on top of the mark1 liquids and a 2.5 on top of the orange. during aero breaking with my pod attached the 1.25s that are set back a few meters from my pod but open to the elements were taking no heat (no ablator loss) but my lead point on the pod was. Is this how it works? To simplify I have a new stage I'm making (screen shot attached) will the engine take all of the heat and not the shields, or will the shields take the heat since they are also at a perpendicular angle to entry? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey everyone I'm back with my second video this time about the limits of the inflatable heatshield. I tried to compare it to other methods of slowing down so that you can see how good it performs Hopefully this will help and/or entertain you!
  9. Hi Guys! I finally created a video to stop being a long-time-lurker and to show you something about the new heatshieldpart. I hope you enjoy my first try Would be nice if you take the time, watch it and give me some feedback so that I can improve next time. Have a nice evening (at least in my time-zone) and hopefully thanks for watching
  10. Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. My name is Maestro,. I'm 43, wearing a beard and started KSP at 0.24. Well, I'm not a newbie. Inspired with Scott Manley's videos "Serious Business", I've started a new career 'RSS+RP-0' and everything went well. until I first time tried to return the Moon vehicle to Earth. I've escaped Moon SOI, planned my Earth Pe. to 60-55... and... KA-BOOM! Heatshield exploded due to overheating. Well-well, I do know the physics and I do realize that heatshield isn't a panacea. So I've made the couple of experiments and realized that safe Pe. is ~ 70 Km. But when I try to land with this "safe Pe." I'm expecting dozens of re-entries. As far as I know, LUNA-16 and Apollos landed without this "flying fish"-style, they did it into single entry. So it seems to me that something is wrong in configuration files. Maybe mod "RealHeat", or something like that. I'll really appreciate any help or/any advice. Sincerely, Maestro PS. Excuse me for mistakes if any - English isn't my native.
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