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Found 17 results

  1. Stock 1:1 Scale CN Tower Replica to Minmus This Mission was one of my submission for the "Providence" community project which was part of the Upsilon initiative. The tower's height is about 553 meters, like the real CN Tower. The lower part of the tower consists of fuel tanks and some other stuff. I filled the fuel tanks, then I just had to attach some detachable engines and RCS pods. It seems like this "confused" the game, causing wrong delta V readouts (I had way more dV than what was displayed). Luckily, the delta V readous from Kerbal Engineer Redux were still displaying cor
  2. D20-TC Goose Dropship Designation 20-Troop Carrier Description Details Type: SPH Class: ship Part Count: 473 Pure Stock The D20-TC Goose Dropship 20-Troop Carrier is our new carrier that will now support light medium and heavy transportation around Kerbin and hopefully around other atmospheric planets. The D20-TC Goose comes standard with 16 merged J-404 Panther Engines using new noclip technology spawned from a local trans
  3. So today I built a delta iv heavy-like craft and sent a kerbal to eve's moon gilly. Where can you take it? (Download it, then show me!) Delta IV (Heavy): https://kerbalx.com/JohnsterSpaceProgram/Delta-IV-Heavy Here are some images of what I did with it: Nothing in the fairings yet, lets put a gilly lander! This should be succificient, its a ion engine/liquid fuel engine craft, with room for 1 kerbal On the launchpad, ready to launch After booster separation, when the central fuel tank is refilled Many days later... Approaching Ev
  4. I want to be able to put an orange tank (36t) into a 100-200km orbit, but so far all my designs fall short in some regard. My smaller planes have good balance fueled/dry, but as I go bigger and add more engines, it becomes harder to keep them stable during re-entry. Additionally, for the bigger planes I'm having trouble getting enough TWR to do my insertion burn when laden (I typically run out of LOX for the rapiers before I have a circular orbit but after my apoapsis is in space). My most successful designs so far (last one is my best small lifter/personnel shuttle): https://im
  5. KESTREL AEROSPACE KC-100 DESIGN NOTES The KC-100, designated 'Rhino' for its bulk, is a heavy-weight, medium-range airlifter with a maximum takeoff weight of 90 tonnes. It's capable of relatively short takeoffs with lighter payloads, and can also be landed in a short distance if its thrust reversers and flaps are employed. The Rhino was created primarily with rough-field landings in mind, and can thus deliver payloads to remote locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 33.3m Wingspan: 35m Height: 8.2m Empty Weight: 32.92 tonnes
  6. I've been fooling around again with SXT, and built the 'AirWhale 350' (The 350 part is for how many m/s it takes to takeoff). It can store several trucks, rovers, crates, and even light planes (fitting two LF-1 Bears in folding wing mode). Top speed of roughly 400m/s, takes about 30 seconds to stop after applying brakes, and needs the full length of the runway to take off. https://photos.app.goo.gl/u01ThqGKQiWwyikg2 - The AirWhale under construction https://photos.app.goo.gl/zJwN94ZLr0z6524j2 - Moved to the runway https://photos.app.goo.gl/iLPeETvMYRdOHAfD2 - Engines start
  7. The Gyrfalcon is a heavy lifter designed to move Kerbals and cargo into LKO. Some experience is recommended when flying these rockets. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iYfbFZ7IE8UJC_vOUXRl70oDiGrKiM9c/view
  8. Back to KSP after a hiatus. I set myself a challenge to build the heaviest (stock) spaceplane I can manage. I'm currently up to lifting well over 70 tons to LKO in a beast with three large Mk3 cargo bays. It'll loft two of the orange fuel tanks easily with the third cargo bay carrying some extra fuel, or just about an entire space station using all three bays. It re-enters cleanly and flies well, but landings are kinda hairy because it's not altogether familiar with the concept of gliding; deadstick and dry it's more like falling really -- I drop down at a scary steep angle, flare u
  9. Not the practical mission but the artistic one. It does work but this video just shows it off and has the boosters landing close together. In reality they don't. I used smurf and upgraded vector engines to SSME details.
  10. This is the largest rocket I've made to date and well, I thought I'd share how it went. This started with me getting some missions for Duna and Ike, I had to: Position a satellite around Ike. Get Science from around Duna Get 3000 Ore from Ike to Duna Plant a flag on Duna Rescue Henster Kerman from Ike orbit and bring him back to Kerbin Now, I already have a station around Ike, and a Miner/convert+Fuel delivery craft on Ike, so all I really had to do was get to Ike in a craft that has enough fuel capacity to make it back to Kerbin. So, I built this monstrosity. At launc
  11. Hello! Today I made something that I thought was impossible, I made a very high part count (yes it's laggy from time to time) ore extractor meant for low-gravity planets such as the Mün or Minmus. I'd like to share a few screenshots of it for you. Extracting ore Demonstrating the ore extractor on the launchpad It works even at night!
  12. This is a stock clone of the Cylon Heavy Raider from the reimagined Battlestar Galactica Series. It’s heavy at 182 Tons, but will manage Orbit and Return to KSC without difficulty. It is difficult to fly in atmosphere as the offset cockpit means it will pull to the right on high G turns. You have 3 large Docking ports. 2 External, one internal. 4 Medium Docking ports, 3 internal, one external. 1 small external docking port. (This should allow you to dock crew containers, equipment, extra fuel tanks etc to allow multi role operations) 4x Aerosp
  13. This is Heinkels thread for 1.2 lifters! I will be posting all of my he- series lifting vehicles for the 1.2 update in this thread, so if anyone needs a good, heavy, and powerful lifting vehicle, they can stop right by! Heavy Lifters: Name | Stages | Lifting capacity He966 | One | 100 tons He967 | One | 200 tons He968 | Two | 500 tons He969 | Three | 1000 tons He1200 | Two | 1200 tons He1500 | Two | 1500 tons The 1000 ton lifter has a 1000 ton fuel payload, and it cannot
  14. Guest

    Big Boxy Rover Parts

    Is there any awesome mod I'm missing that adds large high-speed wheels? Something slightly smaller than the huge stock wheels, ideally. I have a kinda-newfound love for making big manned rovers with lots of features and self-sustainability, but I can see them reaching a point where they start to resemble train carriages rather than offroad vehicles due to the finite size of the ruggedised wheel. I could just use TweakScale, but that won't change the wheel's limited suspension travel. I wanna bounce around like the Mako from Mass Effect (most everyone hated it but I'm a fan). I'm al
  15. Are there any general tips or methods on how to launch REALLY HEAVY STUFF into orbit. I'm talking about 1 Million kg.(It's going to go to EVE and then to Gilly and land there. Then back home, but it has tons of science equipment from mods and it has a science lab and 2 command pods so thats why its so heavy.)
  16. Mortimer Kerman plans to strike it rich by mining metals on Kerbin! Gus Kerman has supplied all the drills and sifters, and Walt Kerman swears he has a customer lined up, now it is up to you to design the transport. The goal of this challenge to build and demonstrate an ultra-heavy cargo plane to haul metals using Roverdude's excellent Kontainers. To achieve this you must: Take off from the runway at the KSC Fly over the island airfield to demonstrate airworthiness Land intact back at KSC to deliver your metals (you may use the grass for this bit!) Only two mods are
  17. I have an average skill on general ksp matters, and an improved, after so much failures, skill in flying, stalling and landing. Also, a decent knowledge of CoM, CoL, etc. Besides all that, I can't build a heavy space plane that gets into orbit with two extra fuel tanks, use them, dump them, refuel a space station and come back to Kerbin, Space-Shuttle-style. This is the only way in career to refuel a space station with minimal cost, I think (apart from the SSTOs, but don't get me started on building heavy SSTO) And when I say heavy, I don't mean the mass in tons, but I'm referring to the
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