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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings! I'm kinda new around here! I can't wait to make new friends and content for KSP. I've already made Block V Falcon 9 Textures for @Kartoffelkuchen's SpaceX Launcher pack. And I hope to make more things in the future! Thanks for the warm welcome! Things I plan to make: - "Plus" shaped solar panels for communications satellites.* - More fairing textures for the SpaceX Launcher pack. - Gold-Foiled Texture options for structural items and spacecraft. - Other things I haven't thought of yet. * (Although I have no knowledge of scripting or modeling. I'm mostly a texture guy.)
  2. Hello, everyone, I am Ultimate Steve. I am definitely not new to KSP in any way, I joined back in 0.19. KSP is probably the best game I have ever bought, and I have no Idea why I didn't join the forums earlier. Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been to most of the bodies in the game in one form or another, except for moho (can't seem to get an encounter) Eeloo (Never bothered) and Vall (not enough fuel left on my J5 mothership). I have done crewed landings on Kerbin's moons, Duna and Ike, all of Jool's moons (except Vall) and Gilly. I am also really excited for 1.1 (but I don't have steam... must wait). Did I manage to break the record by lurking for 3 years? By the way, if there is a way to add the KSP planet names to the forum's spellchecker dictionary, I suggest that you do that. It's only my first post and It's already annoying me.
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