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  1. Hi I am having an issue with KSP 2. When trying to use Maneuver nodes, The orbit lines always show crashing into the planet of Kerbin. This is incorrect as I can use the engines to raise my altitude in a vacuum by doing the maneuver without the node. I am using ion engines to get to Jool and am already in orbit around Kerbin. and am fully out of atmo. Without being able to see my trajectory with nodes I have no idea how to get to Jool. What is going on and how do you fix?
  2. I heard a rumor that KSP2 wont be on ps4 is this true?
  3. I cant find any of the stock parts or some of my mod parts. I've tried validating the game flies 2 twice and backup the files and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and nothing worked. it started after I tried deleting most of my mods (i use CKAN)
  4. What the title says. Am I doing something wrong? I activate the decoupling stage but both parts are still connected to each other even though the decoupler is gone. This never happened to me in KSP 1 so I don't think it is my problem. Is there any workaround? Has this happened to any of you?
  5. I just got the game and it worked just fine for the past hour and when I tried to go to the VAB from the runway for the 30th time, it just kept loading. I have restarted my system and created new expeditions but it still gets stuck... any help would be great. After a while it shows this screen: https://imgur.com/a/0kERGhE
  6. I have read dozens of posts on "Why does my plane turn 90 degrees and explode on the lawn?" I have made certain that my wheel are straight and started using universal to line them up. I have made sure CoL is slightly behind CoM and wheels are just at the CoM so you can actually lift off. That hasn't changed. I am making bigger aircraft and they need bigger wheels. Ever since I started using anything bigger than the small retractable or the fixed landing gear, no plane makes if off the runway. They wobble back and forth at around 35 m/s, turn hard left or right at about 45 m/s. I would not think that you could get away with using small gear on a medium or large airplane or STO. For one, the back end of the plane would get knocked off if you nosed up even slightly. Is it something with the level 3 runway? With KSC in general for plane takeoffs? As a side note, I took off in a small supersonic plane and flew to and landed on then took off from the northern ice caps. Planes are working.
  7. Guys, for some reason i cant use the CyroTanks mod to fuel up my engines, it doenst even show any oxidizer, liquid fuel, liquid hydrogen or something, can someone help me?
  8. Hello, recently I got a new PC so I decided to go get some better visual mods. This exact video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJCCDIBmrBI really caught my attention. Though, no matter what I do I can't seem to figure out how it looks so good and what mods he uses. I even followed the mod tutorial he did but it looked different than the video. Does anyone know what mods i could use or what he does/uses to make his game look so good? Thanks!
  9. so, i bought ksp about a month or two ago, i played around 10 hours and i have not been really successful, all my attempts at building a plane so far have failed, mostly because none of my planes are able to turn and about half of them aren't even able to keep flying for very long and really struggle at gaining lift, whenever i try to turn with my planes they mostly just turn sideways and crash in the water shortly after, i have absolutely no idea what the hell i'm even doing tbh also, sometimes my plane starts to wobble a lot just as i go to the runway here's some footage of my current design
  10. Recently I saw many people had a darker/dim kinda forest green grass near the ksc which look really natural. Example: https://imgur.com/a/D9zLVue (Credit to @Zorg) Does anyone know how to make it look like that? It looks amazing. Thanks!
  11. For the last few months, I've been playing the game with 100+ mods just fine with minimal lagging. I got back into playing it again after a long break and noticed it takes a lot longer to load, open saves, etc. I know the obvious answer would be to remove a bunch of the mods I'm using but it just seems strange that this is happening all of a sudden.
  12. KSP version: 1.12.4 I downloaded the latest version of the mod from the Spacedock website and using CKAN, but the mod still doesn't work. I downloaded all the dependencies too.
  13. KSP: 1.12.4 Windows_x64 Problem: After loading, KSP crashes without any message or display. Since I have some mods, I assumed one of them was causing the crash. To find the culprit, I halved my mod list, making sure to keep any dependencies, and tried again. Crash. I halved again: KSP works fine. So I loaded the other half: KSP works fine. What is going on? When I mix and match mods, sometimes KSP loads, sometimes it crashes, without any discernible pattern. The latest log was with around 3/4 of the original mod list. To summarize, KSP isn't crashing due to a specific mod, but a collection or group of many. Mods Installed: Reproduction steps: Launch KSP. Watch it crash at the end of the loading screen, without any message or pop-up window. KSP Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wgtc12lpfxoxam1/KSP.log?dl=0 Player Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe4y6794iut93xy/Player.log?dl=0 Tada!! This is the first time I've done anything like this, if I've done anything wrong, please excuse me.
  14. Not sure why but the adapters from NearFutureLaunchVehicles are decoupling apon engine activation. Heres a link to a google drive with the craft file this issue is occuring in, and the CKAN modpack file. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uTFZV84XG33v4HDRUa4gU6HlTYE8InV0?usp=sharing Would be very nice if you manged to fix it!
  15. Hi there, recently I have saw a mod called 'Spectra' and thought it looked really good. Especially one image really stood out to me. Basically whenever I install the mod and all the needed dependencies the clouds and some few other small things don't seem to be working even though it works for other players. I want to recreate this exact look https://imgur.com/a/GjOpQ3L (image). If anyone knows how to both make my game look like that and fix spectra to show clouds i would be really greatful. Another small thing is that KSC Extended isn't working properly but that is less important right now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V-EK49RnClrO8FA8l4KjR5ln9KRDVE1k/view?usp=sharing (KSP.log)
  16. So recently I have installed Spectra Now I have already asked a similar question but does anyone know how to make my game look like this? (The image) If anyone knows what mods/configs I need i would be happy.
  17. First, I just want to say I'm pretty new to KSP and modding the game So, I was opening KSP and thought about one of the loading screens and I always thought it looked really good. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can make my game look like this? I really like the colors the lighting and the shaders. Just the whole look in general. If anyone knows how to make my game look like this I would be happy. And if I need any configs maybe someone knows them. https://imgur.com/a/xUAGlEG (The image) Thanks!
  18. I just wanna say that im pretty new both to KSP and modding So, I have seen people say chatterer is a really good mod and it works on the newest version of KSP. I tried to install it from ckan, from spacedock and from github and none of these worked. But for other people i see it works even on the newest version. Am i doing something wrong?
  19. Hello, I am working my my first planet mod with kopernicus but nothing I do can seem to get past this error : "kopernicus was not able to load custom planetary system" I have linked the mod and log files as recommended. ANYTHING helps, Thanks! Google drive with all info
  20. When I try to load up Kopernicus on KSP 1.12 (along with some other mods, mainly OPM) it stays on the "Loading" screen and won't actually load. I know it's Kopernicus since I removed it after this happened and everything worked fine. Can anyone help?
  21. Hello, I am here to talk about a problem I have seen with the Vector, Swivle, the one that looks like swivle, and terrier. I have been trying to use these engines but they don't work, I have tried too many things what they all say is "Fuel Flow:0.00000000000000000000U" so it wont launch can someone please help me in trying to solve this so I can make my stupidly fast needle car.
  22. So, after several years of playing KSP, I decided to bring something new to the gameplay, something more global than the small mods that I used. At first I wanted to use the RSS/RO build. But I wanted KSP to stay KSP, not Human Space Program. Therefore, I decided to install the Rescale Mod (х10.625) and related mods (Kopernicus, SigmaDemensions) and ran into a problem that I will describe below. When landing on any planet or moon, the frame rate drops almost to a slide show (5-15 fps). It starts at about 40 km altitude. At the same time, none of the components of my PC are loaded to high values, as you can see on screenshots But the strangest thing is when the distance to the surface becomes 150 meters and below, this drop disappears. Of course, the vanilla version of the game does not have this problem, and it only appears when the Rescale Mod, Kopernicus and SigmaDemensions are installed. I removed other mods. So, are there any users of these mods here who have encountered a similar problem? I would love to solve it. If any of you have any suggestions, I'll listen to you. UPDATE: Here's what I found out: the drop also depends on the speed of the ship. And here's how it works: If the height above the ground is below 150 meters, then the drop will be constant. But if the ship is above 150 meters, and at the same time its speed does not exceed the limit of 5 meters per second, then the drop disappears
  23. So I want to build a rocket car does anyone have any ideas to use for it (I have no mods just breaking ground). The fastest rocket car ever in ksp was 3,500 MPH but it uses mods.
  24. Im kinda confused and new to modding and after searching yt and some other things i havent found a straight-forward answer as to some mods that are a part of Community Tech Tree.
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