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Found 16 results

  1. I have a big problem... I am trying to use Real Solar System in KSP, but if RRS and Kopernicus are both in the Gamedata directory, the starter loading screen with the pictures and everything happens, then it goes to the solar system in the bottom right corner loading screen forever... I have been using RRS without the planet textures but it's really not the same. Please help. Thanks!
  2. Why is there a 30 part limit in sandbox mode? I would understand if it was science or carrier mode, but creative mode? (Sandbox) is it supposed to be this way, or is it a bug?
  3. 194 degrees fahrenheit for the americans out there, my i was launching the first part of the space station into orbit when i suddenly noticed that my pc fans started to ramp up and i mean REALLY ramp up, it got so bad that it hit 100% fan speed and now it started to sound lke a jet engine, i checked the temps and JESUS CHRIST 90 DEGREES?!?!?!? i immediately pressed alt f4 to close down my game and turned off my pc to let it cool down, it never hits this high whilst playing this game its not even that demanding, by the way i have graphics cranked all the way to the lowest setting, can anyone he
  4. i love the forums here but when it comes to customising your profile it becomes a pain to do, i see everyone with amazing profile pictures and because of it i want to get one of my own, so i decided to load up some mods, build a craft, send it into an elliptical orbit around kerbin, wait for the right moment and BAM screenshot, i wanted to post it to the forums and ask squad to put it in the 1.10 loading screen but i dont know how to insert image from url, i ran a test picture from imjur and decided to see if it would work but the box would just go red, im not a technical person and i know i
  5. I bought KSP when it was still early in production, so i automatically get all the expansions (Making History, Breaking Ground). I love that . But for some reason unknown to me, I do not seem to be able to open my Kerbal inventories, or deploy the deploy able experiments. Can someone please tell me how to open the Kerbals inventories, and how to deploy the deploy able experiments in the 1.9 version.
  6. Hi, I bought the game yesterday and I have a problem! When I start the game, the game works normally, but the game screen remains small, does not fill the whole screen, I tried to enlarge the icon with the "square" in the upper right corner but does not work. HELP please!!!
  7. in my ksp file, which i am using the 1.2.2 version of ksp and the ksp 1.2.2 version of bdac, i am having a bit of a problem. My flak88 has a max range of 8 km but the default detonation range dident change to it, my bombers are set at an altitude of 3 km, so when the flak starts firing, the bombs have already been dropped! ive tried editing the part itself but to no avail, i even searched in the ksp save files, but it dident save when i changed the default detonation range. please tell me, how do i change the default detonation range?
  8. Hello bypassing stranger! And welcome to the kerbal Louvre! Here, you will see the grateness of the Kerbol system, and its inhabitants! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As of the countless hours spent, please admire and discuss, "like" means nothing, "Great Job" is the pinnicle of meaningness. Discuss the following: -which drawing is the best -why -who ----------------- Jool and its moons -cratercracker - Fair Pair -cratercracker - Cold-steel Dawn -cra
  9. I have been trying to make a video using this mod: But the mod doesnt seem to work in the debug menu it keeps saying: [EXC 15:01:57.659] MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'FlightCamera.setTarget'. [EXC 15:01:57.718] MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Vessel.findWorldCenterOfMass'. Does anyone know how to fix this? edit: mods i am using: -Hyperedit -Cameratools -StockClambshellFairings -KerbalEngineer (running ksp 1.2.2)
  10. Hi, I'm writing this at school, in my Science class, and we're doing Biology this term. Not only that, but we're doing the WORST part of it: Dissection. Starting next week, we'll start dissecting poor little animals, raised in cages, and then killed and sold to my school, for 'educational purposes' and 'learning enhancement with practical activities', as my science teacher puts it. I want to throw up right now. I want to run out of the room, and just run back home. I don't mind looking at the insides of animals, like through computer programs, or 3d models or whatever, but not physically
  11. So, I purchased KSP a few years ago. Because my CPU hates me, my KSP file got corrupted once I tried to update. I tried to re-download it, but now I can't find it anywhere. Please help.
  12. When i try to open a texture to edit it for a mod im making, i find That is says "Page 1/11", and that i cannot edit it unless there is one page. i have tried everything, but nothing works. someone please help me!
  13. I've got an Intel HD 4400 graphics card and i need to run No Man's Sky, which means i need OpenGL 4.5. I cannot upgrade in any physical or monetary way from my current setup. I am becoming desperate. My game just crashes after the no man's sky logo. No error, nothing, just an instant exit. I did however get this in a report:
  14. I am currently building my first attempt at a return mission from Moho, however I have a few questions about the mission, - How much delta-v to go to Moho - How much delta-v from launch - Any techniques or things to help on top of that I really do not want to get there and not be able to get an encounter or not be able to enter orbit, if you could help me out or answer a few of these question that would help me alot. On top of this, referring back to the tips, if there are any, how would I begin to complete them? Thanks
  15. So, I spent a solid 3 hours building, testing and sending 2 parts of a space station into orbit, and once I managed to get them to rendezvous, the ports didn't latch. At first I thought that I'd placed the docking ports in a strange place, but the docking ports are placed on the outside of the fuselage, not clipped inside. After realizing this I kept trying to attach them again, and the result was these screenshots: Please note that some of these are from different angles on the ship too. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/268338039143857908/9BE9FE338274F784BB33F215EDFEB64
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