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Found 3 results

  1. I know some smart people are on this forum and had this riddle I have been trying to answer forever. If anyone know the answers please tell me. I have asked all my friends and some professors and got nothing. #1 A collective, not known by many, not known for much, but creating the nodding horse of metal. #2 Two of them exist, though they are rather shy. You may only see them with the luck of three die. #3 A blind passenger on board the ship headed towards the behemoth of regolith. #4 The most prestigious lifeform in the alternate world that is missing one spacial dimen
  2. I'm fairly new to orbiting, so if anyone can tell me why this happens, it would be great. I am following these instructions: Yes, they are outdated, but nearly the same. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- On SOI transit my orbit decides to do this. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=778002232 If someone could tell me WHY, that would be wonderful. Thanks.
  3. Hey folks, So as we all know, KSP is moving to Unity5 and that's going to mean that probably all mods will cease to work. I don't want to get the pre-release, since I want to play a little more with my current saves anyway. Now, I've made two mods, none has been like hugely popular, but one of them had some success, as it has had about 30,000+ downloads between curse and kerbalstuff, since august last year, so I think it would be nice of me to re-work it for 1.1 with some beautification and some new parts. So my question is, is there any documentation on how are .mu files and .cfg files s
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