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Found 1 result

  1. New Career Game! Given the ominous glimpses of asteroids in telescopes, and the potential habitability of Laythe compared to every other extrakerbinal body in the system, the kerbals have decided to start a space programme. The eventual goal is to get a viable off-Kerbin colony, but that's a long way ahead. Extracts from Wernher von Kerman’s notes… “Success! - even though the space programme has had approval for months, it wasn’t until our staff started populating the space centre that we could be sure anything would come of it. The facilities are basic, but adequate, and planning for our first mission has already commenced…” “...initial work has been productive - so far, design and development of (what we believe to be) a space-capable capsule, a basic solid fuel engine, and descent parachutes is sufficiently advanced that flight tests should be imminent.” “Gene introduced me to the kerbonauts today - the engineer is an idiot, the pilots are possibly competent but don’t act like it, and the scientist may actually be of some use. More research into unkerballed control systems is obviously required.”