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Found 8 results

  1. With @Speeding Mullet's blessing I am honored to present the fourth iteration of the KSP Caveman Challenge: KSP Caveman Challenge Facility upgrades are forbidden. Terrible runway and launchpad. Part count of thirty and vehicle mass limit of 18.0 tons. No fancy patched conics, no maneuver nodes and no Deep Space Network. Abhorrent fear of technology as primitive as can be. Acquire 1188 Science Points to unlock twenty nodes of the technology tree. Challenge Rules: Stock career mode (DLC expansions allowed*) Include pictures of your S
  2. All right, time to add to the numerous new challenges popping up. The premise of the challenge is simple. Show your support for our loneliest planet, Dres!This is a challenge to perform a megamission to make Dres feel happy, so be creative on how you want to do it! I myself will be doing a circumnavigation of Dres by land later, so yeah. If your mission uses Dresteroids, the mission must directly relate to Dres in one way/shape/form. If this is a bit vague, notify me, and I'll put in some baseline examples. We at DresAwarenessLTD are here to emphasize large-scale missions to our lone
  3. HERITAGE CHALLENGES - THE ONE STOP SHOP Welcome to the Heritage Challenges. Here reside the Challenges so awesome, so timeless, so Kerbal that you will always find them even when they are residing in the boondocks of the forum. If your challenge is featured in this thread I would encourage you to add the tag "Heritage" to your OP. Note: @Speeding Mullet has given me permission to maintain this thread, due to his lack of time. Most of this post is his. Also, if @Snark or @Vanamonde or another mod could sticky this for me, that would be great. THE AIM OF THIS PAGE I
  4. Welcome to the KOMMUNITY SPACE STATION!!!! The save file! The parts lists! KSS 2 Planning Document! KSS 2 will be the second-generation KSS, and will have a module plan made before assembly begins. Go ahead and add a module! The station is in a 250 Km orbit at Kerbin. Your job as a station builder is to launch a module there to add to the station. There is also a Munar station, a Minmus station, an Eve Station, a Duna Station, a Gilly Station, and a Moho station. There is also a polar orbit station and a Keostationary station, and a munar surface base. A few rule
  5. Original challenge by @keptin First thread of this challenge by @Mjp1050 Kerbal Express Airlines is in need of updating its aging fleet of regional jets and turboprops. It's a big client, operating at hundreds of airports around Kerbin, and that means big fleet sales. Does your aircraft company offer the right kind of aircraft for the job? Kerbal Express wants profitable aircraft. They're looking for aircraft that meet or exceed their requirements for fuel efficiency, speed, range, passenger load, ease of training, and cost of maintenance, for the right price that gives
  6. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown Welcome to Apollo Style Redux! This is the second version of this heritage challenge, a reboot of a reboot by @Xeldrak The rules are: You MUST use your own rocket NO orbital construction OR refueling You have to have a Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (LOR) mission design, (in the case of Kerbals, probably MOR) You NEED a separate Munar Excursion Module (MEM) and a Command/Service Module (CSM), consisting of a Command module (CM) and a Service Module (SM) No MechJeb, KOS is
  7. SHUTTLE CHALLENGE v4 - THE 1.2.X STS THREAD Incredible artwork by @Pine from the Screenshots Re-imagined thread This heritage challenge is a revised and updated version of my STS Challenge, @FCISuperGuy's STS challenge, which was in turn derived from @inigma's original STS challenge The series of challenges below represent a sliding scale of difficulty ranging from relatively simple to highly complex. More incredible missions to exciting destinations will be added as the challenge continues, but I've had increasing calls for the challenge to re-open, so in t
  8. SHUTTLE CHALLENGE v3 - THE 1.1.X STS THREAD Good artists copy, great artists steal - Pablo Picasso This heritage challenge is a revised and updated version of @FCISuperGuy's STS challenge, which was in turn derived from @inigma's original STS challenge The series of challenges below represent a sliding scale of difficulty ranging from relatively simple to highly complex. All the required sub-assemblies are made available below with permission for free use, and are stock. I've taken this opportunity to open up the challenge further to modded craft with the in
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