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Found 4 results

  1. So i was playing ksp with a mod that adds Soyuz Spacecraft to KSP. When i was flying a Soyuz the craft started spinning at high speeds. When i ejected the kerbal, this happened:
  2. The 2007 Lowell Maribor. You'll never forget your first. I like classic cars. Someone asked me to build him a modern car. So here it is. Updated to version 2.0! Changelog: Added two Juno's for a total of four. Also installed four Boost Flaps. This gives the car a lot more oomph. Top speed has increased from 50.8 to 70m/s. Increased grip values overall. The old version couldn't steer. Due to the fact this design is ancient, oversteer at low speeds is something that can't be solved. Added a dashboard. Added brake lights.
  3. Ejector Seat Challenge This challenge is focused on making an ejector seat. The goal is to eject a kerbal from a jet/plane at the highest speed with the kerbal surviving. Rules: -Kerbal(s) must be in a command seat when ejected. -Command seat must be ejected with the kerbal in it. -Kerbal(s) must survive ejecting and landing. -Must stay within Kerbin's atmosphere (70km and below). -Mods are allowed. -Proof must be shown. Screenshots accepted, video encouraged. (Rules subject to change) Points: -"Mach X": Have the highest eject speed +250 points -"Sonic Boom
  4. Alright, I want to do that one challenge going round Kerbin, call me a lazy bum but I don't want to spend 30 hours, (Kerbin's C/speed) So I was wondering what your personal top speed (while not crashing) using rover wheels Epic Bonus Super Q: What is the top speed underwater. Please answer, I would REALLY like to make a Hypersonic Submerged Rover H.S.R.
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