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Found 1 result

  1. Jastreb (hawk) is a stock airplane powered by electric propellers. It is specifically designed to test just how fast you can fly with the stock propellers. In order to reduce the drag I've used small wings and minimum number of parts required to build the plane. Also with the exception of the rotor blades all of the engine parts are inside the fairing and therefore shielded from the drag. All of this really helps to increase the max speed of the airplane. Previous version of this plane had max speed of 240 m/s at low altitude. After a few tweaks and adding few more reaction wheels to each engine (35 small reaction wheels per engine) I've managed to push the max speed to 255 m/s or 918 km/h. Because of the small wing area airplane won't behave so well above 5k, however it can climb to 10k but you won't be able to maintain level flight at that altitude. I've even managed to barely break the speed of sound by doing a steep dive from 10k. Jeb barely survived the crash landing in the water because I didn't get out of a dive in time, only the cockpit survived. Link to the craft file and the instructions how to fly the plane: https://kerbalx.com/Rade/Jastreb
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