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Found 2 results

  1. A thread for my ISS replica, which is an entry to @Akagi's Historical Replica Challenge.
  2. Godspeed John Glenn. This is my first time submitting a challenge but I felt that this would be a great way to honor a great man. The challenge is this, launch a one manned capsule into Kerbal orbit using a launch vehicle with restrictions inspired by the Atlas that John Glenn used in Mercury. 1. All of the capsule's liquid fuel engines must ignite on the ground. 2. The capsule needs to complete orbit and de-orbit with solid rockets 3. The capsule must sit atop a liquid fueled rocket that is not separated into verticle stages and must have extra engines that stage off during ascent (basically no verticle staging, but the rocket must have a "half stage" with one big tank and staged off engines like an Atlas). 4. Capsule must return to Kerbin safely and splash down. Screw scoring. Let's just honor John Glenn. If you honored Glenn you go on the board. Tributes thus far (in no particular order). 1. @tg626 2. @Jestersage 3. @Rhomphaia 4. @JacobJHC 5. @Chiron0224 6. @illectro <- Scott didn't respond directly to this challenge but I added him to the board of tributes for having the same idea and doing it on his channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9OQOgMg80s No cheaty mods obviously and no Bluedog (you can't just build an actual atlas). Let me know if I need to tweak this challenge at all. I don't imagine it will be all that difficult for many of you, I'm mostly just doing this as a community salute of sorts EDIT: finally did my submission https://imgur.com/gallery/LEiBn
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