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Found 5 results

  1. So, I want to create a plugin to add a wheel to the game to emulate a hovercraft.. The wheel should have the following properties: Invisible wheel, visible around the attachment point. Cannot be destroyed, even without cheats active. Does not affect aerodynamics. Has long suspension, meaning that too much stress can cause the vehicle body to scrape the ground. Has suspension in all directions, instead of just up and down, if possible. Constantly uses EC, otherwise the wheel will stop physical interaction, in addition to the EC required to make it move. Can slide more easily left and right than forward and back, if possible. Custom, or no sounds from the wheel hitting the ground. Can anyone help me outline the steps I should take to implement this idea? I've never written a plugin before, aside from some basic part cfg editing.
  2. Greetings, Kerbal-naughts! I propose a challenge for those who seek one, a stock multi-rotor aircraft capable of long distance flights (we'll say ATLEAST 100 km, though if you'd like you can go wherever you want, and back perhaps :0) I myself am not very good at creating propellers from the stock parts, but from the amount of people that play Kerbal Space Program, I'm very sure there's a couple of people out there who would find this an easy challenge, and in that case build it. REQUIREMENTS: + Must be at least 2 rotors, there is no maximum number + Must have the capability to carry cargo ~5 tons minimum + must carry at least 2 Kerbals (why not?) + must be stable in flight ~No wobbling + NO CHEATING (infinite fuel, part offsetting is OK) + must have pics + Impress me. ||||| ways to impress: Limited parts, bring it to another planet, make it small in size, or make it massive and carry a 100 ton payload, Just do something cool Anyways, Have fun! - TheKorbinger
  3. Stock Hovercraft So I've been playing around with wheels because are very different from the previous version of KSP. I found that rotation them in a specific way makes them have higher crash tolerance to an extend and lose all of (if not 99.99% of) the friction of the wheel. And the results seem pretty stable and reliable. It can take quite the jumps, even on the mun. I might consider making different versions (like weaponized, sciencified, cargo-transport, etc.). There are two versions of this little 8 crew craft. One made for Kerbin with jet engines: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzxHcRlvkLMQRVdlblV6N3V3bmM And the second version should work on all airless bodies (barring the ones that don't have decent gravity): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzxHcRlvkLMQYllYSktESy0tVE0 Here is the craft maneuvering as you'd expect a hovercraft to work: It even works on weird terrain (and water): I do want to note that since there is no friction on the wheels anymore, the craft can just glide sideways: Tell any problems you are experiencing any EDIT: Ok, I said I was gonna do more, and so I have (And I'll do even more) I've created a hovertank. It uses the same hovertank technology but, it also has turrent bearing (this tank version is only for looks, but don't worry, I'm making one with plentiful weapons) Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzxHcRlvkLMQckxyTUttRTAySzA
  4. Hi, has anyone done or is it even possible yet to make a proper working Hovercraft? Searched the forums but nothing close is showing up. itll no doubt require Mods to do 'properly' or do the stock physics enable this type of manipulation and use? would be interested in ppl's ideas, views, list o mods etc. on side note- been thinking about springs, hydraulics, turbines etc, possible with new unity engine maybe? food for thought
  5. I've built a prototype of a VTOL ion-drive "hover-raft" for lo-grav environments up to and including Duna. Gossamer Albatross 1.0 It's dual purpose is local tourism as well as commuter flights over about a 30-degree radius of the reference body's circumference. It could serve for rescue too. "Hover-raft" and "mono-prop commuter" are two nicknames for it. Unfortunately, I think I've reached the limits of my VAB capability with this project, so I'd like to open a competition. (Maybe something similar has been done before? Please let me know and provide a link and thank you!) Otherwise, I'd like to propose a challenge. Take a look at the craft file above. I want an 8-seater (6 or above). VTOL. Stays aloft on ion-power alone. Is only fueled with xenon and mono-prop. Is fun to fly and OK to require plenty of advance flight planning. You may use monoprop, e.g. OMS, to propel to speed or to initiate/augment ascent. It *must* be equipped with a refueling "spoon" (similar to that included in 1.0 above): a standard-size dock facing downwards for mating with a fuel-truck rover. Mono-prop is used for initial acceleration and final deceleration and the usual attitude adjustments. After that it should have at least 30 minutes duration aloft on ion-power. The v1.0 posted here needs weight reduction and I wanted to remove the stack bi-couplers and replace the retract landing gear with lighter-weight fixed gear. One last comment: "form follows function". I don't care how ugly the result is (check out my effort!!) as long as it is fun to fly and good for exploration, tourism and medium-distance commuting. Apologies to resorting to hoping other people would spend their own valuable time, energy and expertise working on this but I know that a) I am at the limit of what I can do with the VAB, and b ) there are rocket craftsmen out there who might revel in a challenge like this and enjoy producing something that I believe will be very useful and fun to a lot of others. Want to take a crack at it? Be my guest! Please post your work back in this topic and get some recognition/kudos for your ability!
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