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Found 20 results

  1. Land almost anywhere, with a plane.. How? When you build your plane, put parachutes on the front and back of the plane, on the top of course.. I have landed a 747 on a sloped Mountain, With good Brakes, so you dont go whizzing backwards. Good for them contracts, where you have to land somewhere specific.. When you are near your target.. cut throttle to half, go retrograde, bring your speed down to zero, launch parachutes.. Adjust your Left and Right, A/D , if you need to go forward, just increment your engines with Shift, then X to stop. Float Down. At 1K
  2. One of the most interesting things I will ever see on a youtube video by Stratzenblitz or Matt Lowne or Shadow Zone is that in the comments I see people saying "and all I can do is land on the mun" or "I can't even get to orbit." And at one point I felt exactly the same, I felt like no matter how much I did I would never get there. This is my words to give to people on how to get from Explosions to success: When I started playing KSP I got the inspiration to do so via Matt Lowne's amazing SSTOs. I was amazed by them, I dreamed about making my own fleet of SSTOs making cool names and going
  3. So How Do You Make A Mod? I Know You Need Unity And A IDE So I Have Unity And Visual Studio 2019 Installed
  4. I am doing a mission where I have to launch a satellite into a specific orbit in Minmus, Although I have matched up the specific orbits, It doesn't say I complete the mission. Please possibly upload tutorial on how you do it around Minmus.
  5. I'm sure other people are wondering this. Specifically, how do you use the "Set Orbit" tool? What is the "Semi-Major Axis", and what do MNA, OBT, LAN, and LPE do. If you have a question about the cheats yourself, feel free to ask in this thread.
  6. Please could you explain me how to use Kerbal Konstructs and how to build bases with it. I have KK and Kerbin Side installed, but I don't know how to use them. @NHunter please help if you can too.
  7. how to install mods? just wondering
  8. So here is the deal. My ships are very functional. In particular they have science experiments all over the place. I do my best to line up the thrust and the center of mass and get them as close as I can with that little visual indicator they give you in the game. However the accuracy of this indicator is such that they are normally off a bit. This can cause problems, especially with probes being driven by RT where the flaw can be fatal to the mission. I can do things to mitigate such as setting the throttle limiter but it would be great if I had some more accurate indication. I can
  9. Hello, guys/ Modemaker's I have a question: How to make mods? Easy is it? What's programm you use?
  10. I am wondering how to use my PS4 controller to play KSP on pc
  11. Hello fellow KSP'ers! I stream KSP somewhat regularly on twitch, and was constantly asked to make some how to videos for my viewers. Recently I've taken some time to plan out and organize a video tutorial series that should help new players get started in Kerbal Space Program. I realize that this has been done 10x over but wanted to do my own version of a KSP How to series. I wanted to go ahead and post this on the forum to help spread the word of the series I am working on. For those of you that already know how to play, check out the beginning of episode 1 to get a series overview of wha
  12. I don't have very much experience coding, I have only learned HTML and a bit of Javascript. The only mods I'm able to create are basic part mods and I use textures from other mods (No, I don't release any of them...) and I also use their configs and stuff.What am interested in is Mods to edit terrain and create parts and add Moar physics! So, Does anyone have a recommended language to write these mods? Also what 3d editing software? (Paint 3d?) How to put Everything together? And how the heck to you use unity?
  13. this is for how-to's and things, If you want to help or want help, please go here.
  14. So I've been slowly but surely adding mods to my game, but when I go to read the detailed information, very frequently even stock parts now have very long "detailed information" scroll lists, and I have no idea how to scroll it. I've attached what should be 3 functional links to 2 stock items, and a sample modded item where the detailed information is overly long for examples. I've already tried using Pg Up/Down, mouse wheel, and the up/down arrow keys with zero effect; and trying a rapid mouse movement to scroll while hovering over the detailed info either changes the part Im gett
  15. I was wondering, anybody know a way to break the physics of the game? Just write a detailed discription of your procedure in the comments below. Thanks everybody for looking in to this.
  16. How to Drive Eeloo As you can see by my sig, I have done the Eeloocano challenge. My mission report is in the Mission Report section and it is stickied. But enough of advertising. You are here to learn how to drive around Eeloo. Let's check Eeloo's terrain before building a sutiable rover. Eeloo's Equilateral Terrain Very hilly, paired with low gravity, can launch your rovers to their doom. Lots of canyons and valleys. I experienced 3 on my journey. Lots of brown. It's cool to look at. If there's no brown, there's white. Very bright midday. Now that yo
  17. Hello! I want to download Real Solar System. I downloaded it from https://github.com/KSP-RO/RSS-Textures, unzipped the file, did nothing to it and put it into the GameData like any other mod, but nothing happened! Can anyone tell me what I did wrong and where to download RSS?
  18. Ok, I have not really played KSP 1.1 all that much since it came out, frankly been busy with culinary school, but, I just noticed something that I just cannot get around. The nav ball is HUGE. I need to shrink it down but the only option I see is UI and that shrinks the entire UI down to the point reading it is painful. Sure, setting the UI slider to 80% gets the nav ball where I need it size wise, but, again, the rest of the UI becomes too painful to read. Before its even suggested, I do not have nor do I use module manager as I am not a coder and cannot write script. Anyway to fix just the n
  19. Made a quick tutorial video for Installing Mods; hopefully it's helpful. It's the second video I've ever edited; tips & suggestions for more tutorials are welcomed.
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