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Found 9 results

  1. Hello!I have a problem. In my project there are two rc blocks https://i.imgur.com/2qgVD1i.jpg The top rc block is upside down. I need to set bottom block as main. How to do it?
  2. So I have been to Mun and Minmus a ton in KSP, and the only other planet I have visited is Duna. What are some good techniques to plan trajectories to other planets like Eve and or Jool?
  3. Hi, here is my KSP Mission builder tutorial series for KSP Making History expansion. Here I will be covering how to create missions, how to edit mission parameters, test etc Episode 01 - Simple Rescue Mission (Basics) Episode 02 - Pre-made Craft & Part Failures Episode 03 - Adding Flavor with Catch All Nodes Reserved for future use
  4. Hello friends! I'm completely new to space things and also KSP, but I'm loving it and enjoying everything I discover about space/rockets/orbits/satellites/etc. So I decided to buy KSP and start with the Tutorials on the game menu. It's good! The hardest thing to me was the docking tutorial, even to catch up the other vessel "Stranded". But watching A LOT YouTube videos about rendezvous and docking I finally did it! So I was thinking... "I'm a PRO now, let's try the scenario with a Space Station, undock the Space Shuttle and try to dock this again". How stupid I was, it looks impossible, I got really frustrated about it. Btw, I was watching some other videos on YouTube about Geostationary Relay Network for example and it looks even more complex to me. So my question is... is that normal as a new KSP player? Get a little bit frustrated about don't get to some "mission"? Do I need to study something or just play it and at some point all get the practice/experiencie and a more understandable overall to do even the more complex things in the game? Sorry about the long post, but I'm really loving this game, even without understanding a bunch of things and I'm anger to learn and create shuttles, rockets, space stations, rovers, etc. Thank you guys and I'm sorry about any english mistake, it's a work in progress.
  5. Pretty self-explanatory; how do I get those beautiful badges/banners?
  6. Hello, Can someone please help me make eve/scaterer compatible atmospheres for my planets? Also, how do I make oceans? Thanks in advance
  7. There have been lots of questions regarding building craft and/or mods to avoid the lovely wheel blocked work around/bug/thing. However, I've been getting situations where a vehicle that doesn't have the wheel block issue later develops it. Usually mixed with the wheel moving to the upper limit of it's suspension. So it's like a suspension collapse. And it usually coincides with something like a heavy landing, so presumably it makes some sort of sense. (although the one that triggers me to ask this is a rover I sent to Duna, that was suspended by a docking port, so no forces would have been pushing the wheels up, and I didn't discover it until I got to Duna) It'd be really nice if the situation could be repaired. Like fixing a flat tire. I assume it's a cause of the wheel passing a safe distance and being blocked/locked by the code that does the wheel blocking. Can anyone think of a fix, or mod that allows suspension repair?
  8. Okay, so, I've spent like the last 6 months being constantly aggravated over the terrible shading artifacts brought onto smooth-shaded low-poly shapes with any kind of non-exact mesh-flow (extrusions, cuts, whatever). Over the past day or two, I have discovered a newer feature added to blender in the last few months, the 'Transfer Data' modifier. Now, you might be thinking... how does transferring data between objects help solve normal shading? Yah, I thought that too. But when you realize that edge/face/vertex (shading) normal data is merely another pre-computed part of the model, it makes sense. Integral to this feature actually being useful though, is blenders capability to not only transfer the normals from one object to another, but also to interpolate the vertex and edge normals properly from a vastly different donor mesh. So, without wasting too much time on the 'why' -- here is the 'how'. 1. Get yourself a mesh with messed up shading due to edge flow. Generally easy enough to find these (make a conical command pod and cut a window in it.. instant shading artifacts). 2. Split off the mesh that needs to be 'corrected'. So far I have only determined how to do this technique for cylinders and cones, but it might be applicable to other shapes and layouts with some adaptation. 3. Create an un-distorted 'donor' mesh that will supply your clean normals. This mesh should match the to-be-fixed mesh as close as possible, and should be a multiple of the face count of the to-be-fixed mesh. For normal 24-side KSP cylinders, I use a 384-side cylinder as the normal donor. Apply smooth shading to this donor mesh. Apply Auto-smoothing if needed (you want proper normals on your donor mesh). Delete any un-needed faces (e.g. top/bottom for most cylinders and cones), as these -may- interfere with the process (unknown, did not test). 4. Select your to-be-fixed mesh, enable 'Auto-Smoothing'. 5. Add the 'Data Transfer' modifier to your to-be-fixed mesh. 6. Set data transfer modifier to 'Nearest Corner and best matching Face Normal' mode, and click the 'custom normals' button that appears below the checkbox. Enter your donor object name in the 'Source Object' box. 7. Apply the modifier, and your normal are fixed! You can merge this mesh back into the base mesh it came from -- just do not alter edge-sharpness modifiers or 'recalc normals', or you will need to re-fix your shading again. Preliminary tests have shown that it exports through .fbx properly, and handles the fixed normal/shading once exported through Unity into KSP. 8. Unkown if this can be applied to inside-facing normals for stuff like IVAs, but it seems likely (as long as source and donor mesh normals are facing the same way, it -should- logically work; but blender is not always logical) Hope someone finds this information helpful -- I've been pretty excited about it after 6+ months of trying to find a solution (finally, proper shaded command pods!).
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