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Found 1 result

  1. This is a continuation of NavUtilities mod by @kujuman. Original thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/77062-11-navutilities-ft-hsi-instrument-landing-system/ To keep as much of the author's information on the mod as possible I copy most of the original thread's OP here with some updates: NavUtilities for KSP Featuring Instrument Landing System and Horizontal Situation Indicator Standalone and for Raster Prop Monitor NOTE: Standalone version is a popup window, but the information displayed is the same Adds a horizontal situation indicator with integrated ILS functionality to a popup window or your RPM cockpit. The standalone version can be accessed (along with the options page and custom runway page, for controlling the current runway and GUI scale) via the App Launcher. ILS style localizer, glideslope indicator, distance measuring equipment, and backcourse indicator. Outer, Middle, and Inner Markers are fully functional, with the audio cue volume controlled by your Voices volume setting (WARNING: Middle and Inner marker audio cues are high pitch and, depending on your settings, may be loud). Currently, volume settings will not update when in flight, but going to the space center should update them. The window GUI auto hides when you enter IVA. Current runway and glideslope selection remain synced between the standalone GUI and the version for RPM. Included selectable runways: KSC 09 KSC 27 Island 09 Island 27 VAB Helipad East VAB Helipad West Administration Helipad Included glideslopes range from default 3° to 25° More runways and glideslopes can be added via config file or in game. Helpful images of 0.4.0+ features Please note that if you are using KSI MFD, you can also select the HSI by cycling between this and the landing screen. Thanks to Tahvohck! DOWNLOAD from SpaceDock HINT by @Ser: Did you know that you can open the settings window holding Alt when pressing the toolbar button? Copy the contents of GameData folder into your main KSP/GameData/ folder. The other files are not required for the plugin to function. To enable some third party MFD support or to be able to modify runway data in a convenient way you'll need Module Manager by sarbian For RPM integration you'll additionally need RasterPropMonitor by Mihara and MOARdV However, NavUtilities doesn't depend on these mods for running in standalone. LICENSE AS STATED BY @kujuman: Software License: © 2014-2016. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to any current, former, or future members of the KSP community (e.g.; non-professional modification makers and forum members) to update, maintain, use portions of the code, and/or release derivatives provided that 1) the new work is solely to be used as a modification for Kerbal Space Program (and future versions thereof) and 2) the new work is freely distributed and may not be sold or exchanged. Artwork License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
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