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Found 5 results

  1. INTRODUCING THE RSV DOLPHIN The RSV (ReSearch Vessel) Dolphin is the Proverbial 'Big Mama' of long range research and experimentation featuring Premium QualityTM Cabins For scientists and Researchers away from Home. Just look at how happy they are! Craft Link; craft file here Hopefully in the future I hope to put this badboy on Laythe as Mobilebase/Refueling Station for seaplane SSTOs But I don't have the talent or skillz to get her into orbit let alone over to Laythe, any help would be appreciated ~Chad
  2. A few snapshots from today's Sea Trials and Certification of the HCS-16 "Hurricane" Hydrofoil Mission Platform Edit: it would appear that IMGUR albums are totally broken again on this forum... link pasted below. http://imgur.com/a/xDFzL
  3. speedboat? hydroplane? ekranoplan? Elcanoplan! Kerbin sea circumnavigation - as much travel over water as possible (but a part of the route will have to cross the land) Start point: Just drove off the runway and into water Engine engaged, raising onto hydrofoils, reaching the cruise speed and let's go! Phase 1: Northeast island Distance: 141 km MET: 0:55-2:11 Land! Looks like a nice bay And crawling out of the water. Not that much fuel spent, but let's fill the tanks And after full refueling Let's swim across the ocean! What? Sunset? Has it really been that long? And we are still halfway to the next destination... Phase 2: Cape of Falling Stars (or were those actually spent stages?) Distance from last point: 244 km (242 km) Total distance traveled: 385 km (383 km) Distance from KSC: 359 km (354 km) (numbers in parenthesis are straight-line measurments before accounting for curvature) MET: 0d 3:39 Land? Not just land - the end of a continent! Crawling ashore right on the cape Between two oceans We have enough fuel - let's no waste the night. And further east! Phase 3: Good morning island! Isn't it a good sign to find an island on sunrise? And right near a cape from a big continent! Distance from last point: 297 km (294 km) Total distance traveled: 682 km (677 km) Distance from KSC: 647 km (616 km) MET: 0d 5:10 - 1d 0:54 Sun! Land! Marching ashore A well deserved shore leave Reached a new continent! Not a continent? Slightly offshore? Still a nice island! OK, now we are refueled And set course northeast! Phase 4: Owl island White Owl once considered building an airbase there to land reusable boosters. He was using modded space center location - on the continent west of this island. Distance from last point: 397 km (390 km) Total distance traveled: 1079 km (1067 km) Distance from KSC: 939 km (846 km) MET: 1d 3:00 And the Sun set halfway there again... Choosing a good beach And we are here! Longest single glide so far! Well, we still have half of total fuel capacity and half the night is still there... Let's move on (and hope we don't run out of fuel) Phase 5: Crack gulf cape Distance from last point: 370 km (364 km) Total distance traveled: 1449 km (1431 km) Distance from KSC: 1225 km (1023 km) MET: 1d 5:07 - 2d 0:51 Looks like we got there! Drop out of glide, switch to swim and get on the beach And into this gulf our path goes next 767 km covered since last refueling! And by the time we got here, morning reach our previous stop. But we saw the sunrise halfway here. Let's just fill... What? Sunset?! Already?! But we mined just half the fuel! Okay, let's move on. At least we aren't crossing an ocean this night. Phase 6: Landcrack gulf This place really looks like if somebody tried to tear the landmass apart. Distance from last point: 100 km Total distance traveled: 1549 km (1531 km) Distance from KSC: 1287 km (1054 km) MET: 2d 1:25 Cruising inland along the shore Is that ..? Yeah, the ocean has ended We have run out of water Kind of... Land is full of lakes
  4. About the Mission: Primary Objective: Complete the Elcano Challenge circumnavigate Kerbin without leaving the planet's land surface or oceans - SUCCESS Secondary/Operational Objectives: complete the circumnavigation in as little time as possible (this means ISRU stops are out of the question) - PARTIAL SUCCESS (24 hours 44 minutes) based on craft performance, this conditionally means one fuel stop only - FAILURE keep land-based transportation to a minimum - SUCCESS The Craft (CRAFT FILE HERE) The Soviet 3b "Elcano" is a tri-hull catamaran-hydrofoil capable of speeds up to 100m/s, with a maximum fuel capacity 40440 LF and a maximum crew capacity of 10 (or 4 in comfort). It is powered by two J-90 "Goliath" turbofan main engines, and 3 auxiliary J-33 "Wheesley" turbofan engines, providing a variety of thrust patterns for optimal speed and/or efficiency. Directional control is achieved by paired aero- and hydro-rudder surfaces (AV-R8 Winglets) mounted aft on the outer pontoon-hulls. The 4 hydrofoils themselves are 2 pairs of FAT-455 control surfaces mounted anhedrally to the 4 wheel-pod hardpoints. At a maximum of 50% fuel capacity and speeds exceeding 50m/s, they provide adequate planing lift to hold the whole vessel clear of the water, and must be dynamically trimmed by the helm to maintain direction stability and prevent porpoising. The parent design process was originally intended to result in a non-stop circumnavigation, but due to operational constraints and time pressures the mission was forced to launch before such a design had been achieved - under near-optimal circumstances, the Soviet 3b can only be expected to cover half the planetary ocean surface without refuelling. The Crew Commander/Helmsman: Corly Kerman Chief Engineer: Aselle Kerman Relief Helmsman: Theonard Kerman Assistant Engineer: Karelyn Kerman Science Personel: None FULL MISSION REPORT:
  5. The Flying Dutchman, a cargo watercraft that glides above water using hydrofoils. Download: https://kerbalx.com/luizopiloto/Flying-Dutchman---M1 And yes... I know... It looks like a banana...
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