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Found 1 result

  1. This IS NOT my mod. This was created by the talented @Vexillar. I'm starting this thread because there isn't one and, yeah, there REALLY needs to be one. (Also, moderators are free to turn control of this thread over should @Vexillar decide to claim it.) You need ID! Vexillar's ID Flags and Decals ID Flags and Decals adds a selection of flag images with numbers and letters to ease the identification of multiple spacecraft or other constructions in-game. Additional images are supplied for decoration, cinematics, fun and enhanced game immersion. From version 1.3, IDFlags can now be used standalone, using the new Flag Decal parts introduced in KSP 1.10. Hence subsequent releases are NOT fully compatible with earlier versions of KSP 1. Version 1.4 introduces integration with drewcassidy's Conformal Decals mod. Further enhancements are in progress! INSTALLATION To install, simply copy the IDFlags folder from the zip archive into your Kerbal Space Program GameData folder. If you already have another version of this mod installed, delete the IDFlags folder first. KSP 1.10 STOCK FLAG DECAL PARTS The Flag decal images (letters and numbers) are automatically available for selection via the new stock parts. Additional decals are provided in custom parts. INTEGRATION HINTS AND TIPS Update v1.4, now with over 510 flags and decals! NB - IDFlags v1.4 supports KSP 1.10. Use IDFlags v1.2 for all earlier KSP versions.
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