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Found 2 results

  1. FOREWORD: Hello forum-goers! This is something that I have wanted to do for quite a while now, and never had the inspiration to do. Long story short, this is going to be an ongoing half storytelling, half mission report, filled with hand-drawn illustrations! Now for the little details about the save itself: It is a Science Mode save, filled with a bunch of mods I really enjoy together, along with a changed up tech tree! The main focus of the save will be to conquer the solar system, or in other words, have a kerbal presence everywhere I can. Without further ado, let's start! First Flight: AA-1 "Tic-Tac" The very first flight of the space program was to be an unmanned probe. Mostly because none of the engineers knew how to design rockets all that well, since they only had a 2 week crash course on how rockets are theorized to work. So this mission was set for success. The small 2 stage rocket was dubbed the AA-1, named after the first letter of the alphabet typed twice and the first number on a calculator. The payload, a small 0.125m probe carrying simple instruments like thermometers and Geiger counters, was fitted with the finest metal sticks (later renamed to antennas) and had two small solid rocket motors attached to help it get into orbit if the liquid-fueled stages weren't enough. Due to it looking like a little tube, it was suggested that it be called "Tic-Tac". The 4-chambered main engine fired, and the rocket... didn't 'up' off the pad. It was later discovered the engine had too little power. AA-1 "Tic-Tac II" That little mishap was quickly fixed after the original "Tic-Tac" tipped over on the launchpad and blew up . This time, the rocket ascended quickly, leaving a big trail of smoke behind itself as it went into orbit. And boy did it orbit. It managed to reach a high Kerbin orbit, and with it lots of scientific data about flying in emptiness far away from anything. After a couple hours of transmitting science and pinging signals around, it quietly ran out of juice and died.
  2. Part one: Seed of an idea This is a story about what might have happened before the founding of the KSC. I hope you will enjoy it. We start a long time a go, with some kerbal youths, playing in a park near Kerbin City: Jebediah Kerman: "This is going to be awesome!" Bob: "Guys, I'm really not sure this is safe. I'm really not sure we should be doing this." Bill: "I still say we should stick on my gyroscope. These fins, too, for better stability." Jeb: "That's just gonna weigh it down! Come on, let's just do this! Who's got the matches? Harv?" Harvester Kerman: "Over here!" Meanwhile, a short distance away: Wernher: "Did you hear? Some astronomers are saying the Mun is a moon, like those dots that move around the wandering stars." Gene: "The Mun? Oh, that new sky circle thing you were telling me about. Sure." Wernher: "Some think that there is a whole world up there, and the stars big objects, separated from us by vast amounts of empty space. That could be it. The Mun could be a big ball. It looks like it is a ball." Gene: "Yeah, right. I don't believe it. The stars, the clouds, they're all intangible, and changeable.. they might as well be pictures on a screen. " Wernher: "Well, I am going to prove that there is something up there! " Gene: "And how do you plan to do that? By jumping?" At this point, they were interrupted: Wernher: "I have an idea..." Wernher got up, and followed the rocket. * * * * * Next time: "A meeting of minds."
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