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Found 5 results

  1. Disclaimer: I don't use the forums on mobile, all of this is for desktops. FAQ on functionality: Q: How do I embed images in my posts? A: The forums don't host images, so you have to use a photo-hosting site, like imgur.com. A direct link (i.e. xxxx.jpg, xxxx.png) to most images will auto-embed, or you can hit "Insert other media" then "Insert image from URL." Q: How do I embed imgur albums in my posts? A: You no longer can. Albums have always been kind of weird, so you'll see lots of broken embeds on older posts. Linking them still works fine though. Q: How do I tak
  2. Hi there. I cannot seem to figure out the proper formatting of the bb-code to put inline photos in these posts. The closest I can seem to accomplish is a fancy link to an imgur or dropbox link. I am equally confused as to how to do this for one or multiple images, and I seem to also cannot figure out how to properly nest an image within a spoiler tag (though spoiler tags themselves I can get to cooperate.) Any help?
  3. Colour image of Phobos. Although there isn't a huge amount of colour! Plus the image is more "colourful" than you would see if you were actually there as it includes wavelengths that are normally invisible to the human eye. This Google Plus post also has a link to a 3D image should you have a pair of red/blue glasses handy
  4. Hello, I'm relatively new to Unity still and I am having two issues that are GUI related. First, I am trying to set a .png image as the background for a GUI.button(rect, image). I just can not get the image to display as the background of the button. My second problem is that I am trying to use the same button to open another config UI for my mod so that players can enable and disable certain mod features. However, when I click the button (button appears even if the background image doesn't), my debug statement prints but the second UI doesn't draw to the screen. For the past several h
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