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Found 16 results

  1. THIS THREAD IS A WORK IN PROGRESS Since the early days of .22, I have enjoyed making importable art for use as flags. Since 2013, I have been asked by various forum members to make flags, I have offered my talents to create artwork for various projects, and have even started my own mission report thread ripe with custom artwork. About two weeks ago, I was asked by a forum member if I could create a thread that would have ALL of my artwork featured. After careful consideration, some advice from @Dman979, consulting with @Red Iron Crown, and a few others, I have decided to begin this thread - and as you can tell by the title, as I do artwork for any project or artwork at the request of forum users and the various KSP related Facebook pages to which I belong (Kerbal Space Program, Kerbal Space Program - Public Group, and KerbalStuff Reborn), I will post copies of the artwork for you to enjoy. Before I forget, the below Creative Commons licensing applies to the images on this thread and images created by me located on other threads. This work by adsii1970 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/132488-wip-adsii1970s-custom-image-repository/. In other words, Please feel free to use, copy, redistribute, or even edit the images contained on this thread or on others; all I ask is that when you repost it, you give acknowledgment to the original artwork and that you do not use my original artwork to create revenue as I have spent the time and effort to create the artwork to be used free of charge. Quick links to the image posts on this thread Beta Tester Images Custom Artwork Collection (requested items) Kerbal Space Program 1.1 pre-release images Images created for the Real Space Program [AMR Successor] MOD RSP Flag and Final Frontier Add-on Graphics Pack Kerbal Space Program 1.3 pre-release images Images created for the Space-Y Program Images created for the Saturn Shuttle Program MOD Custom Final Frontier ribbons ( @Lo Var Lachland ) Generic Images for Fun Profile header images (free to use) Generic Kerbalnaut Qualification and Flight Wings General Forum Images (non-requested) Thread of the Month Images Images created for the Rep Grand Group 2017 Thread of the Month Images Images created for the Light Green Group 2018 Thread of the Month Images Image created for the Positive Forum Movement 2019 Thread of the Month Images 2020 Thread of the Month Images 2021 Thread of the Month Images Mod Related Images/Final Frontier Ribbons MOD add on pack: Merit awards MOD add-on pack: Officer Ranks for Kerbal Space Program
  2. Got bored and decided to run my pfp through deep dream generator. Here are the results:
  3. I found parts icons in game files, and there are only few of them but I need all of them. I saw something like that on official wiki but they are looking not really like in-game icons
  4. .jfif is the same as .jpg (.jpeg) and should be supported.
  5. In this thread, you can post your first ever Mun landing, your proudest Mun landing or any landing of that type. RULES: - It has to be a manned vessel. - You have to have an image. - It has to be YOUR photo and landing Listen, this thread was not made for me as no matter how hard I try, I either crash on the Mun or do not have enough fuel to return... I wish I could land on the Mun, and maybe someday I'll be able to, but for now, this thread is for the amazing Kerbal Kommunity and not me. Some people might know about my tries, such as @Orb8Ter , @Monkey Taylor and @Eveeloo , two of which have left the forums. Hope you all enjoy!
  6. Submit your best screenshots you’ve taken of the game. They don’t have to be themed, just really cool looking.
  7. Hello guys! Ive been working on a project for two days now taking screenshots in KSP, editing them, and releasing them out to the public on the KSP reddit. This project was originally meant to stay on the KSP Reddit but I've decided to come along here to the KSP Forums. Heres what you need: - A screenshot while playing without the HUD showing - Has to have a subject - No need for Scatterer or EVE and such, just pure talent. - Kerbals Here are some examples - https://imgur.com/a/g7ZvL You may request an edit of the photo(s) you sent in or you may edit them yourselves. I'll do my best to enhance your pictures if you want them edited Enjoy posting your own images! Can't wait to see what you guys have. And here is the Official Album: https://imgur.com/a/sQ9qR - This album will be extended when new content has been added .
  8. Hi, after I made this popular thread (You can comment on it too if you want), I have another question for you guys on the Kerbal forums... What was your first KSP Image that you took, and if you still have it, can you show me it in your post? Here is mine, which is an image of the Title Screen for the KSP 0.18.3 Demo that I still have to this day...
  9. As the title says : POST YOUR FAVOURITE SPACE RELATED IMAGES! Here are some that i like: (idk why it uploaded it with lower depth)
  10. Post whatever special moments you like, when you first landed on the Mun, when you first got into orbit, or landed on Duna! I will show my oldest screenshots my first orbit, in mid-2015; back then I loved the 1.25m parts and hated the 2.5m ones, it took me months to actually do it. [I had EVE and scatterer installed already].
  11. Diary of a Kerbal Daily reports from the KSA (Kerbin Space Administration) Day 1: Today at the KSA, we decided we would launch our first rocket straight to orbit. We used the Pyro 1, flown by Jeb, Bill and Bob. The launch was fine until Jeb let out some gas, which caused the rocket to destabilize for a few moments. After that the rocket was stable and they got to an 87 thousand km Ap and 84 thousand Pe. Jeb did all this without manuevers, we told him off, but he didn't even care.
  12. Old Tracking Computer Recovered, Scrapped???
  13. So, I can see imgur albums (Like in this thread), but it seems whatever forum feature for albums or something doesn't appear. Tried in Internet Explorer, (not edge), Firefox, Chrome, all doesn't work. I believe it hasn't worked since the forum got its new snazzy look (I still dislike it but oh well) Example:
  14. Hey, EDIT: Tell me what do you use more for browsing? Mobile phones or desktops/laptops/tablets? I will optimize site accordingly. I've made a website called spaceengineimages.wordpress.com . This site will be uploaded with beautiful images from space engine. Tell me what do you think about the site and write in the comments(on the site). I'll regularly post an image daily . I DON'T OWN SPACE ENGINE AND DIDN'T CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING.
  15. Hello everyone, would it be possible to create a mod that allows the user to take radar images or something similar of a certain point on a planet? I think this would be really useful to scout out possible landing sites!
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