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  1. (taken from the Whirligig World thread) Mesbin is a giant planet with 70 kerbin masses, extreme oblateness, no air and about 13 gees at the pole, though its fast rotation makes it have 1.3 gees at the equator where the KSC is located in this mod. Though many people have aimed to leave Mesbin for good, not many have explored its vast surface. My aim for this mission to reach Mesbin's North Pole and gather science. Vehicles will be destroyed and replacements will be necessary, so I will use SimpleConstruction to build replacement vehicles in-situ. Mods used: EVE, Scatterer, SimpleConstruction, Kopernicus, Whirligig World, ModuleManager, ModularFlightIntegrator. Parts: 1.Preparation 2.Base Build 3.The Expedition Begins 4.Going Industrial 5.Grounded 6.Leaving -------------------------------------------------- 1. Preparation The mission will be in two parts: 1. Launch on Rocket to 5 gee area 2. Drive to Mesbin's North Pole. Introducing: THE GRAV-MOBILE! The grav-mobile has workshops and mining stations. If it crashes I can build a new one. Rover wheels wouldn't work because of a weird bouncing glitch so I used NERVS and aircraft wheels. To be continued.
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