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Found 3 results

  1. Real Chatterer Real Chatterer is an add-on for the mod Chatterer that replaces the kerbal gibberish with recordings of real astronauts, cosmonauts, and even satellites. Real Chatterer is chiefly meant for Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System players to give them a more immersive experience while using Chatterer. UPDATE (2/22/20) V0.5 is released! V0.5 includes several new clip sets from Gemini and Mercury. UPDATE (11/17/19) V0.4 is released! V0.4 includes a new space shuttle chatterer set with 111 clips. Real Chatterer includes: 111 clips from Space Shuttle flights (M
  2. Kerbal Stories And Shouts (Kerbal SNS for short) is a plugin that is aimed at increasing immersion in your game. Ever wonder what your Kerbals do when you leave them on their bases? Ever wonder what your crew thinks of Jebediah? Ever wonder what the citizens of Kerbin really think of your space agency? Is Minmus really made of ice cream?? Kerbal SNS aims to give some 'personality' or 'story' to your Kerbals stationed on bases or space stations by answering silly questions like those above. Stories Building a base or deploying a station on another body is difficult, th
  3. Hey! I noticed that somewhere along the line of 1.2 and it's many patches (before and after), the Obnoxious midnight birdsong around the Space Centre issue has been resolved by the addition of some very tasteful and polite crickets. Props to developers for this small immersive change, don't know if they spotted my previous suggestion. Any other small annoyances like these, feel free to post below.
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