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Found 3 results

  1. Real Chatterer Real Chatterer is an add-on for the mod Chatterer that replaces the kerbal gibberish with recordings of real astronauts, cosmonauts, and even satellites. Real Chatterer is chiefly meant for Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System players to give them a more immersive experience while using Chatterer. UPDATE (2/22/20) V0.5 is released! V0.5 includes several new clip sets from Gemini and Mercury. UPDATE (11/17/19) V0.4 is released! V0.4 includes a new space shuttle chatterer set with 111 clips. Real Chatterer includes: 111 clips from Space Shuttle flights (Modern LEO and HEO flights). 85 Apollo clips from Apollo 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 (Apollo-era LEO, HEO, and Lunar flights). 25 Apollo EVA clips from Apollo 11, 12, 14 and 15 (Apolla-era 2+ Lunar EVA). 66 Gemini clips from Gemini 4, 9A, 10, and 11 (Longer duration pre Apollo-era LEO flights). 12 Gemini EVA clips from Gemini 4 and 10 (Earliest EVAs). 97 Mercury clips (divided among three sets) from Mercury-Redstone 3 & 4, and Mercury-Atlas 6. (Earliest manned flight, suborbital and LEO). 49 Soyuz clips (Apollo-era/modern LEO and HEO for Soviets). 19 Vostok and Voskhod clips. (Early manned flight, suborbital and LEO for Soviets). Several new beeps including authentic sounds from Sputnik 1, Sputnik 3, Vanguard, Explorer 1, Explorer 7, Polyot 1, Proton 1, Proton 4, Relay 1, SECOR 3 and Cosmos 177. Disclaimer: I don't speak Russian so I can't guarantee that the Russian clips make any sense at all. Dependencies: Chatterer (0.9.97) Recommendations: Realism Overhaul and it's dependencies Real Solar System DOWNLOAD: Download for Real Chatterer How to Install: 1. Install Chatterer, if your a Realism Overhaul player, install the chatterer version appropriate for your version of RO and KSP. 2. Unzip 'Real Chatterer 0.5.zip' 3. Open folder 'Real Chatterer 0.5' 4. Open Gamedata inside of 'Real Chatterer 0.5' 5. Place Chatterer folder in your gamedata, override when asked. 6. Open Chatterer in-game by clicking on the grey microphone in the toolbar. 7. In the settings tab of Chatterer, enable 'Show Advanced Options.' 8. In the 'Chatter' tab, click on the directory name box and remove the text. Input "realapollo" without the quotation marks or any spaces and hit load. Repeat for "realvostok" "realsoyuz" "realapolloeva" "realshuttle" "realgemini" "realgeminieva" "realmercurysub" "realmercuryalt" "realmercuryorbit" and "realshuttleeva" 9. Adjust chatterer settings such as chatter frequency and volume. Assign a button for the 'Insta-chatter key' under settings if your need for talking is urgent. If Chatterer is not working, or does not appear in the toolbar, you've probably installed the wrong version of Chatterer or messed up the installation. If Chatterer is too quiet, try turning up Chatter volume or increasing the Ambience volume in your settings menu. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License Audio is sourced from Sven's Space Place, NASA Audio Collection and Matthias Bopp's Sounds from Space
  2. Kerbal Stories And Shouts (Kerbal SNS for short) is a plugin that is aimed at increasing immersion in your game. Ever wonder what your Kerbals do when you leave them on their bases? Ever wonder what your crew thinks of Jebediah? Ever wonder what the citizens of Kerbin really think of your space agency? Is Minmus really made of ice cream?? Kerbal SNS aims to give some 'personality' or 'story' to your Kerbals stationed on bases or space stations by answering silly questions like those above. Stories Building a base or deploying a station on another body is difficult, that's why being able to do so is really satisfactory. But after doing so, you're essentially left with nothing. Sure you can gather science and probably perform contracts if you are in Career or Science mode, but after that, you almost always move on to another mission or another body. Wouldn't it be fun if something random happened to these bases/stations and you get notified about it? Maybe Jeb saw a red craft being pulled by 9 more weird crafts below the station. Or that Bob finally confirmed that Minmus really is made of ice cream. Wouldn't it be fun to receive funny reports like this while you're on another mission? This mod aims to do such that. By crafting random stories (retrieved from an editable cfg file), you the player will be notified of random stories happening on your previously deployed bases or stations. The stories would be simple and are not meant to be game-changing, and are just something funny you get while doing time warp or executing a maneuver node, etc. The stories will take into account the crew on the base, so only their names appear on the story text. The stories will appear randomly and this can be configurable on the Settings screen. Stories would also include easter eggs, and you the player can add stories yourself by editing the cfg file. Images speak better than words, so here are some screenshots: You can reminisce past stories by reading them again on the 'browser' via the SNS button on the toolbar as shown above. Shouts Your space program has its reputation, but it's just a boring colored bar on the top of the screen, just a number. We all know that reputation is more than just that. Wouldn't it be more fun if you could really know your reputation by knowing what the netizens of Kerbin think? Maybe they don't want the bodies you are planning to visit? Maybe they think your rockets are ugly, or that you should focus on Dre- *ehem* I mean Eloo. What if Kerbal has its own social platform where you could read the Kerbal's thoughts? This mod aims to let you do that. By generating random shouts(tweets) (retrieved from an editable cfg file) and dispaying them on a 'browser', you can read shouts from Kerbals just like you would on a real social media webiste. Think of this more like a KSP Version of twitter. There will be shouts based on your current reputation, random nonsense, easter eggs, lame space jokes, and anything else under the Sun (but mostly space-related). The shouts are supposed to be funny just like the stories. Since IRL news feed only feature the most recent posts, shouts are planned to be the same. The shouts to be displayed will only be from the most recent hour, and are designed to be temporary. If you timewarp to an hour or more later, all of the previous shouts will be gone and new shouts will be displayed. The same with stories, you the player can add shouts yourself by editing the cfg file. Here's more screenshots! TODO List So here's some things that I plan to include in the future: MOAR STORIES AND SHOUTS more configurable plugin settings a way for other mod makers to add stories and shouts to support my mod interface for other mods to post stories/shouts dynamically situational stories stories with connected narratives stories connected to Kerbal's traits unlocking stories by exploration stories based on milestones situational shouts shouts based on current events (e.g. vessel changing SOI, kerbal going on EVA) shouts about current vessels shouts responding to other shouts shouts connected to Kerbal's traits shouts based on milestones If you have story or shout suggestions, please don't hesitate to suggest them here. The more stories/shouts there are, the more variations there could be, the more fun it would be! Links Github License (GPL v3) Credits @ensou04 for the Twitter idea Thank you very much! Original post:
  3. Hey! I noticed that somewhere along the line of 1.2 and it's many patches (before and after), the Obnoxious midnight birdsong around the Space Centre issue has been resolved by the addition of some very tasteful and polite crickets. Props to developers for this small immersive change, don't know if they spotted my previous suggestion. Any other small annoyances like these, feel free to post below.
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