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Found 4 results

  1. The history of Eve SSTOs and reusables For a long time it was said, Eve SSTOs are impossible. Even going there and back reusable was unthinkable. But then a hand full of brave Kerbonauts put all their efforts in proving this wrong. This is their story. 03.09.2015 - V1.0.4 - First SSTO plane from Eve's surface to Orbit @astrobond was the first to do the impossible. He created this SSTO which was capable of getting from surface to orbit using stock parts and physics. To stay in the narrow margin, the control was given to KOS. 05.0
  2. As the game has evolved, there have been many things that are commonly considered, or were once considered, impossible, until someone (often Brad Whistance or stratzenblitz75) proved them possible. Examples would be "no SSTO from EVE", "no SSTO from EVE sea level", "no orbit on only ions", "no SSTO to Tylo and back". What are some other once though "impossible" feats, and what are examples of them being beaten? I'll go first: "SSTO from Jool is not possible" This is a stock+dlc SSTO from Jool's lower atmosphere. (Admittedly a ton of part clipping) It
  3. ImpossibleDrives EM-Drive This is the EM-Drive or the impossible drive(It works in KSP anyway) It is based after the real world model but I gave it a bit more thrust(1kN), just to make it a bit more Kerbal ;P. The engine uses a massless propellant what makes it have an infinite amount of delta V. There is also a cooler because this engine produces a lot of heat. GyroDrive This engine produces thrust by swinging the fuel in the tanks
  4. Make 2 kerbal firing cannons and place them at each end of the runway, then fire them and hope the poor kerbals collide mid air. Burn together required.
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