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Found 3 results

  1. So, I love planet packs. I love exploring new worlds, establishing communications, and setting up colonies. I love habitable worlds. I love strange and interesting new worlds. I appreciate some fine little dust balls, and I enjoy gazing at the majesty of real purdy gas giants. But my problem has always been that new planet packs might add a half dozen (or more) new planets, and I only really want a couple of them. Some huge packs only add a handful I REALLY love, and many packs put new planets so far away from Kerbin that It would take ten thousand Kerbal lifetimes to get there, or leave
  2. Welcome to the Add-on Development Mod Library Its been over a year since I've updated this library. I'm still looking for anyone who would like to take it over. I still would like to update it one more time to Gaarst Spreadsheet format before handing it over. It is my intention to finish that project by the end of 2018. *I ask that the community mod users do not deliberately necro old mods listed here for update requests. If we can use this thread for those purposes, it will help the community as a whole avoid unnecessary cluttering of the main Development pages. This libr
  3. Essential Universal Resources for Onboard Provisioning Arrangements or simply, EUROPA. Honestly I just had to find an excuse to name the mod "EUROPA". EUROPA is designed to be easy to use, but a challenge, too. It will, at release, have lots of life support stuff. Here's a planned features list: - Food, Water, and Oxygen: Kerbals need all 3 to actually, you know, live. Or, well, they die. Or go MIA. Or just take a long nap. Depending on your config. - Crew Happiness: Depending on their living space, free space, and resource availability, the crew will either be happy
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