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Found 9 results

  1. I am not sure of how to match my own orbit's inclination with the orbit that is shown on the map by a contract. I had to send a satellite into a specific orbit which was shown on the map. I had no problems with the apoapsis and periapsis (except for matching the exact spot for the ap and pe, I just eyeballed it, would appreciate a hint here as well) but when it came to matching up the inclination I was really struggling. The contract said the desired orbit had an inclination of 170 or so degrees but relative to what? I also had the argument of the periapsis and longitude of ascending
  2. Hi folks! As far as I've looked, I couldn't find anything like this, so here goes... I've tried to create an Excel workbook to help you calculate how much Δv a craft needs for different manoeuvres, including going to a stationary or resonant orbit, hohmann transfers and inclination changes. I'm Dutch so my OS (and by extension, Excel) is Dutch as well, but it should work fine on any other language. Here are some screenshots of the first release: https://imgur.com/a/AMqom Time for the first release! Hope you guys like it! I strongly advise you to read the instructions.
  3. For just about every journeys there are questions that need to be made. Just about all of us have taken off from Kerbin with 10k dV in the Moho's orbital direction and finding out, when we go close to Moho that we did not have enough fuel left to circularize (or some other nice oversight like pointing the solar panel in the direction of the sun for 6 months). Can we sit down with a spreadsheet and make decisions that factor the choices that are presented. I decided to basically write these posts because of the eccentricity thread in order to illustrate what the real value of eccentricit
  4. Hi guys, I'm doing some sat contracts (in RSS) and need some advice. I'm talking, of course, about launching into the appropriate inclination. I know there have been threads about this topic before, but I did pretty extensive searching and couldn't find what I was looking for, so here goes. Since I'm using RSS, I'm launching from Cape Canaveral AFS in Florida, which is at 28.6 degrees. The orbit I'm going for is a tundra orbit 71,000x460km, inclined at 110 degrees. The orbit appears to cross the equator about half way between Ap and Pe. I've noticed though, that the ascending/descend
  5. Could we finally get inclination data in map view and tracking station? Why was it never added? I do remember people asked about it very often.
  6. Hello, kind sirs and ladies. Does anybody know of any way to launch your vessel into orbit in a pre-calculated, non equitorial, non polar orbit? You see, I'm running Real Solas System, but the reason I chose not to submit this topic into the mods' discussions, is because this question is one about the technicals of ksp. The problem is, the moon in the RSS setup is rotating in a highly inclined orbit. So, to reach it, the most efficient way is to launch into an inclined orbit to begin with. Thus, here's the question: Is there any way for me to pre-calculate the inclination of the orbi
  7. Hey all, So I recently posted a thread about trans-Mars injections, and some of the responses really got me thinking. Thanks to you all, I've finally learned that transfer orbits do not have to be in the same plane as either the origin or target, so long as you can put the AN/DN at the intercept point. For some reason, this topic seems to be rarely discussed here or in almost all the articles about interplanetary spaceflight I could find. I feel like I've discovered a well kept secret that holds the key to efficient transfers. Anyway, in fiddling around with a maneuver node at the
  8. Hi I just completed my first contract to insert a satellite into a polar orbit around the sun (apoapsis 82.2Mkm, periapsis 24.8Mkm). This was actually quite difficult as it took approximately 20k delta v just to do the inclination change at the ascending node from Kerbin's orbit to the required orbit of 90 degrees. Normally I try and do inclination changes near the apoapsis but in this instance the required orbit was rather elliptical with the apoapsis being near the southern pole. Any tips on how to make inclination changes more reasonable? (assume I'm launching a new craft f
  9. Hey guys, haven't posted in a long time cause I've been completely revamping how I play KSP. Got RSS, Real Fuels and basically every realism mod except RO itself. Anyway, I've got a contract to launch a satellite into equatorial orbit. I've launched other satellites already, including a two polar sats, but this is the first equatorial sat I've tried to launch. In this career game, I'm only launching from Cape Canaveral or Vandenberg, so I'm going to have to make a quite significant plane change maneuver. Minimum inclination I can seem to get from the Cape is around 27 degrees, maybe 2
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