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Found 1 result

  1. What it does Updates IndicatorLights for compatibility with third-party mods that either add new parts or modify existing stock ones. Note: These are community-supplied patches. In most cases, the IndicatorLights author (Snark) hasn't personally verified that they work. Each patch includes a comment giving credit to the original author. Don't see the mod you want? Contributions (e.g. via pull request on github) are welcome! Download from SpaceDock License: MIT Source code How to install Unzip the contents of "GameData" to your GameData folder, same as with most mods. Note, requires that IndicatorLights also be installed in order to work: Supported mods Thank you to the community members who have contributed the following compatibility patches: Ven Stock Revamp (Contributor: @Kerbas_ad_astra) Impossible Innovations (Contributor: @Jiraiyah) Porkjet's PartOverhauls (Contributor: @SchwinnTropius) MK1CabinHatch (Contributor: @SchwinnTropius) MKS construction ports (Contributor: @DStaal) MSP-3000 Material Science Pod (Contributor: @The-Grim-Sleeper) Station Science continued (Contributor: @Tonka Crash) K2 Command Pod (Contributor: @VoidSquid) ReStock and ReStock+ (Contributors: @UnanimousCoward, @Poodmund, @Tonka Crash, @linuxgurugamer) Miscellaneous enhancements: Docking port direction indicators-- which way is up? (Contributor: @Tonka Crash) FAQ Q: Can you add support for {my favorite mod} included? A: Nope! Don't have the time. But if you want to write a patch for it, send it to me and I'll happily include it! :-) Q: Hey, the patch for {one of the supported mods} has a bug in it! Will you fix it? A: Probably not, unless it's trivially quick and easy to do. I (Snark) didn't write these patches, and in most cases haven't even tested them myself. I'm basically just a curator. Suggestion: Bring it up here in this thread, and ping the contributor of the patch that's giving you problems (they're listed above)-- maybe they'll have a solution. Q: Why is this a separate mod, instead of just including it as part of IndicatorLights itself? A: Easier for me to maintain, this way. Clear separation between "stuff I wrote" and "stuff other people wrote". Can have a separate (very permissive) license for this extensions mod, regardless of how IndicatorLights itself is licensed. Q: Okay, I'm convinced! I want to help. How can I add support for {my favorite mod} myself? A: Thank you, you're a pillar of the community! I've tried to make it as easy as possible for you, by documenting all the config in the modder's guide wiki for IndicatorLights, including a handy controller reference. Also you can look at the existing config within IndicatorLights; it's liberally supplied with comments. When you get something that works, just PM me and I'll work to get it added to the mod. Thank you for your service! Q: Hmmm... figuring out how to place the indicator is hard. Do I have to use special modeling tools or something? A: Not necessarily-- you can do it with just a text editor. However, I've found that some judicious use of Blender at the outset can save a lot of trial and error. See below for a description of what the process looks like. How to add indicators to a part Gallery Ven Stock Revamp Impossible Innovations MK1CabinHatch MKS MSP-3000 Material Science Pod K2 Command Pod
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