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Found 6 results

  1. Throughout KSP 2 development we have seen slight variations in Kerbals, one of these variations being facial hair. I was wondering if we could get some insight on how exactly this will work, will it be determined randomly? Or will we the player choose what our Kerbals will look like?
  2. Kerbal Flight Data Displays essential information for piloting space planes, so you don't have to keep "immersion breaking" GUI panels open. It shows mach number, dynamic pressure, temperature warning, orbital data, and maybe some other goodies. It is not supposed to compete against other mods which show comprehensive information such as KerbalEngineer. Instead it should just show enough so that you don't feel like flying blind. Download Release Page on GitHub (Source code on Github) Installation: Extract the zip file content into the GameData directory. Notes: You can turn it on/off with the toolbar button (not shown on pic). With FAR you get a stall warning, too. If you find this interesting check out SteamGauges which is related but didn't cut it for me. How to change font sizes: Open GameData\KerbalFlightData\Plugins\PluginData\KerbalFlightData\settings.cfg in your favorite text editor and change the numbers. Changelog on github Acknowledgement Thanks for the SteamGauge source by Trueborn for a nice reference for how to get to various data (especially the reflection stuff was new to me). the API documentation project at https://github.com/Anatid/XML-Documentation-for-the-KSP-API by Anatid and contributors. Blizzy's Toolbar. Is supported, and was pretty much required for pre R20 releases. making planes fly Ferram4. License GNU General Public License Version 3, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/> Previous Versions Versions for 0.9 can be obtained from GitHub. KerbalFlightDataR4.zip for KSP 0.23.5
  3. As we move forward into the future lots of information is often forgotten and lost to time. Now we know that Kerbal Space Program will be receiving a sequel, Kerbal Space Program 2. And that the KSP Franchise has grown. However, just because KSP2 is coming shouldn't mean we should forget the original Kerbal Space Program. So many of us have put so many hours into the game. I, Dr. Kerbal would like to preserve Kerbal Space Program. I do not want it to be lost to time like the Kerbalizer and the alpha days of KSP. I want to keep the original alive even if, the KSP Franchise has grown to be larger than 2 games. This awesome series of games has started from this game. The original. Kerbal Space Program. And lets preserve the game so we all know where we started from. Lets remember the time we had in Kerbal Space Program. Where veterans of the game have come from. As a community, I would be honored to see Kerbal Space Program active and alive even if there is a Kerbal Space Program 4 or 5. Lets record this time and preserve KSP. Lets preserve the original game through wiki, forums posts, threads, videos, images, social media posts, icons, and etcetera. Lets preserve Kerbal Space Program the original, for future kerbalnauts in the future that may play KSP2. I do not want the original game to dies once Kerbal Space Program 2. To me that would be very sad.
  4. So, I'm back from both PAX West AND the KSP2 Roundtable at the Star Theory Studios. As promised, I've got interviews, screenshots, gameplay footage, and a LOT of comments on the time I spent with the devs. I'll be streaming an AMA LIVE on Twitch this evening for a few hours, starting at 4 PM EDT (Basically Now). The VOD will also be available afterwards if you want to get caught up on your own schedule. Link to stream is here. If you come from the forums, say so! Stream is over, but I've permanently archived the video off to here: http://twitch.tv/dasvaldez
  5. Greetings, I had a mod a few months ago that showed the mod originator when you hover the cursor over the part menu in the VAB/SPH. For instance, you could hover over a stock part and the word "Squad" would appear, or over a KW part it would say "KW Rocketry". I had to reinstall at some point and now I can't remember what the name of the mod was. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! Jamie
  6. So I've been slowly but surely adding mods to my game, but when I go to read the detailed information, very frequently even stock parts now have very long "detailed information" scroll lists, and I have no idea how to scroll it. I've attached what should be 3 functional links to 2 stock items, and a sample modded item where the detailed information is overly long for examples. I've already tried using Pg Up/Down, mouse wheel, and the up/down arrow keys with zero effect; and trying a rapid mouse movement to scroll while hovering over the detailed info either changes the part Im getting info for, or simply disappears entirely. Very frustrating, especially if trying to compare engines, or transmitters, or a few other items where you'll have lots of options and those details could make/break a decision. Mk1-2 Command Pod Sample OPT modded cockpit Convert O Tron 250
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