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  1. Nano Gauges tiny ana1og gauges for kerbalnauts current version: 1.10.0-3463 There are already some plugins that add gauges out there. SteamGauges by Trueborn for example or an older version from Bucky: Bucky-s-Instruments. Well, Bucky's Instruments are no longer updated and the Steam Gauges are nice, but way to large for my personal taste. So I decided to add an alternative: NanoGauges. They look similar but a bit smaller than those by Bucky and his gauges have inspired me to create my own ones. Readable but less space consuming gauges was the design goal for this mod. If you think the gauges are to small, try SteamGauges instead. Download: Spacedock Spacedock direct link for KSP 1.1.3 Mirror: Curse Installation: Extract the archive into the KSP home folder. Do not change the path! There has to be a folder Nereid/NanoGauges in your GameData folder! Of course you can disable any gauge and change the positions, too. Thanks to lunuxgurugamer the Trimindicators are working again: Kottabos Space Program has done a review of Nano Gauges. His video is far better than mine and explains the usage of NanoGauges: Gauges: There are 56+ different gauges (plus 6 gauges if TAC life support is installed; another 2 if Kethane is installed, 2 gauges for Deadly Reentry) available at the moment: R ALT: Radar Altimeter V SPD: Vertical Speed Indicator H SPD: Horizontal Speed Indicator MASS: Mass of the current ship in tons G: Accelerometer (Gee-Force) ORBIT: Excentricity of an established orbit FUEL: Remaining liquid-fuel in percent FLOW: Liquid-fuel flow CHARGE: Remaining electric charge in percent AMP: Current drain on the electric charge MONO:Remaining monopropellant in percent Ox:Remaining oxidizer in percent ApA: Apoapsis PeA: Periapsis Xe: Remaining Xenon AIR IN: Air intake R AIR IN: Air intake in percent ATM: Atmospheric density SPD: Speed THRUST: Thrust TWR: Thrust-Weight-Ratio AOA: Angle of Attack (fixed in 0.4.8) INCL: Orbit inclination D TGT: Distance to target dISP/s: Change in ISP per second (only running engines) (new in 0.4.5) ISP/E: average ISP per running engine TEMP: Temperatur (needs a thermometer sensor of course; averages over all thermometer sensors onboard) O2: Oxygen (TAC life support or Kerbalism required) CO2: CO2 (TAC life support or Kerbalism required) H2O: Water (TAC life support required) W H2O: Wastewater (TAC life support required) FOOD: Food (TAC life support or Kerbalism required) WASTE: Waste (TAC life support required) EVA MP: Remaining EVA monopropellant (new in 0.3.1) O SPD: orbital speed (new in 0.4.2) MAX G: Maximal sustained gee force (with reset button, new in 0.4.2) SRB: Remaining solid fuel (new in 0.4.2) KETHAN: Remaining Kethane (Kethane Pack required, new in 0.4.2) K AIR IN: Kethane air intage (Kethane Pack required, new in 0.4.2) GRAV: Gravimeter (needs a gravimetric sensor of course; averages over all gravimetric sensors onboard) VAI: Vertical Attitude Indicator VVI: Vertical Velocity Indicator Vt: Terminal velocity deviation (not very useful in KSP 1.1.x/1.2, because of the way drag is handled) V TGT: Velocity to target Camera: current camera mode (new in 0.5.2) MACH: current mach number Q: dynamic pressure SHIELD: remaining ablative shield HEAT - heatshield temperature IMPACT: time until impact (or land) ALT: Altimeter ACCEL: Acceleration in m/s^2 H ACCEL: Horizontal acceleration in m/s^2 V ACCEL: Vertical acceleration in m/s^2 extTemp: External temperature in °C atmTemp: Atmospheric temperature in °C ORE: Used ore storeage capacity DRILL: Drill temperature ABLATOR. Remaining ablator resource on all (!) heat shields BIOME: Biome under vessel (text gauge) Coordinates (latitude): Latitude coordinates of the vessel (text gauge) Coordinates (longitude): Longitude coordinates of the vessel (text gauge) PR.REQ: Propellant Requirement gauge (in percent) Indicator gauge for Brakes, Airbrakes, Flaps, Afterbruner,... KARBNT: Karbonite in percent of the total capacity PRESSURE: Barometer (needs a barometric sensor of course; averages over all barometric sensors onboard) SEISMIC: Seismometer gauge (needs a seismic sensor of course; averages over all seismic sensors onboard) CRAP: Crap (Kerbalism required) IAS: Indicated Airspeed Vessel name Camera view direction VOR/ILS (heading of vessel, bearing of airfield/waypoint, ILS) ILS/DME (vertical attitude of vessel, distance to runway (DME), ILS) Throttle (throttle setting and relative thrust of all engines) MINI-DSKY (5 display modes) Digital Apoapsis Digital Periapsis All gauges positions are locked by default. This can be disabled in the config window and then all gauges are fully dragable and you can place them where you want. Hint: save the gauge positions in the config window or quit KSPO in the main menu, or the positions are not saved! By using the Automatic Layout in the config window, NanoGauges tries to rearrange the visible gauges in a grid. Just drag the gauge near a position were you want it to reside, and all gauges are added to the right. If you want more than one line of gauges, just move some below each other. The leftmost gauge will start a line. Hotkeys (changed in 1.2.5): RIGHT-CTRL: disable gauges / drag as group RIGHT-CTRL-KP/: hide/unhide gauges (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP*: Autolayout (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-BCKSPC: reset all gauge positions and their enabled/disabled states to their defaults KPENTER: hide/unhide gauges (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP1: select STANDARD gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP2: select LAUNCH gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP3: select LAND gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP4: select DOCKING gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP5: select ORBIT gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP6: select FLIGHT gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP7: select S1 gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP8: select S2 gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP9: select S3 gauge set (Keypad) RIGHT-CTRL-KP0: enable all gauges (Keypad) PGUP: select previous gauge set PGDOWN: select next gauge set WIN-MENU: select navigation point / ILS RIGHT-CTRL-TAB: opens a special gauge for alignment of gauges over several gauge set; this gauge has the same position in all gauge sets. If you want the same positions of gauges in all sets use this one as a reference All hotkeys can be changed in the config window. Profiles: In 1.2.x there is a new feature calles Profiles to automatically switch to a gauge set depending on the vessel situation or a special hotkey. To open the Profile configuration window click on the button "Profiles" in the configuration window. Enable the profiles (topmost checkbox) and change the gaugesets as you like. There are 12 Profiles Launch: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes to launch Flight: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes to flight Orbit: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes to orbit Escape: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes to escaping Flight to Suborbital: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes from flight to suborbital Orbit to Suborbital: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes from orbit to suborbital Other to Suborbital: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes from any other situation than flight or orbit to suborbital Landed: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes to landed Docked: Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel situation changes to docked Docking (UI): Change the gaugeset whenever the vessel is in orbit and the docking UI mode is selected (DEL key) EVA: Change the gaugeset whenever a kerbal starts an EVA Hotkey: Change the gaugeset whenever a key is pressed The profiles are disabled by default. You will have to enable them to use this feature. MINI-DSKY: The Mini-DSKY can display flight data in five different modes: Orbital Mode Velocity Mode ILS/Runway-Mode ILS/Glide-Mode TRIM-Mode The mode can be changed by clicking on one of the five buttons in the lower part of the DSKY gauge. Notes: NanoGauges stores its configuration in the file <KSP-home-folder>/GameData/NanoGauges.dat. There are no other writes on the filesystem. License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Changelog: Bugs: The terminal velocity gauge isn't working right. But there is not much I can do about this at the moment. Credits: NanoGauges are inspired by Bucky's Instruments. No part of the source code from Bucky's Instruments were used for NanoGauges but some of the included art. Bucky's Instruments were released under the license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/. Thanks to Bucky for using this license. NanoGauges uses the toolbar created by blizzy78, see http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/60863-0-23-0-Toolbar-1-4-3-Common-API-for-draggable-resizable-buttons-toolbar. The stock toolbar can be used as an alternative. The trim indicators are based on an idea by dazoe but were completely redone.
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