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Found 1 result

  1. This pack is for the modders who create IVA's for the aircrafts Some time ago I received a request from the user MasseFlieger to make a couple of aircraft instruments for his projects. I love aviation, I fly in MFSX and DCS so I decided to do them. But I didn't just made only ones that what requested - instead I made a whole pack of classic analog props for the planes. Altitude indicator (ASL) Radio Altimeter Air Speed Indicator (EAS) Mach Number gauge Vertical Speed Indicator Heading gauge Turn Coordinator Dynamic Pressure gauge Temperature gauges (Engine, Skin, Internal, Enviroment and Surface) Ground Speed Indicator Artificial Horizon Indicator RMI HSI Navigation Radio Units Comm RAdio Unit DME Unit AoA gauge Trim Indicator Throttle/Thrust gauge G-meter Compass Battery charge gauge Fuel/Air Flow gauge Fuel Quantity gauge Flaps setting indicator Gear Lever Brake Force gauge Engine mode toggle switch Engine Reverce toggle switch GPS Display Power Supply Display Flaps control lever (FAR) Spoilers lever (FAR) Yoke Heads-Up Display "Boeing"-style Toggle and Rotary switches You can download and install this mod to see all these devices in action If you want me to make any other instrument write me in this thread. Jebbesen® Kerbin Aerocharts (clickable) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attention all IVA-makers, who created there own props based on the ASET props. In the next major version of ASET PROPS old tumblers and buttons will be removed. All IVA makers are advised to switch to new, modular buttons. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mods dependency required: Module Manager 2.8+ RasterPropMonitor v0.30.2 ASET_Props v 1.5+ recommended: FAR v ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloads: ASET Avionics Pack v 2.1 (Spacedock) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: - Install into “/Gamedata/ASET/" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known issues: - DME unit uses the flat map model to calculate the distances, due to which the calculations might be incorrect especially closer to the poles. The issue will be resolved with the release of "MAS". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks to the group of testers for their help with this release @nukeboyt @imerg @StevieC @Plecy75 @ISE @holodmer @chimpbone @Dragon01 @lazar2222 @simtom @Zapo147 @lennie @PhantomC3PO @Chaumas @Mecripp @panarchist @Ghosty141 @Lo Var Lachland @sebseb7 @harrisjosh2711 @Falco01 @>The Amazing Spy< Special thanks to @MOARdV, @Mihara, @DennyTX , @nukeboyt , @Dragon01 and @linuxgurugamer for their help and support with the mods development. And all the forum users who support and motivate me to keep working on my mods. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'ASET Avionics' by Alexustas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: 26/11/2017 ASET avionics - V 2.1 *Optimization and various improvements *Fixed an error in Aero Charts thanks to lazr2222 and MOARdv. 09/02-2017 ASET avionics - V 2.0 What is changed: Almost all props were rebuilt due to the migration to Unity5, and also for the possibility to use new RPM features most props now support the "COLOR_OVERRIDE" feature, which give all IVA-makers ample opportunity to customize their own IVA the switches "ASET_B-Knob" are now modular, you can combine the switch model, the collider model and label using the MODEL{} module to create your variations of this prop. 2 to 6 positions of the switch are supported. What’s new: *full set of the analog indicators (gauges) for temperature is added *analog indicators (gauge) for the brakes force is added *full set of the analog indicators (gauges) for the engine is added: -air flow -fuel flow -engine mode (primary / secondary) -throttle-limit -the new design of throttle/thrust indicator *the new design of the vertical speed indicator *the new design of the heading indicator *LCD-display for the estimated time of the flight and distance *LCD-display for the GPS coordinates *toggle-switches for the engine's reverse control, engine's mode control, fuel cells and emergency power generator control *a fully functional system of radio navigation, which includes: -realistic RMI and HSI indicators, which support NDB, VOR and ILS -two NAV-radio units -DME unit -network of Nav facilities covering the surface of Kerbin -ILS complex for the KSC airfield -Kerbin Aerocharts
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