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Found 5 results

  1. A while ago there was this excellent discussion on air intakes and drag in KSP: This is still an important topic (would be even more so if the dev's could give us some larger airbreathing/jet engines, so spaceplanes are actually useful without massive engine-spam!) and I wanted to continue to draw attention to the idea, discuss it, and see if anything has changed. Also, there were some nuances to Right's graph (re-posted below for convenience) that I don't think really got any proper discussion- and couldn't be discussed there now without nero'ing a very old thread... Note
  2. What is/are the best intakes for a SSTO?
  3. I down-loaded and flew @TheFlyingKerman 's Kerbus A380-400 this evening and, following the instructions, made an awesome discovery about the Panther. (Incidentally, I love the Kerbal Express Airlines -- Regional Jet Challenge. Always something interesting, educational and/or useful!) Whereas heretofore, I've always used the after-burner to climb to altitude where the dry mode won't work, I had concluded that the altitude limit for dry mode was somewhat less than 10km. However, dry mode is able to run as high as 15km (although probably better at about 13km[*]). The thing is that dry mo
  4. Hi folks, I just completed a sandbox-mode dry run to Laythe with my six-kerbal, full-science SSTO, the Sojourner II: The dry run went pretty well - I got out of Laythe orbit with about 1100 delta-v left in the tank, which should work for my eventual plan to dock in Laythe orbit with a fuel pod. It would be nice if I could get back Kerbin without refueling but I have a feeling that's not going to happen, even if I improve my maneuvering a bit. In any event, I am always looking to optimize the plane for my career-mode run, and one area I'm unsure about is intakes. One prel
  5. I know this question has been asked time and again, but I have dug deep and yet to find a clear cut answer to the question: Are pre-coolers capped with an aerodynamic nose (advanced nose or tail connector) less draggy than the same amount of shock cones per intake area? That seems to be the two greatest issues is intake area vs drag on any high speed vehicle. Testing the same vehicle with the same weight, does intake area even count towards drag on the pre-coolers that are streamlined? I guess what I'm asking is how the heck drag is calculated, especially if you can't directly tell f
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