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Found 5 results

  1. Back when KSP2 was first announced I posted a question in the Announcement thread on this forum to Star Theory asking if KSP2 will be developed ethically. Completely free of crunch and other developer-hostile practises. They responded and they said yes. Then this happened: KSP2 is no longer being developed by Star Theory, and the way it ended up no longer being developed by Star Theory was, regardless of why it happened, Unethical As All Hell. As someone who's both interested in video games and as someone who works as a game developer I'm not sure I can ethically speaking purchase this game an
  2. Orbital intercepts are the most difficult thing you can do in a spacecraft and a LOT of "How To's" on the topic have a very hard time sticking to a clear explanation of the stock navball and how it should be used. In this video I explain how to intercept a craft in orbit and I also share a few details related to the navball that most videos/tutorials skip over. ...and I manage to do it all with the purely stock navball. As a result, I don't really have any need for docking mods.
  3. This has probably already been answered here and there, but a search didn't turn anything up, so.... I've been flying basic Mun missions over and over with slightly different parameters to get the hang of it, and I wondered something. When you're plotting the Hohmann transfer, is it more efficient to aim at the L1 point (just at the very inner edge of the Mun's SOI) or as close to the Mun's orbital distance as you can? In other words, is it better to do the capture burn from the edge of the SOI or from as close as possible to the Mun's surface? My inclination (no pun intended) is to
  4. I'm currently attempting to dock with another ship in orbit around kerbin. I've already gotten into orbit and set up all the maneuver nodes I need to to align myself with the other ship. Right now, my only issue is the interception. I've been told I can delay the maneuver nodes in order to get the interception nodes close together, but every time I delay the first maneuver mode, it messes up every other node and I don't understand why that's happening. Could someone please explain how delaying these nodes works?
  5. Sending an ISRU to Vall because AGAIN I have completely underestimated the fuel it takes to get to Laythe and back. I think I saved about 1000 D/V with this slingshot maneuver. This save I have decided not to use MechJeb, only Engineering Redux (I consider the ability to calculate D/V absolutely essential to playing the game). I have MJ installed, but only because some of my old craft from other saves have MJ modules on them and I can't load them unless it's installed. I actually hardly ever used maneuver nodes before, but now that I understand them better, they're a lot of fun
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