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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I tried to annotate each element so we can easily discuss it. Anyone dares to start? Image source:
  2. Hello all cosmonauts! This is my first post in the community, I hope to post this in the right place. I'm a graphic designer, and I've worked on some mods for other games. But KSP is my passion and I would like to collaborate with the community. I decided to do some tests for an improved interface in the graphic aspect, without intervening in the size, functions or positions of the elements, just perform in reskin of the interface. (especially for QHD and 4k) Seeking to unify unnecessary colors to decrease unnecessary visual complexity, and also make those long trips to Elo more comfortable. The idea is to use flatter textures, with greater contrast when necessary and greater clarity in the shapes. This is a very easy redesign job to apply to the game if the configuration and texture files can be easily modified. With KSP I am a little confused on how to start the work so I decided to ask the community for help to form a team and work on the aspects that I do not know about the game. I have always worked alone, without sharing many of the mods I made, but I think that should change, and the KSP community is one of the best to start learning and sharing experiences.
  3. What is this? A lightweight interface add-on for CommNet of Kerbal Space Program. What does it do? This add-on adds RemoteTech's MultiPath mode to the CommNet visualisation of connections. This mode is to display all working connections of every vessel in the game. Just click the 'Network' button in Tracking Station or Map View to change the visualisation mode of CommNet. Why? Useful mode without installing CommNet Constellation (also have same mode) Useful resource for other modders to look and add other CommNet modes Mods required Nope. It is a DLL file. License GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3 DOWNLOAD Github SpaceDock
  4. My suggestion in a fly-by wire avionics system, and I'm not referring to SAS. It could be implemented into stock or made into a mod. This way an aircraft with, say, a broken elevator or missing canard, could fly. Heck, if the system were properly implemented, you could fly an aircraft that is facing backward without the control surfaces going the wrong way, or even fly an inherently unstable aircraft! Some background info (especially for those who don't know what an actual fly-by wire system is): From Wikipedia TL;DR: Instead of the aircraft responding to the stick being pulled (or in this case [ S ] being held) by deploying elevators, the aircraft just calculates what control surface movements would actually accomplish this pitch up. Here's a hypothetical situation to demonstrate what I mean: You're flying an F-16, but (oh no!) your right stabilator isn't moving, no matter what you do. Now, whenever you try to pitch up, it also rolls the aircraft left. A fly-by wire system would accommodate this by also using the ailerons to stop the roll before it even happens. Another example: you're flying an Aeris 3A (modified to be supermanueverable), and now after pitching up to vertical, you have stalled, but your attitude is still nose straight up. You try to pitch back, and the canards face leading-edge up and the elevators face trailing-edge up. When flying normally, this would do the right thing. But because you are falling backward, it causes a new pitch down. Similarly, roll is also reversed! To simplify it further, the fly-by wire system makes it so that the aircraft does what it thinks you want, instead of what you asked for. KSP could gain so much from a fly-by wire system. Even if you don't fly aircraft, it'd still be useful. Vertically landing rockets would be so much easier because you wouldn't have to fiddle with a negative authority limiter on control surfaces.s2
  5. ksp 1.5 build id = 02332 I just installed ksp 1.5 today fresh, with no other previous installations on my computer. I started a career mode save, but my funds/reputation/science bar won't come up. I've already tried redownloading and reinstalling to no avail. https://imgur.com/6hjNX5v Edit: I've found it is tied to the UI scale. If I set the UI scale above 160%, the resource bard disappears entirely.
  6. For further development of this mod, please head over to the Kopernicus thread! https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/140580-145-1-kopernicus-kittopiatech/ Description This Plugin is a continuation of KCreators "KittopaTech Ingame Terraforming" plugin, that can edit the stats of planets at runtime, via. a Graphical Interface. The original KittopiaTech was mainly developed by KCreator, with some additional content by Kragrathea (Utility code) and Gravitasi (ScaledSpace fixes and more). Their work was modified by BorisBee (initially, he's pretty inactive now) and myself, Thomas P., to be more modular, stable and user-friendly. Because Kopernicus offers us already a fully functional API, we decided to change the goals of this plugin. Instead of a standalone Planet-Editor, this is now an add-on for Kopernicus. This has many additional reasons, for example, the messy config-saver / -loader. What has been changed? Complete rewrite of the UI-Code (Planet_GUI.cs) Replaced the ConfigLoader with a ConfigSaver that can export dumps of the planet in a Kopernicus compatible format Added an option to completely remove a PQSMod. Seperated ScaledSpace export and PQS-Texture export. Made the Instantiation-Button functional, via. hacking PSystemManager to spawn a body that is instantiated from the systemPrefab. It's still hacky, and it can break some mods. Added Support for HeightColorMap-Landclasses Completely new LandClass-Modder Support for editing PQSMod_VertexPlanet.SimplexWrapper and NoiseModWrapper PQSLandControl.LerpRange editing Improved Particle-Editor Reworked the Map-Exporter, so that it uses a Coroutine to generate the maps. That means, that exporting maps no longer freezes your game, but it still takes some time until the generation is finished. But at least, you can do other things in the meantime. We have added Support for editing PQS-Materials. You can now load MapSO's and Textures through a FileBrowser Improved Ring-Editor, you can now edit rings after creation, delete the selected ring. Curve Editor for editing FloatCurves Reworked Star-Fix code, to use StarLightSwitcher Added a ScaledSpace editor, and moved the export buttons to it ScaledSpace and Texture updater save to disk automatically now Added Support for adding / removing oceans, and for adding PQS to gasplanets You can now enter whatever you want into the numeric fields. If the value isn't parseable, you get a warning and Kittopia won't apply it. Removed all apply buttons, Callbacks are used now. To-Do List Readd support for GroundScatter Maybe other things? Suggest something! Screenshots http://imgur.com/a/YzoeS Download Grab the latest KittopiaTech release from the GitHub repository: https://github.com/Kopernicus/KittopiaTech-Legacy/releases You can open the Ingame-UI with Ctrl + P License "The KCreator license" KittopiaTech incorporates Kopernicus, which is licensed under LGPL. Source https://github.com/Kopernicus/KittopiaTech-Legacy Like my mods? Please consider supporting me and my mods on Paypal! I would greatly appreaciate it, since I don't get much money anyways. However note, that this doesn't grant you anything special, but it will help to keep my motivation up. Therefor it's just an extremly nice way to say "thanks".
  7. Hello KSP-Community ! After a couple hours of KSP with RSS, I recognized a little detail: When you are in Map-mode, whole planets are not visible anymore because of the vessel-icons . It is not a big problem, I guess. But it would be so cool, if the symbols are adjusting their size if you go closer or further away from them . If there is already a mod out there for this issue ? Or is someone interested in creating such a mod ? Sorry for my bad english .. Greetings! Moon-debris
  8. I gotta admit, I've played over 2,000 hours of KSP, and there are still parts of the game interface that I don't understand. I've looked high and low, here and on Google, to find something that would explain what these elements do, but to no avail. For example: - In the altimeter, at the top, there's a little red light. What does that light mean? You mouse over it and it shows nothing. - In the staging section in the bottom left, there's a light that says "Stage" above it. Sometimes it's green, sometimes its purple. I have no idea what this thing is supposed to mean. I've searched for "stage light", and I can find no info on this. I've heard if it's purple, you can't stage... which doesn't make any sense to me. I've never been unable to stage. Maybe some kind of manual would help... I know there's a wiki, but I can't find this info there either. Maybe it's there, I can't find it.
  9. Greetings, I've started the clean install with 1.1 and I've got a question - is there a way I can relocate the app launcher bar when in flight mode? Can I move it to the bottom edge of the screen, for example, can it be positioned horizontally, for example? Or is it fixed?
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