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Found 5 results

  1. So I've been playing a lot with procedural parts recently, and while researching how to properly use the procedural Interstage Fairings, I found out that those parts are NOT supposed to be used for engine shrouds. This explains a lot about the odd lack of an internal top node, and the placement of the decoupler. The only way I've been able to do it is to surface attach the engine underneath the tank to leave the tank's bottom node free for the Interstage Fairing top node. I don't think this technically shields the engine at all though, since it's not attached to an internal node of the fairing part. Also, I've been having weird issues with the fairing base jumps to odd positions when I try to use the whole launch vehicle as a subsystem. Usually, it jumps downward, leaving a big gap in the rocket, although this appears to be cosmetic only, the thing will still fly the same. Is there a more appropriate mod/part that I should be using for interstage engine shrouds? I'm using pretty large tank sizes, so even the 3.75 stock fairing is too small, and rescaling that part doesn't seem to rescale the fairing. Suggestions? Thanks
  2. I was recently looking at the R7 line of rockets and the inter stage connectors gave me an idea. What if there was an structural truss that you could place an engine inside of, so you can have landing legs mounted at about the same level as the engine (Size of the truss would be to the "flat" engines of each size, being the LV909, teh Poodle, and that one .625 m one that nobody uses. (JK) But seriously, this could be very useful in landers that have an area between the tanks and engine that for whatever reason you can't mount engines on.
  3. I'm not famous for my skills in the VAB/SPH... But possibly the answer to the question I now pose is: "not possible". My major stages are: lifter airplane (Wheelsey jet engine) truck (AGU Klaw) I thought I would try to use interstage fairings to hide all the draggy bits for once. The problem is how to decouple cleanly. A couple of photos show the problem: I've tried the fairings at either ends and I've also tried combinations with the coupler directions. In general, I want to connect AaBbC where a and b need fairings but are the tails of A and B respectively and need to be completely exposed after separation from the previous stage. Suggestions?
  4. To premise this topic, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a limitation of the stock fairing behavior when used as an "interstage". I'm trying to use an open fairing as a lower fuselage of a cargo lander. After launching the craft to orbit and jettisoning the bottom cargo bay "plug", I am unable to insert cargo or other craft into the open bay. IMPORTANT NOTE: Anything jettisoned from the lander can be maneuvered inside the cargo bay just fine, but anything launched separately cannot. To anyone wanting to reproduce this behavior, you will need to perform two launches. Anyone that has any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to comment. @Rune, you might find this of interest since this is the DC-X-style cargo lander I teased you with.
  5. Hey guys, I've been playing a while with Proceedural Fairings, but I've honestly only just started to try to use interstage fairings. With proceedural parts, it is often more efficient to have a rockeet with a diameter that isn't 1.25 or 2.5, and with the 'Thrust Plate', I've been using a lot of engine clusters too. But I can't exactly figure out the interstage fairing. I've gotten it to the point where I can make it look good, but it still claims it's shielding 0 parts. Also, I don't understand what the decoupling stage is for, since it doesn't seem to be a regular stack decoupler. I'm trying to make more realistic looking rockets that still perform well. Interstage rings/fairings are a very common part of real rockets, but KSP (even with mods) seems to not consider them very important.
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